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Nothing Encouraging About Wizkid’s New E.P, Poor Effort! “Soundman Vol 1” Review

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

I am a firm believer that Wizkid’s Superstar album is one of the best albums of the decade, following in the steps of Wande Coal’s “M2M” and 9ice’s “Gongo Aso” etc. It is a golden album in truth.

I probably can remember all the songs word for word and i am sure many can. The Album was released in 2010, and till now Wizkid still lives in the shadow of that masterpiece which has set him a challenge that seems insurmountable (in terms of making another better album). Almost 10 years later. Wizkid tries to emphasize again that he is an Afro beat Artiste. It’s another effort to prove that somehow he is Fela’s mentee. However, he ends up giving us some really monotonous tunes that just sound almost the same.

“Soundman E.P” is a fusion of Reggae and Afro, but sounds weak with no effort at all. No impressive lyrics, just Wizkid doing his thing. For many people who have waited years after his last album to finally behold a crisp album creation, this doesn’t seem like so much encouragement. Infact, one common theme recurrent in all of the EP is his unwillingness to even try to impress at all. It seems the young superstar is finding it really hard to replicate his musical brilliance of 2010-2013, hence, the reason for this uncalculated, feeble and unenthusiastic music project.  The beats sound all the same, from what we heard from ‘Joro’, maybe more extra musical instruments added, but they still sound so much alike.

Wizkid promised an album, “Made in Lagos” prior to the release of “Soundman E.P,” but could have thought of this EP as a supposed test-the-waters strategy. But unfortunately, it has projected an unexciting feeling towards the arrival of the album proper. And if songs like the ones on this E.P are what is coming in the album, he’d better not release the album at all. I mean, the “Soundman E.P” could be okay for an average, regular act, but when we talk about the STAR BOY, we sure should be expecting and eventually getting a million times better composition than this E.P.

Truth be told, Wizkid needs to reconnect with his former producers, the Samklef sand the Sarzs. He does very well with them, together they have produced numerous hits. If Wizkid has already recorded his album, he needs to think again. He needs to look beyond the sycophantic noise by those who claim to be ‘Wizkid Fc’. They would support everything from him regardless of the quality and that would only do him more harm than good.

Reviewed by Wole Babatunde | Worule Cool

Ratings: 5/10


“Nothing Encouraging About Wizkid’s New E.P, Poor Effort! “Soundman Vol 1″ Review”, 1 out of 5 based on 45 ratings.

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  • Nothing Encouraging About Wizkid’s New E.P, Poor Effort! “Soundman Vol 1” Review
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  • Last modified: Dec 24, 2019 | 17:09

Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Wizkid is a man of vision ,he can do it without the producers u just mention ,,,the album will drop next year 2020 and it will be the best worldwide

  2. Avatar

    Maybe you should always check all the hottest songs countdowns in the country before you post your bad belle posts.

  3. Avatar

    Kai… Different kinda people in this naija sha. Soundman Ep an average work?

  4. Avatar

    starboy everywhere everyday

  5. Avatar

    You need to quit talking about wiz cus all y’all do is hate on the man and still profit from him

  6. Avatar

    This life… Things can turn around in a second. This is my story.

    As at 16th December, I was extremely broke. In my mind this would be the worst Xmas ever. My little online hustle refused to pay.

    My room mate is an extremely stingy guy. He will never share anything with you. Even hustle that pays him, he won’t share. He does only dating stuff. I noticed he uses a site, to get clients. I went to the site. It is a premium site. You pay $69 to sign up. I did not even have $10. My room mate already had 4 ladies he was chatting with from the site. One day, on the 16th to be exact, I peeped and collected the phone number of one of the ladies. Let him manage the other 3. I started chatting with the woman.

    After 4 days, I tear the woman $800 bill. She chest am. Yesterday, I tear the woman another another $1300. She chest am again. Straight to naija. As at this time last week, I couldn’t boast of N1,000. Now, my account has crossed 700k.

    I gave my stingy roommate N20,000 this morning. He is just surprised.

  7. Avatar

    Nonsense analysis,stop hating, soundman ep is awesome

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  10. Avatar

    Chai wiz got alot of enemies in dis music industry,u mean soundman lack lyrical content,d likes of ease ur mind,Jam.well is not ur fault u are just an upcoming blogger searching for attention

  11. Avatar

    true, the EP lacks good lyrics TBH

  12. Avatar

    Wizkid has lost it

  13. Avatar

    The first person to speak the truth.

