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The Power Of A Song [Part 1]

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The power of a song “PART 1”
Written by Timi Johnston

Some say music is the spice of life; others say music makes the world go round but sometimes I wonder what the hell we really know about music? As far as I can tell, very little. How can we claim to know so much about something that touches the soul so deeply when we have enough trouble as it is taming our conscience? I for one believe music is dynamic, complex and for the most part mystical.

I’ve spent long hours trying to figure out why music, a non living thing, would possess so much power. Power that can manipulate the mind, relax the body and also captivate the soul. I also find it ironic that with such power at our fingertips, we still waste money on guns and other “tools of death” just so we can hurt each other. In my perfect world, if someone is a thorn in your skin, all you have to do is sing the person a bad song just so you can spoil his day.
Seriously, there’s a lot less cleaning up to do after.

Back to the matter at hand, what exactly is music? More specifically, what is a song? In my attempt to answer these questions which look so surprisingly simple, I had to do a bit of soul searching. I asked myself these questions; what kind of person am I? What role does music play in my life? Does the music I listen to determine the kind of person I am or does the kind of person I am determine the kind of music I listen to? After trying to answer these questions, I not only found myself at a dead end, I also found myself in the land of the doldrums. As I tried to go deeper, I found myself going in circles and as I tried coming back to reality, the more I got lost in a forest of entangled thoughts and twisted emotions. Suddenly, I was struck by a moment of brilliance or maybe it was insanity, I don’t really know; but it got me thinking. Eventually, it got me lingering in a realm I never knew had existed.




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