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[Video] Rudeboy – “Reason With Me”

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RudeBoy serves us with a new single dubbed “Reason With Me” to start up our week. He releases the new song with an official music video to thrill his fans also.

The video explains more about Rudeboy’s love interest in a particular lady. How he wants her to manage his status and reason more with him, see things in his direction and follow him on his journey to success.

Kingrudy acts local and poor, Watch the video below


“[Video] Rudeboy – “Reason With Me””, 4 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    Onye Nna..??? Best song in 2019.

  2. Avatar

    king himself

  3. Avatar

    king after u Na u again Oga

  4. Avatar

    This is the real P of the P-square. Melody master

  5. Avatar

    it’s a very nice song and talks about real life experiences,,,,, l really love this song

  6. Avatar

    the song is nice

  7. Avatar

    if I no comment on this track wetting I gain???

  8. Avatar

    Ur voice has no duplicate. Ride on boss

  9. Avatar

    Respect to u boss more connection

  10. Avatar

    Job well done mr Rude boy much love all the way from Namibia

  11. Avatar

    Mpa after you na you there is no other you

  12. Avatar

    rude after you na you

  13. Avatar

    Bro u sabi

  14. Avatar

    Omor you be baba,see nigeria music nor dey get sense b4,but you b correct guy my Rudy,continue.u get brain

  15. Avatar

    Nice one 4 this Easter

  16. Avatar

    U have proven ur self dat ur a king n I expect u to reason with me too.
    Rudy look at d young stars n reason with Dem..dialect.

  17. Avatar

    Very nice, I love this song

  18. Avatar

    baba rude boy nice song

  19. Avatar

    boss you are too much but please come back with your brother, I’ve miss you guys so much I love you brother

  20. Avatar

    boss you are too much, but please come back with your brother, I’ve miss you guys so much I love you brother… from Sabastine Ndubuisi

  21. Avatar

    U are the best

  22. Avatar

    Soft music

  23. Avatar

    My number (1) musician…. More grace bro

  24. Avatar

    ? ? ? ?

  25. Avatar

    lovely I feel in love with the song when I heard it

  26. Avatar

    Dope baba ruddy u na final ah, swear… Much More grease baba ruddy…..

  27. Avatar

    boss I tap from your grace.
    some peoples doesn’t want to stand by you when you are going through a though time but when the table turns dey want to benefit from you.
    nah baba god go debit them

  28. Avatar

    Wow… amazing video

  29. Avatar

    Let women learn from this

  30. Avatar

    I’m love with this song

  31. Avatar

    LET THIS SONG TEACH the african girls who are not patient for a just mere hustle life , rude boy thank you for thus song , hence a good woman should reason with her hasband in order to over come bad life

  32. Avatar

    Nice song ..everyone can relate…hope they learn from this song.good song…good morals.king steve

  33. Avatar

    I am just speechless… In fact rudybaba have killed me with this track

  34. Avatar

    As usual always killing d beat

  35. Avatar

    Love ? dis song
    If I no comment na wetin I gain

  36. Avatar

    You are the best, shout out from TZ??????

  37. Avatar

    I love u rude boy fantastic music

  38. Avatar

    Nice one bro

  39. Avatar

    King Rudy unstoppable carry on, nonstop. Abeg reason with ur Guy

  40. Avatar

    You just kill it

  41. Avatar

    Am speechless one dis one… dope

  42. Avatar

    This is dope bro but just imagine cooking this song together with ur bro it would have been the bomb but who I’m I to suggest… You killed it!!!!!!! much love from Afro G

  43. Avatar

    Nice one

  44. Avatar

    Don’t mention, the song finish work..

  45. Avatar

    Onye egwu you are the master of melody

  46. Avatar

    this song bad gon Mhen you kill it bro

  47. Avatar

    Wawoo I really love this song ?????????

  48. Avatar

    Mr rude boy you kill my heart with this song I love you bro

  49. Avatar

    rugged ruddy keep turning up my symphony…

  50. Avatar

    omo U dope finish Wat else?

  51. Avatar

    Wow i love keep it up my broda

  52. Avatar

    Wow i love it keep it up my broda

  53. Avatar

    Reason with me is hit?????

