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Peruzzi – “Majesty”

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peruzzi "majesty"

Peruzzi “Majesty” song is beautiful and soulful music that touches the love life of a listener at the first listening.

It has great composition and awesome rhythm and vocals. The speroach produced song was not dropped as a single, hence, it delayed the buzz it had. But once listeners got aligned with the sound, there was no going back as they became hypnotized. “Majesty” is doing really well on radio and getting a lot of streams due to the love it prophecizes. 

It is a regular on TV stations too as it occupies great positions when played. Peruzzi dropped “Majesty” as part of a really underappreciated E.P, “Heartwork” in November 2018.  This great song has a crisp video which was directed by Dammy Twitch and since its release, it has garnered over 5 million views on YouTube, the video trended for a number of weeks on the YouTube platform and got a lot of accolades.

This song has helped people to believe so much in the talent that Peruzzi has. And the idea of putting Ex-Big Brother housemate as a vixen in the video further blew it up considering her personal fame too.

Quotable lyrics from the song :
I promise to kiss u before u wake up
Love u without the makeup.(makeup o.)
Baby don’t break up
I touch down before the take off eh yee
Luckily for me you know my b
They say I take you personal, I no fit disagree
Omo no confam thing if u check am
True talk I no dey run scam
Control for my area
So I for like give u your own crown eh yee
Luckily for me you too sabi
They say I wan dey take you personal, I no fit disagree.
Wanne if u see d mermaid, her royal majesty
Pikin wey fine like dis
Suppose dey with



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  1. Avatar

    first to download,nice song

  2. Avatar

    Hot jam ??

  3. Avatar

    Hot jam ??

  4. Avatar

    mad track from Peruzzi I love it

  5. Avatar

    i don dey feel the vibe since he release the ep

  6. Avatar

    On repeat???????

  7. Avatar

    Wanne If you see the mermaid, her royal majesty, pikin wey fine like this, suppose dey with me

  8. Avatar

    Can’t next it
    “on repeat”??

  9. Avatar

    Lovly lovly lovly, I love this song

  10. Avatar

    Jezzzz man Peruzzi is a feeling I swear

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    I love it

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    Nice one

  15. Avatar

    sound from another vibe ??

  16. Avatar

    Peruzzi. congrats, u finally drop ur own official single

  17. Avatar

    Big man ?

  18. Avatar

    Issa banger ?

  19. Avatar

    Lovely high star ?

  20. Avatar

    Touch baby

  21. Avatar

    Music of the year ?? Nice one peruzzi

  22. Avatar

    Issa blast????

  23. Avatar

    One of the best track ever

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    as in his head is there oooo

  26. Avatar

    Always on hit ways…

  27. Avatar

    can’t stop playing this jam

  28. Avatar

    Am impressed, Nice one

  29. Avatar

    still on repeat

  30. Avatar

    I love this trak

  31. Avatar

    on repeat

  32. Avatar

    Peruzzi burst mah brain????on repeat

  33. Avatar

    Mad love for this song. Great job there Peruzzi?

  34. Avatar

    Have seen my weeding song

  35. Avatar

    Boast my head

  36. Avatar

    I love the song

  37. Avatar

    I love this music so much, can’t even think about nexting it. Perruzzi I love you this song is bam

  38. Avatar

    mad jam

  39. Avatar

    Fuck….good jam….my girlfriend no let me rest

  40. Avatar

    Nice jam… I love the song ??

  41. Avatar

    Nice jam… I love the song ??

  42. Avatar

    I love this son

  43. Avatar

    I love this song

  44. Avatar

    I love this song,It’s really crazy

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar

    Dope song

  47. Avatar


  48. Avatar

    I swear to God i love dis music like crazy perruzi

  49. Avatar


  50. Avatar

    this music is so out of this world

  51. Avatar

    I love this

  52. Avatar

    Nice song..

  53. Avatar

    In one word… Amazing

  54. Avatar

    Nice one Peruzzi

  55. Avatar


  56. Avatar

    Wow… So loving the jam…
    And my family too… Go hard boy ?

  57. Avatar

    Perruzi, i love dis music like mad

  58. Avatar

    Best song of the year

  59. Avatar

    Peruzzi the king Song#lit

  60. Avatar

    very good

  61. Avatar

    Love the song like mad nice hit

  62. Avatar

    I don’t like it ???

  63. Avatar

    Another banger!!!!??????

  64. Avatar

    Super song

  65. Avatar

    I love ?? is song

  66. Avatar

    brotherly, Me i like am die.