  14. Avatar

    Sound man EP trend pass A good time album.. Nonsense tooxclusive

  15. Avatar

    STARBOY remains the greatest..!

  16. Avatar

    not a fan of wizkid but soundman EP is dope as crack, all 7 tracks are good. can you guys stop the hate on celebrities and enjoy the good music

  17. Avatar

    God will punish you for this stupid hate. Always saying trash. That’s your fucking opinion. You should learn to keep it to your fucking isolated miserable heart. Idiots

  18. Avatar

    This is the worst review I’ve ever seen. The EP was a major hit. He literally dropped the EP without an announcement and it still made waves on all charts globally. Get your hate game out of reality.

    • Avatar

      u dey lie

  19. Avatar

    Truth to be told u got some points but nevertheless ,don’t write off the EP some songs are dope there

  20. Avatar

    Learn how 2 appreciate People effort. We rise by Lifting other’s
    Hater’s and bad energy stay far away!
    Nobody know u self stop speaking trash about others.
    You don’t know the difference between sound and song.
    Sorry Mr Poster, you are too late

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  22. Avatar

    It won’t affect your website and I know it.. But from this day… I stop visiting TX ???… Merry Xmas

  23. Avatar

    It won’t affect your website and I know it.. But from this day… I stop visiting TX ???… Merry Xmas

  24. Avatar

    It won’t affect your website and I know it.. But from this day… I stop visiting TX ???… Merry Xmas

  25. Avatar

    Lmaooooo if u no visit Bcus of dis Album review who cares , but the person saying the fact , do you read the article @ all n understand what the person talking about )

  26. Avatar

    This post is very stupid…I don’t know how you analyse music but those afro tunes were top notch with very powerful melody and content…not your regular noisy songs…wiz kid is not your regular nigerian artist. He is a class of his own…even dbanj no come close to wizzys creativity in the afro world…

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    U ppl are mad!!! .. Wizkid is improving. No depreciation atall. Mad cows!!

  29. Avatar

    Tooxclusive really??? like you just had to trash yourself with so much hate

  30. Avatar

    Dis review was dope ???, best review ever , If na me talk like dis now all wizkid fans no go gree Dey we say na bad belle ???

  31. Avatar

    Dear Taiwo, you’re a stupid and retarded human being, you know nothing about music and it’s a shame that you’re a disgrace to your brains and family, I blame Tooxclusive for giving a retarded human being like you the chance to write a review about a musician’s work.
    Hateful psychopath!!!

  32. Avatar

    This should probably be like the second or third time I’m commenting on here. Did you actually listen to the EP with your ear or with your anus? No insult intended.
    First of all, there is a difference between an EP and an album, very sad you don’t know that but I’m not surprised cuz having access to new songs or many songs/artists doesn’t automatically make you an expert. Soundman vol.1 is by far one of the best artist collections of 2019. If you don’t like wiz, it’s understandable but do not come on here to discredit his work that so many others with good ears appreciate. There’s just a handful of artists that can pull of such a project with all songs loveable. Try to hide your biases please. Soundman volume 1 is not an average work, it’s one of the best projects of 2019, this review is trash and lacks merit.

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  34. Avatar

    God go punish una! Bastards

  35. Avatar

    Wizkid fc or what ever go see white Dem go call it black , Ep was a trash , I rate the EP 4/10 , Bcus nothing special inside the Ep , all the song just Dey

  36. Avatar

    have not drop comment here b4…
    to be honest dis wizzys ep is super cool and mature

  37. Avatar

    Tooclusive you have just shown d level of your foolishness
    No wonder other platforms are doing better than you
    Better have sense so you can even be verified at least on Facebook

  38. Avatar

    My rating for tooxclusive -0.00%

  39. Avatar

    I give wizkid 10/10 for #Soundnan E.P, I’m feeling all the tracks in it, #Jam ft Chronixx is my favorite track of all… #GDB

  40. Avatar

    The person that wrote this shit got headache, the person should go for brain check if not his going to land at yaba left

  41. Avatar

    Another hater

  42. Avatar

    Give me a review on A Good Time by Davido

  43. Avatar

    Can someone do a review for Goodtime abulm

  44. Avatar

    nice review , what of fire boy album review pls

  45. Avatar

    I think u hvn’t listen to EASE UR MIND!

