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Mayorkun’s “BOBO” Shouldn’t Have Featured Davido . . My Thoughts!

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I say Abena you call me OBO (OBO)
Na money be fine Bobo (Bobo)…

Since putting pen to the paper that now binds him to DMW, watching Mayorkun rise to stardom is like watching the rise of the Eastern sun.

From the realm of depending heavily on promotions to get popularity for singles like Eleko and Sade to making records that get organic cheers and shouts like Mama did, Mayorkun’s knock on the door of super-stardom is becoming audible, the fans can hear it, the aspiring superstars are listening while the superstars at the other end of the door have their gaze fixed on it, knowing Mayorkun amongst other promising stars could walk through the door at any time.

In 2017, he made the kind of move that separates one from the class of boys to make an appearance in the gathering of men – his run of hit releases qualified him to be considered one of most successful artistes of that year and he looks to continue the impressive run with the release of a new single titled ‘BOBO’, on which Davido appears as a guest artiste.

Below is the review of the song and do remember to share your thoughts in the comment section.

@ibironketweets The beauty of Mayorkun’s artistry is less in his vocals or the style of sound he works with but more in his prowess with lyrical composition. His word play game is so strong that he even outplays some Naija rappers in that regard.

For a pop artist, it is a bit of surprise but it is teasing and enjoyable especially because Mayorkun delivers those lines in between nice melodies. I mean, how would one not like a line like “suit yourself like Jidenna?”

While that is a pleasant surprise, the surprising input of Davido, gives the song a sour side especially because he undid all of Mayorkun’s brilliant word plays with lines like “I believe in water but I no be fisherman”, coupled with cliché lines like “she say she is a fan, she want to blow me.” Not that Mayorkun is stainless (he also said “butterfly na lababa” which is basic) but that only occurs sparsely in verses composed of thoughtful word plays.

“Bobo” is another fine product of the ADM (pon pon) music sample which DMW stars seem to have monopolized and it has that secret spice of pop records – beautiful melodies. The DMW household have a reputation for making great videos and with this one, their reputation is added to – picture quality, interpretation of theme and theatrics, aced.

Mayorkun is nearing that status of super-stardom with records like this one and indeed he would need support from his colleagues but not from Davido on a song like this. For ‘Bobo’, he should have done this alone.


@dahnielz Being the flagship artiste under the DMW label, Mayorkun is starting his 2018 with a big bang!

One thing that makes his sound to stand out, is how Mayorkun construct his lyrics, his word play game is always dope. Many would actually argue that Mayorkun has more ‘punch lines’ than some Nigerian hip-hop artistes.

Lets talk about Davido though, originally I would assume he was not slated to be on this record but for some reasons best known to them, the singer was featured on it. Davido contributed little or nothing to this song, I feel we could have had more from Mayorkun on this song.

All in all, BOBO is one of the few songs that will stay on my list, ‘cos for me, it is a HIT!

Rating – 4/5


More thoughts on Mayorkun’s new song, BOBO? Drop your comments below.

“Mayorkun’s “BOBO” Shouldn’t Have Featured Davido . . My Thoughts!”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    I’m not going with this write up at all. Davido did a very good job on the song in which hey both gave a good account of there talent. Perfect song at the end.

  2. Avatar

    Butterfly na labalaba

  3. Avatar

    davido killed d song for me

  4. Avatar

    Davido shouldn’t have been on that record

  5. Avatar

    Fools!! Davido made DAT song a classic

  6. Avatar

    Wetin carry davidocome this video
    I do prefer dremo here
    Izzokay by dremo ft mayourkun was better

  7. Avatar

    The collabo Is good

  8. Avatar

    I swear that’s what on my mind Mayorkun should have done it alone

  9. Avatar

    U are fool fr dis write up…. D only part i enjoy in d song is OBO part…..Abeg see fine lyrics wey dis stupid critic dey critize

  10. Avatar

    Obo killed the music

  11. Avatar

    haba.davido made that song more interesting.what sort of critics are you guys?

  12. Avatar

    Davido killed the song more than mayourkun by far. Poor article

  13. Avatar

    Funny are you critics keep tryna bring davido down,when you know since 2011 that he’s gonna be the biggest…here we are looking at him repping afrika to the fullest and you people still keeps hating on a 30BG boy

  14. Avatar

    Abeg Davido said ‘AT THE RIVER BUT I NO BE FISHERMAN’ not ‘I BELIEVE IN WATER BUT I NO BE FISHERMAN’. Y’all listen well. Open your ears and Davido’s verse for me was the shit.

  15. Avatar

    Bastard thought
    Can you sing chorus?

  16. Avatar

    Dont let him see this
    he’ll Compose track for y’all o!!


  17. Avatar

    You are very stupid for this…….. Abi na Davido part sweet pass

  18. Avatar

    davido verse is d best av heard dis year in any song

  19. Avatar

    He should av featured you huh?? Bull Dog ?

