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Details Of The War Between P-Square & Soundcity TV

Posted by TX STAFF on September 10, 2015 in News · 147 Comments


Peter Okoye of Africa’s leading duo P-Square set social media on fire when he replied a fan’s tweet on Twitter concerning the absence of their content on the television channel Soundcity Tv.

Soundcity TV quickly reacted to Peter Okoye’s tweet by posting a message on their official website. Check the tweets and statement from Soundcity TV below;

The tweet conversation between Peter Okoye and a fan

P-Square & Fan Tweet


Peter Okoye went on to post a couple of tweets to address the issue

P-Square Tweet 2

P-Square Tweet

Soundcity TV responded by posting an official statement on their website, check it below;

For 10 Years, @SoundcityTV has been a huge supporter of #PSquare and the #PSquare brand, right from their 1st music video to the last video released in 2014. Most of their videos got massive airplay on @SoundcityTV than any other music channel.

@SoundcityTV viewers sometimes complain about the dominance of #PSquare videos on the channel & charts. We were a huge supporter and gave everything to their works.

We have assisted the #PSquare brand, toured with them over Africa at our expense. Gave them ad-spots for their events / projects. Gave them prime time slots for their videos and included them in our array of Programmes / programming.

We invited #PSquare to one of our annual events last December 2014 and they insisted we pay a certain amount of money. We reasonably asked, what is the least we can offer?; this was us foregoing the fact that we had invested a lot in #PSquare’s career as music talents / artistes & entertainers.


While we understand that this is business, there is also room for special consideration. Saying our TV brand has never done anything for #PSquare was quite damning. Clearly, there was no need to argue with their decision and reasoning. We decided to stop ‘doing anything’ with/for #PSquare, since our 10years of supporting the group meant nothing to them. We assumed our relationship was a mutually beneficial one, but clearly one-sided.

Ultimately, #PSquare music videos stopped airing on @SoundcityTV since January 01, 2015. Soundcity reserves the right to air music videos on our cable / satellite or terrestrial platforms.

Overall, we wish the duo the best in their endeavours. @SoundcityTV will keep airing works of the best and upcoming Nigerian artistes, and also, the best #African artistes to the world, especially nurturing their talents from inception till they become huge megastars and international superstars.

Thank you.”

Please share your thoughts on the fued between P-Square and Soundcity TV by dropping a comment below.

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  1. how can this Bring back our Girls?… Abeg make we hear word jare.

    • So How This Shit Use Concern Us…..??? If They Like, Make Dem Carry Their Music Go Play For CNN….P-Square And SoundCity, Who Dem Don Help???? Smellos

      • loooolz

  2. like seriously???……… Psquare shouldn’t even blame anyone for this… is there any reward for being bad to someone? it’s not even fair peter! you know what happened between u people, denial is a bitch if u don’t know….

    • This is just soundcity side of the story ooo before we judge let’s hear p-square’s side of the story..i belive p-square are not dix ccowardixze …metro_miles_official…on the building…

    • This is just soundcity side of the story ooo before we judge let’s hear p-square’s side of the story..i belive p-square are not dix ccowardixze …metro_miles_official…on the building…

    • This is just soundcity side of the story ooo before we judge let’s hear p-square’s side of the story..i belive p-square are not dix ccowardixze …metro_miles_official…on the building…

  3. Lovely, it’s just merely obvious d 2 brothers should be officially considered as disgusting matured animals….soundcity means a lot here in Nigeria if u dont know…u can’t force me to watch Trace or waheva….beg….we made u guys who u are….everytin money shame no dey catch una….lost of integrity.

    • @Rash.. U’re saying another story, u make den who d re. Let me ask HOW? And u’re still leaving 4rm hand to mouth, why u guy can not even say common truth…soundcity has stop playing p square video song since dis yrs, and den(soundcity) dat say d help #p square I’ve a Question u peolpe..For 10yrs now as u guys clam help p square, is’ t free I want to know?

  4. I see notin but two parties showing superiority on one another …. Psquare will loose in this quarrel

  5. Basically Soundcity Saying They Have Invested And Contributed To The Growth Of P-Square, Is It Free? Take Ur Video Now To Soundcity For Them To Air For U, And Hear The Outragous Price They’ll Scare U With. The Truth Is That Soundcity Supports Already Made Artistes.

    • @ you all that has said one or two’s about psquare but for those that has abuse there father and they mother just because they want to comment on what they know nothing about, see let me tell you if you don’t do music or you don’t know any thing about music please don’t say any thing here. Any if you believe suncity for what them said about helping my boss them, just go meet them with your video to play for you a up coming artist when you don’t have much money with you and see what will be outcome of it. @ psquare my oga them I greet you all jude papa keep moving your supporters are watching. single.

