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CDQ Drops “OGB4IG” Diss Track For M.I Abaga || Listen!!!

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CDQ diss M.I Abaga (The Chariman) with Reminisce’s ‘OGB4IG’.

Indigenous rapper, CDQ jumps on Reminisce’s trending rap song ‘OGB4IG‘ and it ended up as a diss track for M.I Abaga. This a reply to the Chocolate City boss who called his name first on the song ‘The Viper‘ (Letter To Vector).

M.I Abaga called CDQ’s name on the track he made for Vector, listed him as the top 5 rappers from the West ‘Ironically’. While M.I was shading Vector that he isn’t among the top 5 rappers repping & holding the Western part of the country, he dragged CDQ in to shade him with a line to end the top rappers list. “You’re not even top 5 from Yorubaland, Eldee, Baddo, Dagrin, Remi, YCEE and Falz omo CDQ (see the queue)“.

CDQ got the message, hits the studio and used Reminisce’s song to reply M.I. CDQ warms M.I not to use him to count scores and he should keep his name off his mouth and wrack punchlines that can’t get him the best Lyricist Award. Continues with ‘Chairman that has been benched for a while now without regular play time’, CDQ ends it up saying the only Award the Chocolate rappers can get is ‘Twitter’s Best Rapper of All Time’.




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  1. Every here is a fool

  2. Omo see this fool !

  3. M.I should not reply him, he is too low for the Rap king

  4. Dont waste your time downloading it…

  5. #Wack

  6. Mumu

  7. Too local bro if I dey work for embassy I can never issue you visa

  8. Wat a low kindergarten

  9. He should go n sit down jorr..he no reach

  10. Dead .. waste of data

  11. We are downloading it ntor

  12. This guy is so wack!!! I used to doubt that before now I am sorry for myself

  13. #Lagiaji. Viper is it.

  14. Ode lomo cdq

  15. cdq the boss ?

  16. Even vector better pass this mumu

  17. Nice beat. But I don’t understand

  18. Looking for hype rapper. This is rubbish… Hearing this am just laughing…. Wetin be this one again…

  19. Way too wack… Wetin him dey talk self. hahahah.

  20. He’s just warning him…. No hard feelings

  21. Shiirt, I’m regretting.
    Waist of data I swear!
    CDQ no even reach any of CC’s rappers.

  22. Chai…
    I’m regretting it, ooh waist of data.
    CDQ is no match for any CC’s rappers atall!

  23. Waist of data..
    CDQ is no match among CC’s rappers atall!

  24. #cdq should go and think about rap for 29yrs nd comeback to the studio

  25. Ma fi mi ka scores, no be fight

  26. You be fool @Anonymous…..

  27. It’s a tribal thing.

  28. This cdq na foolish boy o

  29. Bullshit…

  30. abeg g train urslf for children play no wen rappers go do tinz u go follow abeg u no reach………

  31. illiterate, dey say ”see the queue” e thought dey were referring to him mumu, who u be sef 4 d industry, ko shi baba…

  32. Haha whos this guy???

  33. You no sabi english?Mi sing him own for English.

  34. CDQ when men de diss themselves just sit down de lean. No time never reach. You be learner joor.

  35. Boring track

  36. Abadabidi (robbish)

  37. What is this one talking again?

  38. CDQ that M.I helped to put his name forcefully is even making noise. #is_he_even_a_rapper ???????

  39. CDQ or what u called yourself you’re on greatful badstard! for insulting best raper M I.

  40. Kai! Were Crickets his backup?

  41. Only a big fool will call this wack. I know them

  42. Only a fool will call this wack. If you don’t understand what he’s saying why not ask? Or because it’s not from unah tribe? Ogun go kill unah

  43. Lol ? I laugh in maturity CDQ that is even an up coming is Also trying to get CHAIRMAN attention who does that ??

  44. I really don’t blame this dude.

    I blame M.I. for including him in a list that had Mode 9 and Dagrin. M.I insulted these Hip-hip greats.

