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Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr P – “Take It”… Another Hit!

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Rudeboy - "Take It"

One half of the defunct music duo, Rudeboy (Paul of P-square) dropped a new single just last week and its a bomb! This new explosive is titled “Take It” and everyone is already feeling the heat from his Fire Department. Rudeboy entertains us with his pon pon sound yet again, just like he did last year with ‘Reason With Me‘ which was one of the biggest songs of 2019.

Take It” is a song that talks about Rudeboy’s generous love to his lady. Loving his woman with all want he got, handling over the two most important things in a man’s life (i.e Money and Heart) to her. Rudeboy starts the song first by admiring and acknowledging his woman’s body shape and beauty… Firstly we all known these are the two things in a lady that attracts a man and make him fall (some turn mumu), Guess that why the next that came to Rudeboy’s head was to tell her; “If You Want My Money, Take It, Oh Baby Take It oh..” then later rendering his Heart also just to own her finally.

On the first verse of this song, King Rudy recognise most previous home/marriage/relationships breaks/collapse cos of some careless and he is not ready to let that happen so he implores his lady not to beg any man for anything because he is ready to give her whatever she wants be it money or love making, steady just to please her. Also he is a Jealous type so he doesn’t want to get hurt. Rudeboy in the second verse pledge the more to take good care of his lady, this time around with money emphasising on spoiling her with money is all that matters (This part brings back the memories of P-square’s ‘Chop My Money’ song).

The structure of this song ‘Take It‘ proved yet again that Paul of P-square is a fantastic songwriter than his twin brother, Peter (KingRudy Is Music Himself). He was the brain and mastermind behind most of P-square’s hit songs back then. Also the arrangement of the song; Chorus, Verses and bridges are just perfect. This a song that will always stay on Repeat and won’t bore/dull you.

Rudeboy has proven his talent and capacity last year with ‘Reason With Me’, this new one is to shut those that still feels they can match him up with Mr P… Peter (Mr P) is a no match to Paul (Rudeboy), as a matter of fact i think its a disrespect to kingRudy’s name pairing Mr P with him for who is better at music.

If You Disagree To This Fact and Feel Mr P is still the best from the music duo, You can share your thoughts below and for those that Agrees with the above statement/fact second (stand with) the article/fact also indicate in the comment section below and lets settle this once and for all.

“Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr P – “Take It”… Another Hit!”, 3 out of 5 based on 129 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    rudeboy is a king

  2. Avatar

    Yes rude boy is a King but Mr p too is a king…. Preach love, preach humanity, stop preaching hate and superiority between two blaq kings. Fvck equality and justice for it always brings comparison btw those trying to be equal to the other. I preach humanity. I don’t compare two people for it brings jealousy, anger and separation.

  3. Avatar

    No comparison pls both of them are Kings… Love u Peter & paul

  4. Avatar

    My dear no doubt about what u wrote rudeboy remain the king of music no comparison.

  5. Avatar

    Rudeboy all the way???

  6. Avatar

    U dey their pokect …no go fine how to make ur own Moni..lazy nigga

  7. Avatar

    Please promote peace

  8. Avatar

    YES ‘LETS PREACH PEACE’ but sometimes its good to say the truth. they are both kings but trust me, rude boy is on point. Good attitude, musically, etc shikenah

  9. Avatar

    Wot is wrong with some ppl. This is a write up. Which one is lazy night. He is also paid to write. In everything u do there must be critics. If u cant deal with it u are not fit to be a star. You that is saying the writer is lazy, what original content can you write? So writing this article does not promote peace abi. Thay are no longer together please u guys should leave with it. Which one is promote peace

  10. Avatar

    Mr p the main man

  11. Avatar

    Kingrudy remains the king of music

  12. Avatar

    Kingrudy is just….

    a royal in muuusic……….

  13. Avatar

    Kingrudy is just….

    a royal rumble in muuusic……….

  14. Avatar

    You guys should stop comparing both of them

  15. Avatar

    It’s KingRudy’s world now so let the music speaks.Without a good song nobody would have known P-Square but King Rudy makes it possible and the whole team share the glory.shout out to Jude another brain behind Psqaure out for TAKE IT video before 14th these guys works with time.

  16. Avatar

    Hungry BLOGGERS.. make una continue

  17. Avatar

    This is a divisive write up.
    Bringing in elements of competition in a family we pray would one day have sense and stop the embarrassment being brought to their generation

  18. Avatar

    Idiot the person that wrote this is purely on drugs ?. Idiot

  19. Avatar

    Mr p is doing very very.

  20. Avatar

    Mr p. Is doing well. And I love his song very much. He has restpert for his family and Evey one. He in his seif. And I believe in him good job man

  21. Avatar

    Mr p is best

  22. Avatar

    Mr p remain the best.