  67. Avatar

    I love this jam

  68. Avatar

    Nice jam

  69. Avatar

    Hot vibe

  70. Avatar

    Lovely vibe…kisses to #peruzzi?

  71. Avatar

    Lovely ???

  72. Avatar


  73. Avatar

    Nice song baba

  74. Avatar

    Solid vibes???

  75. Avatar

    omo dis song na die.I love it and I can’t stop listening to it

  76. Avatar

    Better than davido’s songs join together

  77. Avatar


  78. Avatar

    Honestly peruzzi i feel like kissing you gon. Hottest jam ride ?????????????

  79. Avatar

    U killed it

  80. Avatar

    Tobechukwu, you slam this one.

  81. Avatar

    Your lyrics sweep me off my feet…keep it up bro.

  82. Avatar

    As soon as I heard? this one
    I went straight to the download box???

  83. Avatar

    Goes well

  84. Avatar

    now i confirm peruzzi is peruzzi

  85. Avatar

    wanne if u see the mermaid her royal majesty pikin wey fine like this supposed dey with me kiss u before u wanne up

  86. Avatar

    Big jam

  87. Avatar

    nice music… the first time I listened to the track I fell in love with it…. peruzzi thumbs up

  88. Avatar

    I’m with this song

  89. Avatar

    peru I love this hit,am wise King

  90. Avatar

    Temptin heat, am living it

  91. Avatar

    Mad vibe

  92. Avatar

    I love this…

  93. Avatar

    One of the best song.

  94. Avatar

    One of the best

  95. Avatar

    I love dis song I can’t stop listening to it!

  96. Avatar

    good too my man

  97. Avatar

    I love this song, u are my favorite peruzzi

  98. Avatar


  99. Avatar

    Track well made…..

  100. Avatar

    9ce Jam

  101. Avatar

    Bahd ??????

  102. Avatar


  103. Avatar

    dope gui u supposed sign Davido not Davido to sign u

  104. Avatar

    Nice song….

  105. Avatar

    Nice beat

  106. Avatar

    Nice one peri

  107. Avatar

    Final bangger

  108. Avatar

    This song dope …. Nice one

  109. Avatar

    Fucking dying for this song right now ………big up bro

  110. Avatar

    Dis song is lit

  111. Avatar

    So emotional, hot one there…

  112. Avatar

    Big jam peruzzi keep it up

  113. Avatar

    Wow thanks bro first of ur songs I love so much.

  114. Avatar

    Peru Peru ??

  115. Avatar

    wow this jam is a goal

  116. Avatar

    Cool jam

  117. Avatar

    Is a banger.

  118. Avatar

    it was lit

  119. Avatar
  120. Avatar

    Dope man

  121. Avatar

    Soul touching groove

  122. Avatar

    Soul touching song love it, keep it up

  123. Avatar

    The so sound lovely

  124. Avatar

    Hot jam

  125. Avatar

    This single is just what I’ve been waiting on
    Its ???

  126. Avatar

    Can’t stop playing this track,,,keeps me on the run!

  127. Avatar

    I love love love this song. I’m soo obsessed about it. Good jam

  128. Avatar

    This is a hit

  129. Avatar

    Peruzi this track Majesty is ultimately sweet
    I like the music and also like u I throw away salute.

  130. Avatar

    Na men dey run am love it

  131. Avatar

    I love this song abeg

  132. Avatar

    e enta body

  133. Avatar


  134. Avatar

    This song is hot nice one bro keep the food work.

  135. Avatar

    I wish to see you you are my greatest artist
    I love you

  136. Avatar

    Wow congrats man d song is awesome

  137. Avatar

    Great song from peruzi

  138. Avatar

    he killed the beat

  139. Avatar

    Maddest one bro, condo’s

  140. Avatar

    ??????????????? did song and with ceec

  141. Avatar

    Hmmm this one still sounds brand new in my ear everytime i listen to it. Good work bro Peruzzi, keep up the hard work!

  142. Avatar

    i am loving it Peruzzi keep it up

  143. Avatar

    killer song

  144. Avatar

    Issa banger peruzzi I love this song

  145. Avatar

    The song always make my head swell anytimebi listen to it

  146. Avatar

    The song always make my head swell anytime i listen to it

  147. Avatar

    Lovely , I just downloaded it today and I love the hit … It’s making me go crazy

  148. Avatar

    badest of the year I love the song pa

  149. Avatar

    nice song
    DMW you guys are really trying no other can be like guys and I was you guys to be together

  150. Avatar

    love that ma gee

  151. Avatar

    cool bursting my mind ???

