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Veteran Singer, Daddy Showkey Has A Message For Rudeboy & Mr. P

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Daddy Showkey is a veteran music artiste, he has been in the music industry for years and has acquired a number of hit songs to his name. The veteran singer who has been delivering messages for a while has got a message for the duo P-square concerning their separation which happened last year, he made a post concerning P-Square on his Instagram that he had a dream about P-square and he wants them back together.

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After he revealed his dream about the brothers he now urges them to come back together for the sake of peace and that of their children so that they can all could grow up together as one because there is nothing like Unity & Peace.

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  1. Avatar

    it is true pls u guy should cum back has 1 again,and we the fans will b happy if so

  2. Avatar

    Please try and come back again,one psquare.

  3. Avatar

    Please try and come back as soon as possible.

  4. Avatar

    Mr P and rudeboy please please please you guys should try to forgive and forget about who is wrong or right please come back together as P Square ???????

  5. Avatar

    The bible says forgive as many times as possible. Please forgive yourselves n come back: ur fans wants u back.

  6. Avatar

    4 de sake of ur mummy if u love her do dis 4 her mind wil be at rest pls i love u call heaven

  7. Avatar

    Please you guys should come back as one blood so that we fans will be happy

  8. Avatar

    Jonathan yakubu.Please u guys shold com back as one blood so that we fans will be happy one love.

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Please u guys should come back

    I will be the happiest person ever

  11. Avatar

    Just try to forgive and reconciliate as fans are saying. It does not sound good when u are seperated. We want that spirit of being P_square not Mr P or Rudeboy. Therefore, I am personally begging u to re-unite once again please.

  12. Avatar

    Pls come BACK P-SQUARE we miss you already

  13. Avatar

    plz come back guys,we miss you alot and we are already weiting for you to bring peace together and we are thirsty of your songs b’coz together you were stronger ,plz ??

  14. Avatar

    P square u are the best musician dat nigerian ever had pls come back so dat those comin up will follow yr step i lov U

  15. Avatar

    inarguably, Psquare is the all time best artist in Africa. this did not happen overnight. it took time.This same way, Mr P and Rudeboy will be the worst artists with time.The world will not recognize any of them as solo artist but will ever recognize Psquare.pls guys, no one was right in whatever led to ur breakup neither anyone was wrong. U all broke the hearts of ur fans.please put the egos aside n come back soon please. #Psquare.noMrp.noRudeboy

  16. Avatar

    Abeg make una cum back i am waiting 4 u guyz i luv una

  17. Avatar

    I am no longer enjoying p. square music as I used to do this is because of there separation. I am pleading come together and continue with your spirit of music so that your children should copy the example from you I love you

  18. Avatar

    gideon aka

  19. Avatar

    SHAMAH RIJA nasa unit aka

  20. Avatar

    Pls com bk guys

  21. Avatar

    the fall of one empire is the raise of another….as they have separated, other people will be doing well cuz the fans are also separated….I love it, let them go their individual way let see who is the best

  22. Avatar

    Peter and paul them be one nobe two pls come back as p.square together we be happy

  23. Avatar

    I know neither Mr P nor Rudeboy
    All I care about is my Psquare
    You said yourselves that you are one not two,so show that to us plsssssssss

  24. Avatar

    pls come together plssssss

  25. Avatar

    I need you guys to come back

  26. Avatar

    plz come together whith me plz

  27. Avatar

    Pls try and reason together wat happen to award u ppl can still work together blood blood

  28. Avatar

    I Love No RB or mr p i ol love ps

  29. Avatar

    plz with a thirsty of ur music wi want da latest ov p square

  30. Avatar

    plz with a thirsty of ur music wi want da latest ov p square

  31. Avatar

    One blood,one heart ,one family you are,try to start from were u stopped. as fr me u guys are on vacation soon to resume.

  32. Avatar

    rude boy and Mr p what are u teaching us that are twins in d world.

    pls come back together as one blood and one family.

  33. Avatar

    Peter and Paul dem one no be 2 so you guys have forgotten that song soo soon? Very stupid of you, just as satan us woman to separate Adam from God. Make una dey learn from d mistake of d past and received sense.

  34. Avatar

    Peter and Paul dem be one no be 2 so you guys have forgotten that song soo soon? Very stupid of you, just as satan use woman to separate Adam from God. Make una dey learn from d mistake of d past and received sense.

  35. Avatar

    please let peace and love lead.

  36. Avatar

    No matter the sweetest music u guys sing is know longer sweet bcos you guy are know long square. Pls you guy should come back, for the sake of ur late mother pls.

  37. Avatar

    Please come back as one blood and one family i love u all.

  38. Avatar

    Although this is the first time am droping comments but i wish u guys will understand that you have leave me with no image befor my friends because they keep telling me things like “MacWISDOMS you use to say p.square is the best why have they seperated? so now u guys should answer the question!!! please come together and God will continue blessing you

  39. Avatar

    Pls Come Together Pls

  40. Avatar

    Two good heads are better than one.Trust Me it gets more better when you do things together.Psquare all d way!!!!!!!

  41. Avatar

    Pls come as psquare nothing but something great will happen

  42. Avatar

    pls we need you guys to be back again

  43. Avatar

    pls u Guy’s are the best Nigeria musicians that we need ,,pls we
    need you guys to be back again,

  44. Avatar

    Im A Zambian I Like The Combination Of You Two As P Square, My Heart Breeds When I Think Of The Relationship You Had As Brothers Singing Together The Majority Of The Funs Loved It The Way It Was. I Personaly I Love U Guys All Im I Want Get Back Together As P Square Brother Hood.

  45. Avatar

    Am too short of words for what had actually happened, inshort am the one feeling the shame coz its something no-one ever thought of. But like someone commented, let just imagine that they are on a long term vacation, that is soon to be over. @YUWNG PORTIFA

  46. Avatar

    Psquare no be two na one I know

  47. Avatar

    It’s a shame that the strong foundation u struggled to build for years has been ruined by a reason not worth it.Am heart broken by ur shocking separation.Evev ur elder brother is obligated to re- uniting u guz is not helping matters.I may not know the bone of contention but whatever happened pls for God’s sake I wantpsquare again.The Mr p & Rudeboy does not make any sense to me.Am one of ur die hard fans.

  48. Avatar

    I love u guys so so much, please I wnt u people back as 1 brother please

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