  54. Avatar

    Bro you kill it na you be oga abeg e

  55. Avatar


  56. Avatar

    You are the boss I love the song

  57. Avatar

    Best lastest music of the week

  58. Avatar

    best song

  59. Avatar

    Mr Rude, dis 2019 you go kill us with your sweet song ooO, up babameji. luv u

  60. Avatar

    Mr rudeboy na soo

  61. Avatar

    This song is amazing you so good my friend-try to be together with your brother like both of you sing say forever and ever, it very much good wan a two bon ar sat together it very good be together forever and ever god will help us ameen

  62. Avatar

    After you you…after you…na you

  63. Avatar

    nice track.. is it just only me. who else misses the PSQUARE.. I mean peter and Paul. they be one no two…#miss you guys together. one love

  64. Avatar

    A very strict warning to girls that left there broke boyfriend just because of Money, remember no be so, reason with him, if he no make am today he go make am tomorrow, and for guys try and double ur hustle

  65. Avatar

    I swear baba you off me dieee..
    this one na life prophecy..all I know brotherly it shall be well with you…


  66. Avatar

    This is a good hit bro, but please still reason with Peter. Live isn’t complete when things go wrong.

  67. Avatar

    Very nice and tarible

  68. Avatar

    this song reminds me of my past. thanks rudeboy this song is the best for this year

  69. Avatar

    King rudy my best music star ever much [email protected]

  70. Avatar

    my Rudy u re d best go on bro no sen them

  71. Avatar

    fresh one boss

  72. Avatar

    what are educated song, i lov it so much, keep it on

  73. Avatar

    I played this song over and over again, and am still playing it now

  74. Avatar

    Rude boy my number 1,, HIT!!!!

  75. Avatar

    Rudeboy lemme call him my king, boss,brother en he has a good voice I neva get tired wen I’m listening his music more respect to king Rudeboy

  76. Avatar

    I think with this song African ladies will learn how to reason with guys when it turns out reddish..

    King rude…. all the best.. @stejets

  77. Avatar

    Very authentic and lively.

  78. Avatar

    Wow dey song make sense omo girls if u are wise learn from dis song nd his arting nice

  79. Avatar

    Woouuh feel guilty honestly to my brothers n friends since I neva left n for
    Being block,but feel touched on seriously,the best song ever much respect man

  80. Avatar

    after u na you,I greet you baba

  81. Avatar

    Boss is boss in any were of the life ya man i respect u and i believe in u to the score

  82. Avatar

    a king is a king

  83. Avatar

    nice song, bravo bro from Brafia land

  84. Avatar

    dis song is so inspiring, it has been on repeat for almost two weeks now i downloaded it, thanks boss for dis impactful message, more inspiration Amen

  85. Avatar

    lesson for all ladies
    money is important but patience is importanter

  86. Avatar

    The love the message

  87. Avatar

    I like every thing about the song…good concept with moral… Nice one bro..

  88. Avatar

    Very nice music
    embrace with moral and lesson
    I rate you 100? King Rudy

  89. Avatar

    nice one keep on, may God bless your features.

  90. Avatar

    Rude boy is song is all about me honestly

  91. Avatar

    u and ur brother are killing it reason with me and one more night are too good

  92. Avatar

    both of u are good rudeboy or Mr p am chimed from Abuja Luv u guys

  93. Avatar

    you are rugged and possess bro

  94. Avatar

    Nice one, is a lesson to some girls that can not exercise patience they need ready made forgotten that you must start from some where first.

  95. Avatar

    nice one Rudeboy baba ……………..a lesson for all olorunsogo ladies

  96. Avatar

    Without you no body is rude in terms of music. I salute you.

  97. Avatar

    more grace bro

  98. Avatar

    Baba rude u kill this music. This my favorite track everytime i listen to dis song I feel like playing it over and over again ???

