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LYRICS:Sauce Kid – Kitchen Street feat. Vector

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[audio:|titles=KITCHEN STREET]

G G Haha
G G Haha
1, 2 check it, Go!

Man I think it’s time to go
time to say Vamonos
lay em on they back flat
something like it’s Dominoes
when it come to rap class
I’ll be in that honor roll
I’m a terrorist behind bars “Guantanamo”
when it come to all these hoes
all we do is find their holes
lease some game into they brain
and let em know it’s time to roll
she saying she ain’t gone suck it
but fuck it she gone ride it though
but before I’m done
Imma slap my dick up down her throat
get my thing, mistake my claim
and now I keep that pot of gold
If I burn my bridges I swear Imma go and find a boat
real niggas shit you feel me
tryna be responsible
they hate it that I made it
but they love the way I’m shinning tho
been about my business since a kid
even my mama know
now I handle business for my kid
because she gotta grow
Even though she live with her mama
she miss her daddy tho
when she see daddy
she know daddy gone put her in designer clothes

Hold up
for all those boys wen they show
Ta ba fo ma form gbem pe
Eyin Ata, A ni Tomato Tomato
Haha haha

I go, Listen up
Vec is a beast and sauce is an animal
look where we at, now you sinzu (seen zoo)
Hate is a bitch in feeling
fuck what you been thru
I come hard on the flow semen, no Fujitsu (Siemens Fujitsu)
put me up with any rapper thats the epic fail
fool you ain’t a criminal cuz you been to tweet jail
And Vec is an assassin, I X-men, first class
You ain’t coming quick, wanker you should prolly jerk fast
clap for the rapper that is bravo bravo bravo
I’m the guru with the voodoo
There’s no babalawo I know
with the spirit I possess oh yes I
separate, any type of flow
Moses, lemme educate
see me as he whose
tryna make a really big name
a really big name? “Ebru”
Hommie is a lie if you say we ain’t bossing
my kicks shine hard
I should get a kiwi endorsement (kiwi shoe polish)
And never will I anytime soon
kick the last game, cuz I’m A lord hereya
Like Eva’s last name (Eva Alordiah)
Jehovah keep blessing me man
Is Saucekid and the recipe man (Oshamo)

Now, I see they all pissed cuz I’m the shit now
I’m the shit now, stand em got sit down
tell em niggas run it, gimme that “Chris Brown”
All these chicks get down, they on my dick now
what happens here stays here but word gets around
The truth is spoken, the coupe is dope and I’m feeling cool
and smoking, the roof is open
man, who the dopest?
These other rappers is losing focus
A few provoked from the dudes joking
my bad, you could notice
I raise the bar of rapping, I’m just being honest
I’m the best in the game I swear I’m being modest
I’m high as a mur’fucker that’s my level B
your phone ain’t got blue-tooth but she got yellow teeth
Ha, Lowkey, I love the way this travel be
90 Mel M street tell me what it feel like
you see I’m having sex with your dream girl in real life
Pam, SMG gang.


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