  6. u fools should stop insulting Africa’s best artist….

  7. I have never really commented on any media blog post or whatever, but I think I am going to take my time to post something here. Now read….. its funny how our music artiste make it and think they have all of a sudden become demi God’s, forgetting humility is key, not to take sides but I used to have a lot of respect for Psquare “not that I still do not” don’t misunderstand me….they are creative even if most off their work is basically copied hits gotten from music sample n all. I think of dem as creative but untalented. Moving on, you dnt bite the fingers that fed u……I remember watching seniorita or whateva and saying to myself if this guy’s blow ehh… wahala go day…… you should be matured enough to respond diplomatically handle issues creatively the same way you copy songs creatively….. Soundcity is a force in Nigerian entertainment take it or leave it
    …… Imagine if we were restricted in our country to watch only the “terrestial stations as u put it….. would u say all this…. Take a queue from 2face you could learn alot….. its attitudes like this that make foreign award shows give us awards backstage….because y’all artiste talk anyhow…who knws what y’all are gonna say when u climb their international stage…….. laste words….Be humble…..remember when u wud beg for ur songs to be play…enough said

    • Fortune m rili sry buh ur tlk is full of shit…U’ve jst shown u knw notn abt Psquare of nigerian music.Plz nxt tym think b4 coming out 2 say stuffs u dnt knw.If u are by mistake related 2 d duo in anyway,m sure u’d b d happiest srcap eva.

  8. Psquare!! U guyz r wrong o. U shud know that as celebrities u r role models to many and wat ever u say wud have consequence. Kindly appologize publicly and/or give a counter statement justifying ur actions coz @ the end of the day soundcity might be the ones @ fault.

  9. Igbo pipo very selfish things. Thats why Mayd left them

    • Dude you are a fucking dicki head beast

    • thunder fire ur mouth

    • Stupid boy. Na ur tribe be best?

    • Hey dude! don’t bring tribalism into dix sh!t!!
      Itz all abt celebs….sucker!

  10. I don’t even like there muzic and they are not my fan, anyway they can’t force me to watch any station than soundcity @ they no z money after allwhat soundcity has done for u guyz

    • “They are not my fan” ..(Choi! English is hard,shaa…) Bros,abeg who you be?? Pfft…retard!

  11. All of tht are syin rubbish hv only heard one side of d story… P-square as nt cum out to gve their own side of d story.. # gt ur facts rit

    • Tell dem o

  12. Shitty shit

  13. ma hear! Sound City won free or cheap artist dem no go meet Small doctor na d biggest artist in African music industry dem c. I reo MTV base

  14. If this is how the whole thing played out, Psquare u r very wrong and sound city gave u a platform to soar the least u can do is to write a diplomatic letter to either turn down d invitation or ask for pay. I’m certain they wld av given u an honorarium. That aside please we love soundcity n we love u guys( unless u want to tell us naija fans diddnt make u) so please mend the fence

  15. Me go just sit-down the watch dis drama as he deh go

  16. So much hate in people’s heart .. yall just hate the fact that psquare keeps flying higher regardless of all the bad belle around them .. keep hating .. i just wonder how soundcity helped psquare .. i knew psquare way before soundcity ..

  17. I luv psquare .. who has soundcity helped ? .. business is business

  18. I love what soundcity did in return. If they want business,let it be business.

  19. jude okoye should be held responsible for dat statement, haba everything in life is not about money na manager. Oooh I guess is becos u sponsor the twins in their music career dats why u are behaving like a lion in order to accumulate all ur money bak, I hope by now u av more than enough bros. Anyaway soundcity am begging on behalf of the twins lets forgive them pls, we are all one NIGERIANS, no mind that their big bro, e too like money lolZ..

  20. Ibo men ….. Dem too like money ……… And psquare .. U dudes are gud buh inconsiderate,greedy and lack understanding … Una don forget wen una still b upcomin .. Nah soundcity wit sum other music channels make una who una b nw … .. Especially soundcity ……#if urine no dey una brains ,una for knw say one gud turn deserve anoda.