  46. Avatar

    I am sure the bashing your review elicit is enough punishment for your reasoning. Wizkid is not your ordinary artiste, hence he doesn’t follow trend or do popular music. He chart his own course and create trends. He takes risks with styles and more often than not and those song lingers, makes d numbers and sold out venues. U guys risk losing your integrity than hating… He unfortunately doesn’t chase clout. No wonder the biggest show on the 26th of Dec 2019 didnt make your page on the following day.

  47. Avatar

    I am not disappointed in the person that wrote the review. I am disappointed in tooxclusive that gave this job to a sentimental individual with extremely poor taste in music. This site just keep losing credibility everyday

  48. Avatar

    Dear poster mention one thing that’s encouraging about your life. Just be sincere.

  49. Avatar

    Ogun go kill you for what you just said about soundman ep

    • Avatar

      why wizkid fans to rude , u cant comment n go , why the ogun

  50. Avatar

    pls who go review davido album pls ?

  51. Avatar

    True talk ???

  52. Avatar

    great job

  53. Avatar

    dis person need an acollade , nice article

  54. Avatar


  55. Avatar

    Keep the beee on make wizzz mdey chop all the mil5i and the billi from that ep u call bad

  56. Avatar

    davido album was dope

  57. Avatar

    hot hot

  58. Avatar

    Wizkid giving us trash music this days

  59. Avatar

    i prefer davido , davido album was hot

  60. Avatar

    Nice one ???

  61. Avatar

    Its very obvious this fool was paid to write all this shit,may they also pay to bring you down ,ode oloriburuku,Empty lyrics you say?

    • Avatar


  62. Avatar

    Happy new year u guys

  63. Avatar

    Happy new year toox

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  65. Avatar

    thunder fire u for dis ur useless article n ur useless site, Mumu.

    What do u know about music?

    Wizkid songs sounding d
    u re d first fool to b saying dis trash, if anybody’s music is sounding d same dats davido not Wizkid…he’s first nigerian artist ve seen making music wit different sounds, i know davido payed u for dis..

    • Avatar

      who is dis again

  66. Avatar

    Fucker you hater and you will later say davido’s album was better nonsense keep your fucking opinion to yourself.

    • Avatar

      the person that write the article fucking ok n saying the fact

  67. Avatar


  68. Avatar

    Pls someone should listen to cover me..see better hit song….dat album is fucking dope!!!!!

  69. Avatar

    Make una leave wizkid abeg…dat guy is a legend o…soundman is music u sit and listen to either on the street or in ur penthouse close to the beach..either way na sweet album to jam…just jam it wen ure admiring something or just gazing into the streets of Lagos from a moving bus..I swear..its spiritual…I’m saying this from experience

  70. Avatar

    Soundman Ep ehn for me…1)cover me 2) blow 3 )ease ur mind…jams of the century lason jamz yen oloun

  71. Avatar

    Wizkid na legend!that album is dope!!!!

  72. Avatar

    Davido better dan wizkid ???

  73. Avatar

    oga stop hating, just chill n enjoy this eletric vibe and ease your mind from soundman…… see as i even use some of his track make dope sentence??.

  74. Avatar

    these people ought to have upgraded by now na….Fish brains….Starboy Fi Life…

  75. Avatar

    These people ought to have upgraded by now na…. Starboy Fi Life

  76. Avatar

    happy new month

  77. Avatar

    tooxclusive has always condemned all wizkid’s work… my thoughts

  78. Avatar

    Davido world best ???

  79. Avatar

    God bless you you for your honest review. I’m a die hard starboy fan but the legend ain’t living up to the hype the last best performance from wizkid was in “brown skin girl”. He put his best foot forward in that song. I’d say, he’s too comfortable with the Nigerian music industry that he feels they’ll accept whatever shii he passes to us. Look at the fast rising artiste are already taking over, the Joeboys, fireboy dml, lyta, tems, etc. These are people who dish out danceable tunes with reasonable lyrics but BABANLA is not bothered, he’s king – whatever he drops must blow. He better wake up from slumber. He should stop flowing to beats (as in freestyles) and drop something reasonable, sit down, put the weed aside and write something worth a grammy. If una wan chop me raw, na una sabi, I don drop my 2 kobo.

