Lil Baby Blasts Police After Being Rough Handled

In case you are not aware, Lil Baby was arrested on Thursday night in Atlanta, Georgia, US for allegedly driving recklessly and eluding police following a traffic stop. However this wasn’t just an ordinary traffic stop & arrest though as police looked to have been rough with Lil Baby a little bit in the process.

Video footage obtained by TheShadeRoom shows Lil Baby getting forcefully handcuffed with his face down on the middle of the street with his hands behind his back and arresting officer pinning him down. As of the result of the altercation, Baby has sustained some injuries, including a pretty nasty swollen face.

The QC rapper hopped on social media Friday evening and showed off his swollen face, while spitting a rap to the police. “First show I rocked em, Next show Im on the way/ police got my face swole, I don’t give a fuck though,” he raps in the clip.

Following his release on Thursday, Baby had another message to the police, leaving the caption… “fuck The Police Who Be On That Bullshit , Shoutout To The Ones Who Get You Thru The Process ASAP …..” he wrote.


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