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VIDEO: ‘Bank Alert’ Was My Song, I Regret Having Peter On It – Paul Okoye Laments

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Dread-haired Okoye brother, Paul made a shocking revelation in a recent Twitter post. The singer whose moniker is ‘Rudeboy,’ revealed that he actually personally recorded and owned the hugely successful Bank Alert, hinting that his brother, Peter Okoye might have asked to be on the song after seeing the song’s potentials. The song was later released by P-Square, however Paul Okoye regrets his decision and he want his fans to know that he wrote the song.

In his post, he said:

“I made a serious mistake last year, the day I was shooting my first ever solo music video “bank alert” #regret, I won’t be deceived dis time.”

He later promised his fans that the quality of his music in terms of vocals, sound and song style, won’t diminish even now that he is flying a solo career and no longer with his twin brother.

Watch video below.

“VIDEO: ‘Bank Alert’ Was My Song, I Regret Having Peter On It – Paul Okoye Laments”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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  1. Avatar

    These guys are just wealthy fools, Twins not friends ooo they are all mad

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      I think the both of u are really really mad ? on ur heads, one tin u don’t have to forget so easily is that u guyz are blood brothers……..

  2. Avatar

    he’s so daft for revealing his own brother secret to the public on social media,Yoruba woman no b person?naija racism lol

  3. Avatar


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      new songs

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    This Jim Donnet na fag o

  5. Avatar

    Both of dem r fool,they shud settle their differences dan to bring it out in public to critise them selves, totally ? dissapointed.

  6. Avatar

    K U L U AI

  7. Avatar

    Peter is a snitch???

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  8. Avatar

    Peter is a snitch???

  9. Avatar

    You are a big fool for making that statement… how can you regret having your own twin brother is that how money has blocked your head…rituals people…

  10. Avatar

    You guys are mad (tooxclusive) why not show us the video. U are showing me that nonsense dude saying shi

  11. Avatar

    this guys need serious prayers!

  12. Avatar

    It is nt good for brothers to fight

  13. Avatar

    You guy forget before money you share everything together twins think

  14. Avatar

    just come back together bro

  15. Avatar

    Paul i respect u nd i value u bcos i knw u sabi nd is natural but since u re now exposin ur brother to the world, dat is wen u lost it all..if truely dat song bank alert was sang by paul okoye, dats not a problem but d problem here is dat he no get sence at all. Who asked him to tell us dat peter okoye dont have anytin to do with d song.. paul look at how u shame ur twin blood brother to d world.. i promise u 1 tin, if truely peter ur twin did notyn bad to you paul nd jude just dat his in pains bcos of d way u nd jude remind him of not being a singer but a dancer, hav it in mind dat God is lookin at d 2 of u nd will surely prove to u guyz dat peter ur twin bro will go far, infact he wll be d best of d best.. paul if truely u have a gud heart use ur head.. tnks

  16. Avatar

    Money is the root of all evil #rudeboy# maturity is the way you can handle things when they are rough,bad, money is not sense,firm is useless without maturity, money can’t buy it,not even your bank alert

  17. Avatar

    Rude boi don’t let moni turn u 2 a spoit brat and reason like a man….u twin should man up, guys are beta 2geda

  18. Avatar

    U guys ehnn….

  19. Avatar

    I Hate Jude Becos Instead Of Jude To Settle Them To Come Back As A Elder Brother He Was Trying To Seperate Paul From Peter So Dat He Will Be A Producer To Paul _Becos Peter Use To Tell Jude Dat De Money Jude Use To Chop As A Producer Is Too Much_dat Is Why Jude Want Them To Seperate _infact Jude Is De Cause Of All Des Problem Two Of Dem Were Passing Through_anyway God Is Watching He Surely Be With Peter_? I Luv U Peter Don’nt Loose Hope Keep It Up_bye

  20. Avatar

    Paul, that was very immature of you to make that comment about your brother on that bank alert song. In a group, sometimes one person writes song. So, if you were the one that wrote bank alert, then what? That was immature of u. You guys shld come back or better act like men and not women. Nawa oo. Well, i wish you guys well but respect each other and stop derogatory remarks against each other. “Marsh d king”

  21. Avatar

    I want to see p sequre again. This song really touched my heart me and my brother ehhhhh one love the p