  99. Avatar

    Bro I throw away cap for you

  100. Avatar

    Nice song!!! You are the boss

  101. Avatar

  102. Avatar

    Nice one bro keep the music playing

  103. Avatar

    Care Go Na 2019

  104. Avatar

    love u bro ,the song is killing me slowly

  105. Avatar

    U rock! I love this song

  106. Avatar

    God bless you p square, more of this…I’m in love with the song…I played it everyday

  107. Avatar

    Respect rude boy

  108. Avatar

    The song could be more INCREDIBLE with collaboration with your bro twin Mr.P

  109. Avatar

    Nice one from RudeBoy

  110. Avatar

    Reason with me is spectacular & gonna hit for eternity, Rude Boy u re a gift to d musical world & Naija Youths

  111. Avatar

    Reason with me is spectacular & gonna hit for eternity, Rude Boy u re a gift to d musical world & Naija Youths. MFON ETUK

  112. Avatar

    Rude Boy u are a Star & epitome of African Musical/entertainment talents. More grease to ur elbows, go higher bc God is with u(MFON JACKSON)

  113. Avatar

    Rude Boy You have giving me more motivation to hustle more thanks to you

  114. Avatar

    The music is spirit, it happen to me four years ago, Edwinah Igibo Edwin dump me cos of money. Since then she is still searching for already made. Thanks brother. Music is spirit.

  115. Avatar

    No music industry with out you,you are too much

  116. Avatar

    King go still be king nice one king

  117. Avatar

    You are the best of best

  118. Avatar

    Baddo himself… Rude boy more grease to Your elbow

  119. Avatar

    This is an advice to others lady’s ok.

  120. Avatar

    king rudy,,,your the best so far?

  121. Avatar

    so emotional and motivating

  122. Avatar

    If i no like diz song, make i die what a gift of talent from god, ahh rudboy i salute u, u 2much may god keep u save

  123. Avatar

    U too right bro, hot lyrics

  124. Avatar

    I love big brother one day I we be like u

  125. Avatar

    I feel reality as I listen to the song.great music,reason with your brother too

  126. Avatar

    This song is too nice this is the real Paul…I salute u sir

  127. Avatar

    I tink dis is best song hv listen to dis year, Oga Rude i just hav to reason wit u. expecting more of such. Ride on Boss

  128. Avatar

    Its touching Mr rude boy
    life evolved gradually

  129. Avatar

    This is a fat song. I like it

  130. Avatar

    Baba u are too much,more music in ur mouth

  131. Avatar

    work done

  132. Avatar

    this song made me shade tier’s

  133. Avatar

    Bros am highly impressed to hustle more than i do because of this music, job well done my boss.Chris Mfewua from Benue state.

  134. Avatar

    Baba rude me dey enjoyed u.

  135. Avatar

    So very nice, reason with me

  136. Avatar

    i reli lov this track

  137. Avatar

    this song is really good to hear all the time

  138. Avatar

    Rudy I believe in you till tomorrow, your song is my breakfast

  139. Avatar

    king Rudy I respect you so much,you are good

  140. Avatar

    Am proud of you boss I wish to sing with you someday. Am prosperity aka nku aba

  141. Avatar

    You are too good you have always remain the best

  142. Avatar

    Rude boy u really wow I need a guy to love me am single 08148853049 am Idoma Benue state precisely I love de song reason with me it NYC one love rudeboy

  143. Avatar

    Rude boy you are a genuine person who I love so much
    ,you are touching so many life, remain blessed .

  144. Avatar

    Rude boy on it again, much luv I gat for u bro,respect

  145. Avatar

    rudeboy u 2much, u prove say u be senior man, no be garagara, diz ur new music encourage me more in life,thank u bross, I no u ll make me proud by singing diz beautiful song.yes.

  146. Avatar

    I love this song always remain the best

  147. Avatar

    2019 best

  148. Avatar

    Gud jam keep it up bro

  149. Avatar

    This song motivated me to hustle more I can’t forget some parts of the lyrics
    salute you ????????

  150. Avatar

    Am EKE KELECHI by name, I love this jams well, true fact

  151. Avatar

    I really love this jam a lot it really make sense BEST SONG EVER MAY GID GRANT YOU MORE WISDOM KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING BRO after you nah you keep elevating

  152. Avatar

    Nice song bro

  153. Avatar

    I love this music, full of inspirations. This one is magical.

  154. Avatar

    I love the music , so nice

  155. Avatar

    oluwa more songs

  156. Avatar

    Your songs dey always make brain, more grace rudeboy

  157. Avatar

    sweet music

  158. Avatar

    Nice music Instagram: dacherish12, please reason with your brother s too

  159. Avatar

    Nice song, u are the best, I will love you forever.