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Mr p all the way

  25. Avatar

    Make I de waka de go I no get money

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Lol bitter Mr p fans. Just face reality even if its bitter. Undoubtedly rudeboy is doing very well after their split. So stop consoling yourselves with “stop the comparison and preach peace” wen they first split Mr fans started all these comparison, wen they’ve realised their artist is wack they’ve now turn into peace council

  28. Avatar

    The duos are very unique in their own ways, Rudeboy is doing well so also Mr P no doubt about that, I love both of them because they’re very unique in their different ways while Rudeboy dish out his own style of music Mr P is not leaving any stone unturned by making sure he accompanied his music with unique dance steps. I’m a fan of the two ??

  29. Avatar

    You are very stupid for this post and comparing them both all the time…IDIOT

  30. Avatar

    I totally agree. Rudeboy is king

  31. Avatar

    They are twins. Remember that. Preach peace

  32. Avatar

    The both of them knws dat lyf itself is a compettition, As pollitics nd Depends on Voting. So king Rudy Leads on

  33. Avatar

  34. Avatar

    I don’t know who thinks comparing the twin is dope especially as they’ve parted ways musically. Truth is one may like Peter more than Paul and that’s an opinion.

    Leave them to do their music for us to enjoy, okay?

  35. Avatar

    Comparing rudeboy with mr p is an insult to kingrudy

  36. Avatar

    Ruddy, is the best right from time, and will always be. He’s been my best musician, in the Globe…

  37. Avatar

    This is not about comparison or hate…., Both of Dem broke up to prove wot dey have, now it’s clear who is better, Mr p is no match to rudeboys versatility, no comparison, if u must say d truth den wot I have said is all…, I’m sure Mr p knows by now dat d break up move was a big mistake…, “U CAN’T GIVE WHAT U DON’T HAVE”

  38. Avatar

    Paul is King and Peter is The Emperor (King of All Kings)

  39. Avatar

    Rudeboy still remain the best how can you compare Keke and range rover are you high on something reason with me is going to 50 million views Mr p can not ever match that record

  40. Avatar

    Olodo ! Do you even know meaning of asset? In all indications Peter is the brain behind P square success that what you call assets that why today his still the richest cause is more of business man! He have more endorsement home n abroad! And the biggest payday or deal psquare ever got was outside country which Peter mastermind it from A_Z which is the biggest pay day even when he was working on it non of his brother believe that will work until they see Peter done it..that what you call assets ,brain of making you money over years! How much music alone bring you?

  41. Avatar

    What matters is the peace between the two brothers not who knows best.

  42. Avatar

    The two guys are okay..stop being hateful..I love both of them!

  43. Avatar

    The due are Kings period

  44. Avatar

    Mr p is a money sprayer…up zooooom! Lool

  45. Avatar

    Stupid writeup ever

  46. Avatar

    Mr P is the king of Kings….his majesty..,…but trying to compare twin brothers already having issues within them is nothing but evil..,.

  47. Avatar

    Mr P

  48. Avatar

    You guys ‘re forcing to put rudeboy on top of his brother Mr P but the remains the same Mr P is untouchable when it comes to music and his far better than his brother Paul ..paul only sing for village and local fans but MR P is world wide ok take from me.

  49. Avatar

    I like that

  50. Avatar

    King Rudy

  51. Avatar

    King rude

  52. Avatar

    Mr p the man of our time

  53. Avatar

    To Anywhere Mr P Is Still My Favourite

  54. Avatar

    Psquare is my favourite ..l can’t deny both. May them comeback into music industry like never before.

  55. Avatar

    You people’s that says Mr p sabi sing pass the king rude.Una never listing to music’s and that is why.sang a song with good lyrics, motivations and meaningful.

  56. Avatar

    How many musicians that featuring da one p? Many people’s feature Kingrude. Kingrude can promote upcoming artist and while mr p cannot.

  57. Avatar

    they are the same
    onlry that rudeboy has more faniz

  58. Avatar

    Rude bigger ,he dominating

  59. Avatar

    Nothing special about the song

  60. Avatar

    this lazy nigga have been paid to write this shit,Mr p all the way

  61. Avatar

    No matter how you discribe it the king remain the king Ruddy

  62. Avatar

    Ruddy boy all the way

  63. Avatar

    Mr. P na still upcoming artist, make una wait when him blow then una go start the comparisons.

  64. Avatar

    You said it all… rude boy is p square

  65. Avatar

    Rude boy is the king

  66. Avatar

    Both are kings!

  67. Avatar

    Both are are king

  68. Avatar

    King Rudeboy u are the one

  69. Avatar

    Both is doin well dey re mai metor is not easy i wish both more grace

  70. Avatar

    Can rudeboy feature any american artiste?no! no! No! he can”t lie lie till toomorow

  71. Avatar

    god will ponish u dat worlk against mr p infact u will die by fire in jesus name i pray amen and amen all say amen idiot

  72. Avatar

    King ruddy is the best musician in nigeria

  73. Avatar

    King Rudy the best love musician in Nigeria. I love his emotional songs.

  74. Avatar

    Mr P Is Among The Best Artists In The World That’s Why He Won Best International Recognition Ward Of The Year

  75. Avatar

    With my humble opinion please we both of you back

  76. Avatar

    Stop comparisons both are sing well

  77. Avatar

    Shit,rubbish stop it

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