    • its obvious that you are a broke ass dude..bitch put your money where your mouth is

    • you… u know like not taking sides but i hate it wen people say ibo too like money,….them say ibo too like money but the richest in nigeria is an hausa man

      since all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, agree and constantly confirm that it is only the IGBOS that LOVE MONEY so much. Please rise and visit every Igbo person struggling anywhere around the globe…Visit them with all your different clothes like DOLLARS, POUNDS, EUROS and NAIRA. You may leave out other TRIBES since they keep denying you in public.. Amen

  21. to be frank and sincere,who P.Square really help? av never heard of any reasonable thing dey did for fans aside from fainting on stage,after dia 240milla deal with Glo,who dem give 10kobo,Ibo sense wey full dia brain,na only dia pocket money dey go? dem no won even spend dia kobo,video director,manager,producer,singer,dancer amongst others,abeg make dem go pack well and create dia own TV station na,useless people

    • Y u no go ans Oba,useless guy.Wait let Psquare cme and gv u money.Y nt get ur own contract and share ur money.Broke ass.

  22. I love u guys keep up on everything you are doing,soundcity be calm everything will be alright

  23. Both ur u should just lego of all dis ok…. And u Peter if u are d cost of dis u have to apologise to Suondcity cos dis entertainment of a thing if u continue doing dis to anyother Channel It means u have to be expecting d same thing and before u know it mm something is goning worst be dat oh

  24. Honestly p-square soundcity has done good for u……airing ur programs, no be beans ooooo. Without them u wont be near here. Don’t think your cds brough u dis far. It’s their airings. So wake up and not let pride and lil money cover ur face. Remember money dey finish u go come dry ask for forgiveness from d ones u offended. Why no save yourself the stress.

  25. Pee I love u guys and Soundcity love all of u in da house straight to Vjadams ur sighted brah

  26. I disagree with soundcity, psquare had started doing well even b4 soundcity came into existence, psuare was one of the platforms soundcity used in promoting itself, as far as u dont pay royalties for airing these videos which in turn makes them milloion then they( psquare and other artiste) owe u nothing.

  27. This shouldn’t be the time for judgment. We have heard from Soundcity, it would be wise to also hear from the Okoye’s group before judgment could be passed. I also think we should leave the issue for those in the entertainment industry to handle. Let’s not just rain abuses on people.

  28. Nigeria’s choi, do u know aw much sound city earn for playing a video, no record label ever ask for royalty, tv rights etc fees do u know record labels are supposed to make profit from video’s but in Nigeria here dey don’t. Playing a superstars video my pple dey make serious money. A record label asking tobe paid for artiste to perform is not wrong. Any TV channel who has refused to play ur video as an up coming artiste don’t blame dem dey pay tax..

  29. Leave this fued aside, I think P Square at some point let pride and greed get to them so much. I remember when they were slying African awards so much (knowing they’d win it, maybe they thought there was no need to be there). It got to a point, Channel O stopped inviting them, even tho they had a massive year. We know Channel O really exposed these guys to Africa but at somr point, they had to show who was bigger. I’m Igbo, I’m not gonna be bias or takr any side. I’ve noticed this about P Square for a while now so I just had to mention it. Even when T Pain, Rick Ross and the Game came to MTV BASE awards, P Square wouldn’t come, why? These niggaz tho

  30. reduce ur prize for airing upcoming artists video their are alway greatful… Im an ARTIST Too. Dont always play big stars only, thinking u are doing them favour…Respct to psquare and souncity

  31. dis a small problem dey should solve on dea own not till we comment.

  32. I love sound city but let me be honest your job is to play videos not ask for anything in return no body forced you to start in the first place. Besides psquare didn’t grow because of you you don’t play the bills for there handwork

    To psquare fame doesn’t give you the right to be proud

  33. I think all that Soundcity have done so far for Psquare are those things they ought to do as a music channel. the same thing they would have done or are doing for other artists. Psquare are a big name in the industry so am not suprise if Soundcity do more for them just like they would have done more for 2face, D’banj etc. cus that also boost their business. Music is business and that’s what Psquare are doing, but that doesn’t mean all should be about money. Both parties should understand themselves and settle

  34. As for me, business shud b business buh what baffles me all dis while is dat i hardly see other artist dat feature Psquare,visa viz

  35. Is rilly bad no to tnk soundcity for the hard work there have don for u guys@ p squre

  36. Is rilly bad not to tnk soundcity for the hard work there have don for u guys@ p squre

  37. I really didn’t notice psquare songs not aired on soundcity…#crap…i think psquare get pride and greed for their body am igbo n mark my words sometimes money no b everything …even if soundcity mess up…una pass d beef…funny how shit works wen u are made u don’t give a fuck…

  38. All u talking shit abt psquare are fools.. soundcity will neva air ur stuff 4 free.. #psquare don’t nid soundcity bcuz they made it already.. to hell Wit soundcity nd all #psquare haters…

  39. @paulfraze. d truth is @soundcity has tried 4 psquare… even if dey play psquare video in a year. nt to talk about 10yre lyk dey said. u pple should put ur self in their shoe. my brother are jst been business minded, dt is ntb lyf even if psquare think dey are A-list.. we knw dey work hard to b who dey are today bt sumtym u dont 4get pple dt support u.. small or big..