  20. Avatar

    David is using mayorkun
    From FALL to BOBO. He helped mayorkun Shaa but David is digging out dis guy’s talent 4 his own interest. He is slaving the Boi….mayorkun wake up and b d Nelson Mandela to ur freedom.
    Keep jumping on mayor’s vibes

  21. Avatar

    u people criticizing the boy,God help u,if he needs all this ur shit comments to progress that means he will be nothing,bt he doesnt need them,so keep the comments to urself,abeg the boy dey try,many have come b4 n after him,where are they?but hes still in the industry banging,dont even allow him see this comments or else…..,abeg make una just park well……IFECO

  22. Avatar

    i love davido’s part. he nailed it as always???

  23. Avatar

    The song didn’t need Davido on it biko

  24. Avatar

    Mayor 4 du am alone …but 2 push de music well he had iz boss on i tink itz a gud move

  25. Avatar

    OBO just finish work there. He got it all on point.

  26. Avatar

    Shit the fuck up!
    Davido “MURDERED” that shit!

  27. Avatar

    Haters of OBO shall go to hell. This nigga is doing Africa proud nd some people wey no see breakfast chop dey hate am. #Nonsence

  28. Avatar

    All of you are saying rubbish oo , davido gave light to the song .

  29. Avatar

    Lol.. Davido is really perfect with it.. He obviously killed the song… If you’re not okay with his verse.. Add yours!! NONSENSE!!!
    Contact: 08034000821

  30. Avatar

    I love davido’s part , mayorkun was just there

  31. Avatar

    Don’t buy your idea , Davido makes it unique and balance it with his last two verses of the lyrics…

  32. Avatar

    This write up na beans. As much as I love both of em on a song, I only listen to the song because of this line:

    “Oo dayan mo, wazz on my neck is di-a-monds”
    Please, stop saying nonsense.

  33. Avatar

    I love davido but i feel he shouldn’t av jumped on d song, to me he didnt murder d song as mayorkun did… Mayorkun shld v just sang d song alone… Davido’s part is just acceptable because hez davido,, mayor killed d song more

  34. Avatar

    True talk

  35. Avatar

    davido spoil that song oooo person nor dey here wating e dey talk self.

  36. Avatar

    U guys are just talking becouse u dont knw music dat is y i love dem all

  37. Avatar

    davido murder it.and point of correction,mayokun didnt say so.where is the prove

  38. Avatar

    am not a davido fan…….. but d guy make d song weigh over

  39. Avatar

    i swear they both killid it…

  40. Avatar

    Davido still remain the boss…i swear!!

  41. Avatar

    It’s beta mayorkun alone

  42. Avatar

    Davido shouldn’t have be featured, mayorkun was talking on a particular issue and Davido just spoiled it up, his lyrics are not in accordance to the music, Oh shit! he shouldn’t have be featured.

  43. Avatar

    i feel dremo would have killed the song

  44. Avatar

    I believe so2cause I think the song was better without davido jare

  45. Avatar

    i believe so2 cause i think the
    song was better without
    davido jare

  46. Avatar

    @who so ever compossed diz write up,u must be on a codeine diet…incase u dont know,Davido murdered diz song Ya heard ?? So go get ur ears exermined and listen to his verse again.

  47. Avatar

    Seriously davido went off key in that beat. Davido is my man, but on this one it dos’nt motivate the head line .

  48. Avatar

    Nice 1

  49. Avatar

    Dat song is trash without davido

  50. Avatar

    All of you wey talk say davido aka obo no murder that song, una father left yansh. all of you 2*, i say am better than.

  51. Avatar

    People sha,sumbody will sing una go criticize, e nr gree sing una go still criticize….dis na d reason Nigeria nr go fit beta…funny enough davido’s verse na sweet pass…n PLEASE check out his backup on d chorus….abeg….davido killed d song jare…DMW hottest music group currently in 9ja

  52. Avatar

    I had no choice than to fall for bobo by mayorkun, actually l jxt recorded my verse on that song a day be4 he released it
    l got talented artist that gives me what l want
    #nah money be fine bobo

  53. Avatar

    is like the writer dey my mind. davido supposed ft 4 sat song

  54. Avatar

    ur papa fit sing tooxclusive ehhh

  55. Avatar

    This is how I listen to that song.

    …………………………………………… rest of the song.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ davido’s part.

    He’s the reason I listen to that track.
    Mad intelligence.

  56. Avatar

    Very rubbish critic, davido blessed that song with his voice and lyrics WHAAAT I deadass can’t believe someone from tooxclusive approved this post. and go listen to David’s lyrics properly cuz wht u wrote here wasn’t wht he said this is pathetic OBO is a blessing to d industry people keep trying to make him look like he doesn’t have no talent but it’s sad they can’t see it’s not working….go pray for forgiveness. My 2 cent with luv from NY

  57. Avatar

    the person that wrote this is what we call “akpa amu” in igbo land, that is “scrotal sac”

  58. Avatar

    I guess I will stop visiting this site since you don’t wanna be fair in the music game

  59. Avatar

    I agree with you that he didn’t need Davido at all for this music. I like the lyrics before Davido came up with his usual rich man’s bragado ruining the flow of a poor guy trying to woo a girl. Overall, Davido is always a great addition to any music. Great work Mayorkun.

  60. Avatar

    What’s so special about mayorkun’s lyrics that you’re saying Davido spoil the sing with lyrics

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