  160. Avatar

    King rudey! kill me ooo! guy u sabi die… World best Artist, much love from chizzybanks AKA chizzybaby?

  161. Avatar

    Mr rude boy you’re the best more grace

  162. Avatar

    Is a life touching music ? ? ? ?

  163. Avatar

    Rudeboy you are the king of Nigeria music please burning the fire never let it go off the song is giving me inspiration in life.thanks rudeboy

  164. Avatar

    Rudeboy you are the king of Nigeria music please keep on burning the fire never let it go off the song is giving me inspiration in life.thanks rudeboy

  165. Avatar

    Yoh this is real…real talk…so love it track so hot…can’t stop listening to it…reminds me of yeah…keep it…

  166. Avatar

    the song is something else. I so such love the song

  167. Avatar

    The song is dope, u ma reason with ur twin ko ?

  168. Avatar

    The song is dope, u ma reason with ur twin ko ?

  169. Avatar

    This is something else, you’re hot more than the chilly itself. Thumb up Rudeboy you’re the best

  170. Avatar

    Best Song ever and very nice Video

  171. Avatar

    Best song in 2019…. diz is d real psquare no duplicate

  172. Avatar

    Nice voice. Sounds like the P Square I use know

  173. Avatar

    Very nice vidoe

  174. Avatar

    Guy do good with your borther. Form mascot 08172939202

  175. Avatar

    I like you so much you have a nice voice I Love you music but me I can rap yes another miss you so much don’t have money today music I can write so much the money is my problem

  176. Avatar

    you really murder the bite here boss rude so touching emotional, I think this song goes in line with what is happening now in this present generation girls fine it difficult to date some one that they think he can not make it in life.

  177. Avatar

    Your talent is God giving one. Uncle go and reason with your brother. 4rm Jeremike

  178. Avatar

    I swear, can’t just do without listening to your songs in a day. Keep it up @king rudy and make sure you and your brother Mr p should come back as one. Peter and Paul dem be one no be two

  179. Avatar

    That’s coming from loveth

  180. Avatar

    I love ?? dis song so much
    Infact don’t no wat to say jct speechless

  181. Avatar

    i do realy want u and ur brother to be am scripture by name

  182. Avatar

    I love this bros

  183. Avatar

    support is all we need

  184. Avatar

    good song

  185. Avatar

    Reason with me is talking about me now I do not have she done go

  186. Avatar

    Rudeeee,u are my best musician so far,kudos bt please recouncile with ur twin brother.abeg

  187. Avatar

    Nicely awsom motivated song it touch my heart reason wit me wow

  188. Avatar

    Make them give you chance big bro,u get mouth who wan try

  189. Avatar

    Beautiful song with wisdom

  190. Avatar

    May God Guide And Protect U Too In Music Game U Are The Best Among All The Rest

  191. Avatar

    dope song bigups the legendary Rude boy

  192. Avatar

    my best of all songs. A true life story for all the who can not endeour hard times

  193. Avatar

    if holy girls will understand the meaning of this song

  194. Avatar

    This song dope die, I love ur songs bro

  195. Avatar

    Very very nice song

  196. Avatar

    I swear if to say na the way i thing am
    Always with you

  197. Avatar

    de song bad

  198. Avatar

    Wow…. U are the real p

  199. Avatar

    I like that rudeboy u are the best

  200. Avatar

    Bro i love ur song ride on

  201. Avatar

    Mr rude,I swear after u for industry na u, dis song burst my brain… hmmmmm,I don see watin I go dey play for DAT bunmi gal wey dey use me play..from sunnyclef

  202. Avatar

    reason with me

  203. Avatar

    Wow, this song is so inspiring, God bless u. It also a wake up call 4 us the guys to also work hard not just the girls alone

  204. Avatar

    God bless you boss put I don’t like the separations

  205. Avatar

    Nice one rude boy u are the boss

  206. Avatar

    more blessed bro nice one rude boy

  207. Avatar

    how my name.Stephen yakubu Nice one rude boy more blessed to u my boss

  208. Avatar

    King of music rude boy

  209. Avatar

    The best musician ride on bro

  210. Avatar

    Your the Boss ..