  40. Pls p-square u should try settle dis issue in a matuer way.

  41. guys I really love ur music.but both of u should appologize to. Each other no body is too big to appologize when u are wrong.

  42. People r so limited in their knowledge!for una mind,sound city go air your music video for free?oga business z business!the duo owe soundcity nothing!!!

  43. Truth be told, sound city has benefited from playing psquare songs than psquare has benefited from them. When sound city plays their video they gain money whereas all psquare gains is just 4mins of attention. Their relationship with psquare was strictly business and nothing personal but when psquare decided to make it about business, sound city now said they’re greedy. Come on guys. Sound city is the one enjoying the one sided relationship here

  44. Psquare u guyz shld b use 2 all ds rubbish tlk…U guyz didn’t get were u are 2dy by chance.B4 soundcity,we were watching ur videos.God has blessed u and soundcity cnt do u guyz no shit.U hv notn 2 lose.Plz keep making all d money.

  45. Who their quarrel help?… make the two party gerra-a-here

  46. Let us be frank & tell ourselves d truth. If sound city truly helped psquare when they were upcoming, then am sure they did not help them for free!!. But If Psquare paid soundcity for airing their songs in any means, it is no more HELP but BUSINESS bcos psquare paid them for the services they rendered to them. Who knows they might have borrowed the money from somewhere & gave it to sound city to air their dreams in order to achieve their dreams. And if soundcity started playing Psquare songs when they have already come to STARDOM, then is psquare that adds flavour or contributed to sound city rising. Sound city or whatever u are called if u know u are a helper, pls there are many talented Artiste out there to help or even help them by reducing your cost price for them to meet up NOT when they eventually made it out of their struggles you will start to BLAB that u made them who they are. ARE YOU GOD???. For those who hates Igbo people, just know that Igbo ppl are naturally favoured by God. Whether Hardworking & evergreen psquare doesn’t help or give u their money is their life & God won’t hate them 4 not throwing money 4 u to enjoy their sweat. When they were struggling, what did u give them?? probably you tried to discourage them. Concerning MR MAYD matter, mayD owed them a lot because psquare made him come to limelight so easily. It would have taken MayD years to reach where he is now. For your info MayD is d one being greedy for demanding houses & cars just for him to b signed. As a beginner, he should have humbled himself & take whatever they gave him but d greed won’t let him. NOTE THIS, WHEN U PAID SOMEONE FOR THE SERVICES HE RENDERED IT IS “BUSINESS” BUT WHEN HE DID NOT DEMAND ANYTHING IN RETURN IT IS CALLED “HELP” so if dey paid soundcity when they were struggling, then they are 100% right to demand for money for the said invitation. They won’t go hunger . It is their business please!!!
    If u buy bread from a sellers’ shop, d seller didn’t help u unless he DASHED U D BREAD. U BOTH BENEFITED

  47. P square fuck up dey shodn’t have ask for much money from sound city there reactions was bad

  48. Wat I knw 4 sure is dt d both parties ah tryin to protect deir interest bt dere is no way soundcity can sponsor 4 anytin wit out getin anytin back in return 4 gud 10yrs haba nau,soundcity na charity organization…soundcity I wud advice u look 4 a more convincin story no b everybody get weak brain wey no fit tink well…in fact na who una don help,u guyz beta go n sort ur issues maturedly n stop givin us convincin bt false n permit me to say 419 kind of story cos u wnt to protect ur interest n @ dsame time p.square stop makin silly comment cos e no make sense una don pas dat level as celebrities pple wil always ask gud n sometimes silly questions in order to hear wat u hav to say n den u don’t hav to wash ur dirty cloths in d public be diplomatic wen replyin questions dat wil go d public.I believe u pple are matured enough to do d right tin which is to come in 1 understndin n settle dis issue,ma last wordz be say “una don fall na hand make na no allow una leg join Oo”.