  80. Avatar

    It’s appalling to see people praise Wiz for this kinda mediocre music he puts out. He just knows how to flow with the rhythm of the music. He’s way beyond the level of freestyling to beats like the days of “best of life (samba)”. He should put out good lyrics to go with his superstar voice. I’m one of his die hard fans, but I’m losing hope on one of Nigeria’s so-called best exports. Attack me if you wish but think about it, if an up and coming artiste sings this same shii he put out, will u download it. Now compare wizkid’s lyrics to lyrics of the fast rising acts like; Victor Ad, Fireboy dml, Joeboy, lyta etc and tell me if our Starboy is meeting up to his reputation.

  81. Avatar

    Let me address the two comments above..first off it is imperative to note that all these people u mentioned…the joeboys and fireboys ure mentioning are just starting out hence their need to churn out their utmost best…when they wrote these songs they rarely had any shows and they had all the time to write songs..wizkid still deh record even afyer mad voice killing back to back shows and parties 2)they still have a lot to prove.. Just seh u Shana for one year no mean seh u go deh Shana for 10 years…wen wizkid came out he overtook every existing artiste to become no 1 he did it so fast other artistes thought he was Barry Allen..even as fireboy and co deh hot..deh no fit follow ordinary burnaboy compete not to mention overtaking him..however wen burna released like to party then,wizkid released 5more hit tracks and over took him again..wizkid was very hungry then..he was killing every beat,feature and song he laid his voice on..even freestyles.. Check his timwestwood and co…u guys are comparing people in their prime to someone who has been ruling for over 10yrs..while davido was busy copying Ghanian sounds,wizkid was creating a unique afrobeat vibe exclusive to him…which many other artistes are now riding d wave rema,skibii,even was after master groove,Gucci snake,soco,etc that burns dropped gbona,wetin man go do,ye,on the low,listen to the beat pattern of these songs…see wizkid is a legend abeg…stop comparing him to these small boys whose careers are just starting abeg

  82. Avatar

    See if the only thing wizkid does is to shout yeeye and yaaayiy on any beat now.e go still blow u know why?coz he has proven time and time and time again.seh hin sabi.he’s a very complete artiste..look at his shows..check out the way he controls his crowd,check out his performances..he performs like a legend..I see rema trying to reflect a lot of what he does on stage…he’s inspiring these young ones more than any other Nigerian artiste in existence..I can count over 20 artiste who try to sound and perform like wizkid..but they can’t…they eventually get tired.coz they copying wiz.wiz is a star..listen to rema,crayon,skibii,lyta,..just sounding like wizkid alone on your song will wanna make people listen to it..see dumebi..d song blow coz 90% of people that were listening to it thought it was wizkid that sang it..before realizing it was rema..listen to master groove and Gucci snake which were songs released just before dumebi came out and see how rema did a perfect imitation of wizkid’s style and used it to blow..corny was obviously a wizkid fever kinda vibe..enough talk abeg..wiz is a legend

  83. Avatar

    Omo wizkid no be anybody mate o..that guy don try

  84. Avatar

    In my opinion Ayo album has to be the best project in the last 6/7 years.. I would even prefer it to the superstar album. But you see this soundman ep, it is a class of its own.. very smooth music.. if after listening to it you can coin up this article then I guess there is something wrong somewhere..

  85. Avatar

    U people go just Dey shout wizkid not anybody mate up n down

  86. Avatar

    Am not surprised tho, he literally said it in his song
    “Never let the small talks buh the money get 2 me”
    So mk una just dey tlk una mind ..freedom of speech is allowed!!

  87. Avatar

    Am a fans of wizkid when you like someone so much you should be afraid to him or her the true. The album is so wack

  88. Avatar

    This is a poor review

  89. Avatar

    This review is highly disappointing aswear!!!???
    Like do you guys not know how to write reviews!!! Please This EP is the best right now!!!, Stop Hating on Wizkid??

  90. Avatar


  91. Avatar

    One Irrelevant person go just wake up one day smoke ciga and open he notepad begin dey type arrant nonsense, rubbish. Music has evolved bro, don’t try to project your outdated and disgusting views on us.

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