  211. Avatar

    Rude boy I double salute you boss…. You are the best among all the musicians. Please keep it up.

  212. Avatar

    De World Best musician
    from MD Chris .

  213. Avatar

    To make things foreign please go back with your brother bro

  214. Avatar

    Clear road for that man u to much my bro keep it up

  215. Avatar

    you too much.

  216. Avatar

    love it

  217. Avatar

    Nice song… I gat so much love for this song

  218. Avatar

    King of melody, master in constructing melodious tones, FOOD FOR THAUGHT FOR OUR GIRLS, This is also my story. #SONG OF THE YEAR#


  219. Avatar

    For sure rudboy

  220. Avatar

    Always the king i love the song

  221. Avatar

    pls join ur brother again

  222. Avatar

    Real p of p square

  223. Avatar

    e make sense die I love dis video nice one to rude boy

  224. Avatar

    My guy ur music dey boat my brain….love ur music’s rude boy.

    Buh only worry is when u guys go come back together.
    We really miss u guys doing music together

  225. Avatar

    Always keep us believing that good things are not yet over

  226. Avatar

    Oboi this song get serious oil. Boss Rudeboy na u and all. I love this song like say make I craze. U na man. Dis song get serious sense die.

  227. Avatar

    As in you kill it Bro…I astute you O

  228. Avatar

    One of my best track so far…what girls are doing to men

  229. Avatar

    Nice song but incomplete without Mr p

  230. Avatar

    Bro this song Burst my brain keep it up more blessing

  231. Avatar

    Superb Rudeboy ,can’t stop listening to the song cos is very inspirational

  232. Avatar

    I really in love of this song!.

  233. Avatar

    Best track so far in 2019,,,love u guys but pls let the first love come back

  234. Avatar

    Nice song of the year

  235. Avatar

    best song of the year

  236. Avatar

    fantastic inspirational song so far best song 2019

  237. Avatar

    Beautiful music..

  238. Avatar

    To me you guys are Stil the best, no doubt.. Kip it up. Love u

  239. Avatar

    you are always the best

  240. Avatar

    Rude boy God should blessed u and more experience arhead of u. I just fall in love with this music.My battery is down because of Ricing with me.

  241. Avatar

    This music remind me of my past relationship but thank God for today, all are history

  242. Avatar

    u killed d song bro imaging with ur brother it has been a blast BT it nice

  243. Avatar

    I respect u alot my brother one love n More grace to ur elbows.

  244. Avatar

    am really in love with his song,u too much rudeboy

  245. Avatar

    Anytime i play this song it make me remember the pass i love it

  246. Avatar

    This is the Great Taste from Zambia. this is dope keep it up

  247. Avatar

    2019 best hit song

  248. Avatar


  249. Avatar

    I love this song.king Rudy I salute

  250. Avatar

    I like this song seriously

  251. Avatar

    Yeah your right rudboy money is not everything……nice song love you more!!!!

  252. Avatar

    Na d real voice wey I dey hear for psquare song b dis

  253. Avatar

    real story of life

  254. Avatar

    Am really love this song, rude boy infant u are so grateful and amazing singer baba keep it on

  255. Avatar

    I really like the song keep it up rude boy

  256. Avatar

    i like ur music espically this one keep it up rudeboy. ur da best

  257. Avatar

    Oh mehn! this is popping trillions

  258. Avatar

    Nice song i really like it

  259. Avatar

    it is real song I love the song

  260. Avatar


  261. Avatar

    Can’t stop listening to this song, i love ur voice n lyric

  262. Avatar

    long life Bro

  263. Avatar

    this song has make my girl friend that rejected me came back and beg Me

  264. Avatar

    anytime my girlfriend wants to mess up I just play this song to her and she cools down sharp.

  265. Avatar

    Rudeboy is the real psquare without him there was no psquare at all,ruddy Baba I hail you,this song carry.

  266. Avatar

    trust u rudboi

  267. Avatar

    trust me this guy is legend…. I love Nigerian tracks thought am a Ghanaian

  268. Avatar

    My luv for dis song,is ultimate .i played dis song all day al nit til my phone shut down.pls reason wit ur bro.n 4give uduak.

  269. Avatar

    U don finish work for music industry.