  22. Avatar

    Fuck you rudeboy

  23. Avatar

    base on d fact dat u guys are brother der is smtin u shud knw , an dat is u came out frm one person ooh.
    it rely touch me to see u guys apart
    cos u gys wer always mar role model bt base on wat is happening na .am so dissapointed .paul, so wat if u wer d one dat wrote d bank alert song peter is stil ya bro tel me is bad for d two of u to sing ya song…remember dat no matter wer u go or in any aw u find ya sef peter is still ya bro. it berra u bring out d psquare dat d world knw u for an nt d rudeboy u call ya sef …see let me tell u havin money is nt every thing in life cos one day dat money dat u tink u ave an people knw u for will eventually leave u..

  24. Avatar

    it immature for you guys to split, if bracket can stick together then why you guys ,there should be good example to u guys

  25. Avatar

    Paul is an idiot 4 making that statement.

  26. Avatar

    p square is the name u guys cant do away with. u guys are just beign silly common guys are ur problems way too much that u guys cant forget and carry on together? if all brothers behave like dis then i pray i dont have one any i dnt have much to say but always remember that two heads are better than one, blood is ticker than water. and mr paul it dosnt who wrot what and who sang what unity is way more better than crisis u guys should be ur brothers keeper so i will like to see u two realise a nice track together

  27. Avatar

    Nonsense rudeboy

  28. Avatar

    Rude boy pls am begging u in the name of God with d tears in my eyes,please reconcile with your brother peter,his what u got now,don’t listen to those that wants u guys to split,he is d bone of ur bone,pls reconcile with him,forgive him and overlook what ever he have done to u,I konw for you to expose this,there must be something that he must have done that hurts u most but pls am begging pls forgive him,and I promise that I will continue praying for u people to reconcile. (My best musician is psquare)

  29. Avatar

    God punish u for this nonsense post.

  30. Avatar

    Fuck u. Una sing call heaven again

  31. Avatar

    infact I need to see Paul face 2 face and tell him well.
    in mean vehemently

  32. Avatar

    in tink so bro

  33. Avatar

    now no be heaven u go sing call na hell fire ?

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    Abedkul Patrick

  36. Avatar

    you guys should not let people who are not suppose to insult you to talk to you any how because of the issue like this, is just a temptation mind ur seif & tackle this ur seif, if not people would put Pepe and sult to split you guys, remember that mum is no more again, if not she is the one to bring you guys together, God so kind you guys are big Boy’s now,don’t let peoples mouth to bush you guy’s to the war. that is all i have to say, remember mummy is no more to settled you guy’s, settled your seif thanks.

  37. Avatar

    Anonynimus o what ever u call urself, u are very stupid for insulting king rudeboy like dats, i know he is wrong but dont insult him like dat bcus insult is not the solution to there problems.

  38. Avatar

    Look guys,u both should stop these nonsense n come back together cos that how u both are known.stop allowing third party in ur mist,u came out from ur mother’s womb together,in one day,u grew up together,u ate together,u did everything together,so y split now that you both need each do u both think ur mother would feel wherever she is now. Plz I don’t like dis separation of urs,come back together n sort out your differences n work together again as a team. Instead of discarding ur bro Peter,discard d intruder but remain together with your blood cos blood is everly thicker than water. God bless you as u do dat bye

  39. Avatar

    Plz guys be of good examples to d upcoming twins actor ok.u guys have many fans,so don’t make to start feeling disappointed in u guys ok.plz,d next news I want to hear n see is dat u guys are united n are together again. And besides,if u guys should continue like this,of what examples are you both showing to ur wives and children? To quarrel,fight without settlement,is that it? No,so plz plz plz n plz stop dat drama of urs. And pls dat name u call urself is bad(rude boy).from wat I see in u,ur a loving,peaceful person n not a rude pls get back together and bring back ur name as p square. Ok! Remain blessed,I love you guys n God bless you both n ur families.