  152. Avatar

    cool bursting my mind ???

  153. Avatar

    love this song like crazy can’t stop playing it you’re d best

  154. Avatar


  155. Avatar

    This is probably the best Peruzzi song I have heard

  156. Avatar


  157. Avatar

    Can’t next it , really sweet.

  158. Avatar

    Nice one i love it

  159. Avatar

    Nice song from Peruzzi
    I love it ??

  160. Avatar

    u kill it bro I has been in repeat since I download it

  161. Avatar

    nice collection and colabo

  162. Avatar

    Dis song is wow

  163. Avatar

    D song is nice

  164. Avatar

    I fucking love this song like no man’s business.

  165. Avatar

    Nice one Neva doing anything without playing the song

  166. Avatar

    Wow ????

  167. Avatar

    Its a hit

  168. Avatar

    Well done

  169. Avatar

    I love the song to the maxx

  170. Avatar

    One of a kind

  171. Avatar

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  173. Avatar

    I fucking love this songs,so lovely.

  174. Avatar

    The music is fucking hot

  175. Avatar


  176. Avatar

    Hot? jam I so much love? this song

  177. Avatar


  178. Avatar

    God don tell me say even do I die I go remember this majest

  179. Avatar

    D song too hit

  180. Avatar

    Perfect romantic song

  181. Avatar

    am in luv

  182. Avatar

    Nice song for wedding entrance

  183. Avatar

    So lit
    nice 1 peruzzi

  184. Avatar

    hot lovely song …

  185. Avatar

    I love not only the song but want to be with the man who sang it

  186. Avatar

    My hubby dedicated this song to me on my birthday and it means to much to me??

  187. Avatar

    Love is bigger than the world man

  188. Avatar

    I love dis song like die……… Perruzi ride on

  189. Avatar

    i ? dis song

  190. Avatar

    nice song love this song so much ? ??

  191. Avatar

    so nice I like this song so much

  192. Avatar

    Nice one.i love this

  193. Avatar

    Nyc 1

  194. Avatar

    God love this song nice one bro ?

  195. Avatar

    This song is a vibe

  196. Avatar

    Dedicating this to my love chinenye Okonkwo ???

  197. Avatar

    Dedicating this to my love chinenye Okonkwo ???

  198. Avatar


  199. Avatar

    Peru Peru Peru…love you boss

  200. Avatar

    keep it up bro

  201. Avatar

    Nice one Peruzzi, d song was a blast

  202. Avatar

    keep it up

  203. Avatar

    so hearty

  204. Avatar

    perfect drop……..

  205. Avatar

    Remind me of my wedding day

  206. Avatar

    Wow!!! Kudos to Peru Peru Peruzzi ???

  207. Avatar

    I can’t do a day without these song
    Peru you killed it

  208. Avatar

    I love you Peruzzi

  209. Avatar


  210. Avatar

    Love you ? ? die

  211. Avatar

    Blast them

  212. Avatar

    Song so great

  213. Avatar


  214. Avatar

    is a banga

  215. Avatar


  216. Avatar

    Banga men

  217. Avatar

    I just love any song Peruzzi is in

  218. Avatar

    the song was so awesome boss Peruzzi you are to much

  219. Avatar


  220. Avatar

    Hot jam

  221. Avatar

    Song that touches the heart

  222. Avatar

    I love Peruzzi

  223. Avatar

    U try

  224. Avatar

    Dope one ???

  225. Avatar

    So can

  226. Avatar

    I just love? this song

  227. Avatar

    D way I love dis song ehn……perruzi is killing me with dis jam

  228. Avatar

    So Luvly and lingering.uhhhmua. Cheers!!!

  229. Avatar


  230. Avatar

    Good one

  231. Avatar

    Am dieing with this song

  232. Avatar

    What is special about this guy??

  233. Avatar

    Me hearing this cooled my anger especially the beats. Nice one PERUZZI.

  234. Avatar

    Amazing sounder peruzzi

  235. Avatar

    I love him and his songs
    I wish he can come to jos again

  236. Avatar

    love you

  237. Avatar

    I really love this song

  238. Avatar

    Peru killed it

  239. Avatar

    Dope song….