    But instead, CDQ is too unintelligent to see the inclusion in the list as an underserved compliment by M.I.

    This Fuji rappers are the ones destroying Hip hop in Nigeria.

  45. Oh lord my did I waste my data in this shit?
    Oh CDQ u fall my hand no for say some people dance they spreed than money while others dance they flog dem.

  46. Wats dis 1 saying sef??? wasted data next tym use english make we hear bt 4 nw u no reach

  47. Fool

  48. Oh speak English make we hear

  49. This dude is an idiot, he should have keep quiet when his father (MI) is talking

  50. CDQ is a fool

  51. He still calls himself a rapper ? C”Mon this place is not a play ground for upcoming yoruba speaking rapper abi him no cdq? Lil kesh is far more better than this dude na . Well sorry for even mentioning Kesh tho?????#KING M.I don shake all of una legs, now we go see who no baff before wearing that expensive shoe soon.

  52. Speak English…see person wey M.I dey hype,it’s obvious u don’t understand English language

  53. LOL
    MI sorry o
    Wish you quick recovery

  54. I can’t wait to see you all on live rap battle

  55. Trash

  56. Is This one also a rapper?

  57. Serious waste of data,wetin concern Di’s one na,wen better rappers dey talk Di’s road side agboro go park.

  58. Wack… Reminence remains the most proficient Yoruba rapper after Da grin.

  59. Yoruba pikin wey no like this track must be supporting APC.????

  60. Your chairman caused it, y e mention olowo’s name

  61. Lmaooooo this is over WACK

  62. Lmaooooo cdq is an illeterate

  63. Diz guy na big fool.. e no get sense at all

  64. I am downloading it ntor..
    MI started this and needed to be treated

  65. Cdq. Want to use M.I. Become popular

  66. Hmm incantations. If you wan rap rap abeg.its a beef song and you are using your tribe to beef someone coming from a different geographical location.go and sleep joh

  67. I tell u that’s frekin nonsense

  68. Oh!!! Yoruba boiz wants to gang up against M.I
    Traditional rappers like you that still struggles with English in the studio, don’t allow ICE & JAGZ to join M.I ooo

  69. CDQ yee ye! Nonsense!!

  70. I could not listen to it to the finish.
    its so wack that i deleted it immedietely.

  71. Wack wack wack,and shut the f-up, slippers get size

  72. Cdq u are a fool.u know even thank God say ur name follow for d line up even thou na last u follow I knw anything b ur problem u want use mi blow

  73. CDq (see the queue) you Don cos for comment box wack rapper

  74. I just wasted 2mins of my life listening to dis

  75. Dis wan wan use him hand kill him career.

  76. Unemployment cos dis comments. Una dey insult CDQ wey b bigman already. He dey get shows pass MI. Cos he is among d trending artist in Nigeria. I pity poverty for una life

  77. Pure rubbish

  78. Lol ? ????????????

  79. M I vietor c d q them don achieve u guys jt dey this stop ur self k

  80. Time wasting

  81. Plz Mr CDQ all we need in this industry is a diss rap battle ND not incantations.ok

  82. WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCK!!!!!

  83. what a wacky and trashy thing.
    you no reach abeg

  84. Dude can’t even kick 100bars…weackass and miopic moron

  85. Omo see the Queue…….simple English..

  86. Abeg come take you music and give me back my mb

  87. Rubbish, CDQ na ant for where KING MI Dey. CDQ should better learn how to speak simple and good English before he could compare him self with the CHAIRMAN

  88. This mum couldn’t finish the beat. Who you leave the rest of the beat for???

  89. Mi was not sleeping when he called you see the qeue . this guy is over wack

  90. All this Yoruba rappers are westing there time I will shoot any nonsense rapper with gun saying about mi abaga .mi abaga is best rapper

  91. cdq who no you in Nigeria ? I will shoot this boy idiot

  92. The bigger the nigga the more attention you get when you diss, (from mi cypher) , I think that’s what this here is trying to do….



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