  270. Avatar

    Lovely song

  271. Avatar

    Nice so sweet guy keep it up u to much

  272. Avatar

    Brother this video is best 2019,u to much, my name is Jerry boy #ABJ #

  273. Avatar

    This exactly the song am gonna sing to my ex…

    On top of the sky is your limit bro…

  274. Avatar

    rude boy pls reason with me am a upcoming artist

  275. Avatar

    Very Very!! Interested Music Ki Olorun Okuku Gba Okunrin Lowo Awon OBinrin Ni They’re Not Have Patience At All.
    Continued Rock The Music Industry My Man

  276. Avatar

    Best music

  277. Avatar

    Wow!!! A huge tune.. Heart touching indeed.

  278. Avatar

    I love dis like mad infant let me tell u mr song ? ? as my ringtone if I no comment wertin I gain

  279. Avatar

    ds is my man rude boy I salute uuu nice one

  280. Avatar

    actually this song is all aboit what ladies are doing now days, so boys double your effort plz

  281. Avatar

    The song make sense die. I luv it

  282. Avatar

    Dope no 1

  283. Avatar

    Make sense message

  284. Avatar


  285. Avatar

    I love the song it is amazeing goodluke rude boy

  286. Avatar

    Any time i listen to this song it remind me of my boyfriend victor who always love me

  287. Avatar

    I luv this song.

  288. Avatar

    Kul song

  289. Avatar

    I love this music

  290. Avatar

    reason with your brother pls.
    I like it and i love it.

  291. Avatar

    Perfect man. U d best . Pls come bck as psquare

  292. Avatar

    rude boy u get am abeg .psquare make una reason together

  293. Avatar

    Best singer in 2019 i give awards in 2019

  294. Avatar

    This song has become my aim in my life and I know it will trend the world

  295. Avatar

    Yap its abetter one 4rm rudeboy.big up 4rm UG.

  296. Avatar

    So much in love with dis song… Nice 1 boss

  297. Avatar

    Rudy the boss of bosses, this one really make sense like no tomorrow.
    Ride on!!!

  298. Avatar

    Your music lifts my soul

  299. Avatar

    Indeed reasons behind some thing

  300. Avatar

    What a touching music

  301. Avatar

    Wadap king rude boy. Too good I salut you, but I will like u to sing song about your braking up with your brother. Tell de world about the truth just to prove more talent b4 the world

  302. Avatar

    Chai very touching track. I like this song like life. What a lesson too.. Kudos Rude boy!

  303. Avatar

    nice papa I love your music

  304. Avatar

    Rude boy u are ma man more vhim

  305. Avatar

    The Missing P in P-$quare, lovely track it is and keep going higher brother man. One love.

  306. Avatar

    I really appreciate your hand work.
    the music is very nice.

  307. Avatar


  308. Avatar

    Really make me feel @@@ reason with her ####such good music from rude boy …

  309. Avatar

    this a leason to all girls thank u for this wounderful music

  310. Avatar

    This video teaches a lot

  311. Avatar

    My best song 2019

  312. Avatar

    I love the song to much keep it up.
    is my ringing tone.

  313. Avatar

    i think this is the best of the songs ever ,reason with me i love it definately !!!!!!

  314. Avatar

    I love this music very much

  315. Avatar

    I respect rude boy and I love you for this. You did not disappoint me as I have always been proud of you. More power to your elbow, fire on!

  316. Avatar

    Speial dedication to house wives, no life is permanent, the day of today different from the day tomorrow, big up to you king Rudy, much love and appreciation to you realsing this educative music, great thank from South Sudan straight to nigeria

  317. Avatar

    rude boy u made it and it was very interesting and I like the song much.
    please come back with your brother and live peacefully like the way you are before.

  318. Avatar

    I’m love this song so much

  319. Avatar

    Cartel you Don burst ma brain

  320. Avatar

    Ilove song veary much

  321. Avatar

    Nice track

  322. Avatar

    mad jamz

  323. Avatar

    I love you Paul jen from south Africa

  324. Avatar

    My best pop music so far! On repeat for the whole day before Nepa took light…

  325. Avatar

    I love this guy

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    this song lift my spirit God will give u more inspiration ur lifted

  327. Avatar

    igwe is great

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