  49. P square fuck up I don’t expect all this from you guys. You sure pass all this pls guys settel this matter people are saying rubbish to you too much

  50. For 10 Years, @SoundcityTV has been a huge supporter of #PSquare and the #PSquare brand, right from their 1st music video to the last video released in 2014. Most of their videos got massive airplay on @SoundcityTV than any other music channel, and so what, even if you invited #PSquare to one of our annual events last December 2014 and they insisted we pay a certain amount of money, if day said you should pay them, you pay them, in Business there is no friend that is why I love #Jude P.Square manager he doesn’t play with money, if you don’t pay me no support; #PSquare’s I really loves this two brothers there music talents and also Dance with Peter am inspired by your music expecially #Bring It On#/ you are my number one music artist follow by Wizkid #Expensive shit# you really entertain me if #Soundcity will not play your music, I will watch others TV stations

  51. Am sorry 4 u 2 brothers 4 lacking sense @ d same time” my advice 4 u is dat dnt force people 2 hate d too of u”come 2 think of it ur proudless is always making u 2 loose maturality in d society

  52. O boy I dint even notice na only wizkid dey see for tv dis days.fuck p square Dem dey Hungary nahin make Dem dey á ask for money. Abegg soundcity who cares about Una after all d money Una dey bill from upcoming artiste now e dey pain shey … Anyway nobody loose.psuare is already made.soundcity is international stop disturbing us…non sence wen Una don make noise finish make Una come smoke wit moi ganja tins mad people halie wit me..

  53. Sound city is full of bullshit

  54. Psqaure dat kind of attitude no good

  55. Business is business. . . Such questions are not meant to be asked. . . Should I do something for you before I get a chance to bargain a price for your services. . . Smh. . Them fall my hand sha

  56. p.square u guys are wrong…sound city have been helping you guys and wat have also done for them

  57. Psquare over the yes is known for been arrogant and selfish… so I ain’t surprise one bit… Soundcity please act mature… peace

  58. I can remember vividly in the year 2011.I watched p square shows every Tuesdays on soundciy TV as they were moving from one country to another. We no it’s businesse but it shouldn’t go as far as asking what has sound city done for p square because if we are to trace antecedent, we will prove p square wrong.

  59. let me ask,, soundcity do dis, p square do dat d music dey play is not free, u most pay b4 ur music will b played so nothing goes for nothing,

  60. Make psquare go beg dem o

  61. its ok since they does mind soundcity shuld just leave them

  62. Em…after reading d story.i tink soundcity tv is at fault u don’t expect artiste 2 perform for u for free even if u ve been helping dem but d onli way forward is reconcilation

  63. Really bad of p boys

  64. Sound city is wrong. If every media should be forming special consideration, what wud be the situation? This is one of the way the guys make their money, shows. The media have their own way. Their is no need one blocking the way for the other. Sound city has fucked up. They are not operating like an international brand. Very myopic, local and childish of them. And for psquare, they should hire somebody who would help them talk and relate diplomatically on their behalf. Jude should just manage the group

  65. anonymous, who syd r u on?… one minute u go critize psquare n soundcity, d next u go defend dem.

  66. Psquare have outgrown that level…weather sound-country or Soundcity air their songs or not…#endorsement keep flowing in::::they’re are now the richest Musician in Africa::::(1) Their Oil & Gas business keeps booming (2) Their Bottling Company Keep growing everyday (4) they’re also into Property Business (3)Dance with Peter is now airing all ova the continent. Take note: I didn’t mention their multi-million endorsements deals all over naija. (Soundcity can go to hell) Psquare need no introduction anymore! Air their songs or not. They remain No.1

  67. Will still sound this if you guys got a probs resolve it amicably the masses must not know that there is a big blow on ya face….. Sir pee I don no you buh I jes like you please try to resolve the ish within and around you…… Don’t let this problem get aired again it’s not worth it as big duos you guys are……… All same #onelovetousall…

  68. I do not want to no wat cus d figth between u 2 all I want to say u 2 grow up with music help each other with music work 2gether so dat u will acheive ur dreams so dat spirit of oneness is in u 2 of u as one dat make u to acheive dat dream so as u 2 sepreted dat oneness will fall cus u cannot work 2gether anymore dat oneness is like d power dat makes u 2 flow so pls bro I beg of u cum back and me psquare again and d power of psquare shall reign because I believe in u guy clizikid.wiz say so ur best fan here is my number 08188342018

  69. P square has the best style of singing and dancing they can’t be poor even if u guys abuse them infact it makes them more powerful

  70. Who una epp @soundcitytv Business is business even between two brothers come to talk more of outsider… Fuck Em up… @hiptv is taking over the Air… so to hell with your plays.

  71. Who una epp @soundcitytv Business is business even between two brothers come to talk more of outsider… Fuck Em up… @hiptv is taking over the Air… so to hell with your plays.

  72. well i love psquare so fuck soundcity
    its too late to stop them now
    they’re way up

  73. “I don’t care who you are where you from and what you do” Psquaref forget about everybody and concentrate n ur lives.

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