  40. Avatar

    And plz remember,don’t ever allow a third party in ur mist ever again.cos it ruins n destroys home and families please I beg of u guys. If Jude is d problem,pls let him go away. Pls Jude if u know that you are the curse of these problems and separation of these brothers,please I beg of u stay clear and let them be cos if anything happens to any of them,u caused it n their blood will be on ur head n heaven will hold you responsible for it n remember their mother will never be happy with you wherever she might be. Be warned

  41. Avatar

    I was a popular psquare fan, but am so disappointed to hear this coming out from Paul’s mouth, Peter I advice u to be courageous, the Lord is your strength.

  42. Avatar

    Be together is good in life

  43. Avatar


  44. Avatar

    hey guys what makes you hate each other u even failed to control your selves nonono u meant to be together forever

  45. Avatar

    remember you guys were brothers (twins) before money and fame.

  46. Avatar

    I can see ur name (rude_boy.), it affects d whole thing

  47. Avatar

    Some people want to use fire to solve fire

  48. Avatar

    Paul, why did you hate ur brother? Some people are proud of there brother, but why ours is different? Please I’m begging you will cry ???, I want u to be together forever., I will feel overjoyed, if u guys come back together. Thanks.

  49. Avatar

    Sail on Peter. I love you. Let Paul and Jude live to see you succeed in music. Best Dancer in Africa.!!

  50. Avatar

    Rudeboy it is true u n ur broda are gud singgers rite frm tym so i tink u guys should kom bak. besides dis is wat ur mom would ave wanted. so pls kom bak 2 ur brod so dat u will live as one. besides u 2 were gud in both things dancing n singing. so dat u would attract more people to be ur fans. then u guys should remove a new song titled “APOLOGIES”

  51. Avatar

    And also change ur nick name 4rm rude boy becoz ur can nick name affec u

  52. Avatar

    pls stop dis n encourage dem pls

  53. Avatar

    Hmmmm, chei p-square started like men and end up like women, the sad story of peter&paul. I Hate u guyz with passions for decieving ur fans!

  54. Avatar

    both are mad. c that one called himself rude boy is that a good name. moreover peter composed most of the song sing by psquare.

  55. Avatar

    Don’t forget that mr.p (Peter) was the one who is making the song go higher on this planet .think twice bro rudeboy (Paul) think how you will come back to twin brother Peter.

  56. Avatar

    Quarrel no dey solve anything if I lie ask Iran and Iraq. U guys came out from the same woman. Deal with your shits and move on. Don’t do things for today, remember your children children too.

  57. Avatar

    how can someone’s name bee Rude boy, ur rude doesn’t mean u can’t respect ur elder broder idolt,Mr p up you ,don’t worry tels DAT idolt DAT u can do it ,drop hit song for OK ,no bee only him sabi sing

  58. Avatar

    If u wrote dat song n so wat ??does dat causes change to ya body?? And wat r brothers for
    Do u guys tink ya parents will be happy.???Tink twice be4 doeing sometin

  59. Avatar

    Mr p also had you in his song roll it, so shut up and go sit down, you are not the only talented one here. #mrptotheworld

  60. Avatar

    why all dis criticizing? d both of dem CNT b togeda fr long,dey just HV to fend fr themselves.Exposing urself to d world in form of rift is very barbaric.

  61. Avatar

    u guys are my best musician b, your made a mistake and s (ah) please try and come 2geda nonemater what people are saying don’t mind them, broda

  62. Avatar

    Just imagine since wey Una seprated frm each other,una music no dey make sence than b4…pls i beg una to come back together as the same brother nd continew bearing una name as p.square.

  63. Avatar

    Psquare main challenge is Jude, if their elder brother want psquare reunion today it will surely happen. One thing I blame peter for is that, HE NEVER DISCOVER JUDE MISSION TOWARDS PSQUARE, PETER IS A SINGER ALSO BUT HE SPECIALIZE ON DANCING, VIDEO SHOT AND DRESSING CODE
    But thing I azure Jude is that the way Paul embarrassed Peter before the world ? same way he will embarrassed Jude for causing him and his brother separation.

  64. Avatar

    This is out of stupidity cuz u’re killing people spirits especially the young upcoming artist who are looking up to u as mentors

  65. Avatar

    Well I have nothing to say,u people should go settled your self and come back again, instead of bringing yourself’s in public disgrace

  66. Avatar

    Paul Is Absolutely Lack What To Post So Go And Sit Down Mr P Will Go Further U Rudeboy Will Still Remain Local Champion In Music Industry

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