  240. Avatar

    I really love diz song

  241. Avatar

    congrats weldon,nice track

  242. Avatar


  243. Avatar

    Bery nice jam…….
    It motivates my emotions

  244. Avatar

    good song

  245. Avatar

    Mc talku Talku

  246. Avatar

    Ahh! Very lvuly song, keep d fire burning Peruzzi, one bro………. Akan bush

  247. Avatar

    I love the song so much

  248. Avatar

    This song is really making sense I swear, really love it

  249. Avatar

    So nice….

  250. Avatar


  251. Avatar

    Great jam

  252. Avatar

    wow…… dis one got me jor

  253. Avatar

    fresh i love this music

  254. Avatar

    Wow this jam got me dripping??
    Still on repeat ??

  255. Avatar

    Wow Peruzzi, You really kill d song men keep it up boss

  256. Avatar

    Guy this song dey off me

  257. Avatar

    so lovely..the beat is bam

  258. Avatar

    Listening all over

  259. Avatar

    The beat is bam

  260. Avatar

    You killed it here man…….this jam go skull guy

  261. Avatar

    Winston Maurice better known as “Mr. Winmoe” He’s the CEO of Winmore Republic… A business man, song writer and singer (Afropop & Gospel). Link up on all social media platforms @Mrwinmoe.

    Peruzzi you are so amazing and inspiring, keep it up

  262. Avatar

    ,,,,,damn scintilating and emotional song from Peruzzi!. Perfect is my choice of word to it.

  263. Avatar

    So loving

  264. Avatar

    Too much sugar

  265. Avatar

    Love this

  266. Avatar

    Awesome I love this track more Grace to excess

  267. Avatar

    Wow best jam ever

  268. Avatar

    she is really the miracle of my life

  269. Avatar

    Nice track

  270. Avatar

    nice one I love the song.

  271. Avatar

    Wow… Dope track

  272. Avatar

    Men u ar what the people want,keep it up don’t always feature work on ur own u ar a star bro keep it up I love u, more grace..

  273. Avatar

    As in double twale 4 u

  274. Avatar

    Love thé song

  275. Avatar

    Love you peruzzi!!love your song !!,major fan

  276. Avatar

    Killer track brother………. More grease to your elbows.

  277. Avatar

    dem this jam sure

  278. Avatar

    nice jam.just playing it to my hard crush .she agreed today. wiw

  279. Avatar

    sweet like shugar… chei

  280. Avatar

    I like this song

  281. Avatar

    Cutest song

  282. Avatar

    I love the song… Hope to feature Peruzzi some day…?

  283. Avatar

    perruzi Uganda loves you

  284. Avatar

    Wow Nice one

  285. Avatar

    Good hit

  286. Avatar

    wow nice track

  287. Avatar

    It nice l love the song

  288. Avatar

    nice song, reminds me of someone

  289. Avatar

    dope dope sir p

  290. Avatar

    I love diz song wit passion

  291. Avatar

    manni there is something about this ur music that Nigeria as a whole I’d yet to find out
    gee u re a calm singer

  292. Avatar

    You can use it to toest self

  293. Avatar

    I really love dis song

  294. Avatar

    lovely song

  295. Avatar

    Pppppppppp ruzi mi cool you meet you one day,you sing the song for me and my love royal majesty

  296. Avatar


  297. Avatar

    So nice…loved it

  298. Avatar


  299. Avatar

    Lovely music

  300. Avatar

    Outdated song ASAP

  301. Avatar

    I love this song with passion

  302. Avatar

    I think The song is for me

  303. Avatar

    I love it??

  304. Avatar

    Nice song, loveing it

  305. Avatar

    I super ?dis song

  306. Avatar

    Oh my God,this song is heart ?? beating and it touches the soul. Am loving this song.. I even won a girls heart for the beat…

  307. Avatar

    sweet music for peruzzi love you

  308. Avatar

    it mean alot, to extend I repeat 100time for the first time I heard it to get all the Linz

  309. Avatar

    a very sencetive music

  310. Avatar

    The song is soo BEAUTIFUL that it touches the love life of a person listening for the first time

  311. Avatar

    Good making Peruzzi

  312. Avatar

    Nice song

    Nice song

  313. Avatar

    awwwnnn I super love his voice and d song….o balm ghan

  314. Avatar

    Heart touching song

  315. Avatar

    the song is lovely

  316. Avatar

    Na wa. This man go open your own record. You got the talent. No the let davido use na. U too much

  317. Avatar

    Nice song…one of my fav ???

  318. Avatar

    Amazing one guy, you kill it.

  319. Avatar

    Peruzzi I love what am hearing

  320. Avatar

    brotherly “”” i love this song, you try a lot

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