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VIDEO: Shatta Wale Threatens To Interrupt Wizkid’s Show In Ghana, With Gun

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Following the trade of insults between Shatta Wale of Ghana, and Wizkid fans on social media, the Ghanaian dance hall artiste has threatened to disrupt Wizkid’s concert in Ghana, which is scheduled for December 2017.

Shatta Wale made the threat in a series of tweets which read;

Also, a video recently surfaced on the internet showing Shatta Wale shooting bullets in the air, as he calls the name of Nigerian artistes including Wizkid, Timaya, Patoranking who have been subjects of his social media rant.

Watch video below.

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  1. Avatar

    Yes,my NiGGa and his country deserved an apology from the so called fan.uneducated celebrities will be happy watching dia fans insult each other.these is the rusult you get when you keep promoting beefs BTW wiz and davido and its obvious shatta is David’s fan,he has shown support for davido in recent times. 9ja be smart.SM4lyf

  2. Avatar

    Watin dey this Ghana sef? Let everyone dey their lane for the industry do we need them?

    • Avatar

      ur papa ghana no fine pass nigeria? go ghana make yu go see something village as dirty as u are. mumu. you smell like a dog fool

  3. Avatar

    God punish you

  4. Avatar

    I Love shatta Wale as i Love my life…yar shatta movement keep it up..i Love u die..too murch action ..too murch swagger… hoo my boss shatta u get mouth..but u no say patoranking na ur man if u remenber romantic is vary fantastic .. yar u be my mentor for life i sweer..soo how manage can i send my Music to u…u need to listen to ur boi abulm….yar am Nicky rossay..Nicky movement 4 life..aka gucci pucci…african dancehall king…mafia empire music…. shatta movement i Love u die …,pls remenber me…

  5. Avatar

    How do i submit my album to my lord shatta movement…08089983742 Nicky rossay

    • Avatar

      Shata wale…your lips are bigger than your career…… sit down n be humble…..u don’t even know the type u do……..SM MOVEMENT 6FEET soon

    • Avatar

      Well, It Is Obviours Dat I Dont No Shatta Or Wat So Called His Name But I Knew One Tin For Sure The He Is Gelusing Wizkid And Nigerian Musical Super Stars Entirely. To My Wizkid, Alway Rmmber Ur Moms Advices That U Shoud Alway Stay Away From Anytin That Will Hurt U. U Might B Tinking He (shata) Wont Do Anytin To U Wen U Go Gana But Alway Remmber Devil Wont Stop Workin. Pls I Wil Advice U To Not Go And Play In Gana. There Ar Other Countries More Beta Dan Ther Vilage So Called Gana Or Gala. Wizkid I Love U And Pls Dont Die Now Cuz I Want To Ft U. Still Remains Tone

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        See this fool o…. Ghana keh.. You have mental illness

      • Avatar

        Whc kind talent de get,

  6. Avatar

    This no just get sense

  7. Avatar

    D cc u taking is affecting your brain shatta

  8. Avatar

    Shata ar u nt ashmed of ur self? U der beffing wizkid, while he is der makin his moni nd fame, u knw wot? Wizkid i gonna come 2 Ghana nd u ar gonna do notin coz he is way above ur level, so stop hating nd try to learn 4rm him so chris brown may ft u ????.

  9. Avatar

    Shata ar u nt ashmed of ur self? U der beffing wizkid, while he is der makin his moni nd fame, u knw wot? Wizkid i gonna come 2 Ghana nd u ar gonna do notin coz he is way above ur level, so stop hating nd try to learn 4rm him so chris brown may ft u ????.

  10. Avatar

    this guy wan take wizkid matter blow ni jarei.

    • Avatar

      Eh eh now… Loll

  11. Avatar

    Shatta why are you fooling yourself if you are mature enough or educated you won’t behave like this.illiteracy smell over you. Wizzy is just a small boy God has blessed why are jealous. You dey carry beff for him we are Nigerians is it because you are Davido fans,we Nigerians loves ourselves so much you will see Davido and wizzy will settle themselves and come back for stop fooling and disgracing yourself. Well is not your fault na weed dey disturb your brain. Come Germany come fuck up na you go die for prison what nonsense you are becoming something else .wizzy is covered with the blood of jesus ,you don see when you shoot person e nor enter that is what our God is always doing available for our enemies anytime any day.don’t start what you can’t finish.because your symbol will symbolize your symbolism. Fool

  12. Avatar

    Wetin wizkid do this guy self that deserves him apologizing to him and his country at large?!!! Is he jealous of wizkid being a superstar? What is his reasons self?!!!! Still don’t understand!!!

  13. Avatar

    Fuk u shatta wale

  14. Avatar

    Shatta or wat u re called.. U are the greatest embarrassment to not just Ghana but mankind..u re a fool, an idiot and a nobody..those of all ya supporting this imbecile u are all idiots..amadioha fire all of una.
    Sing and blow then u can brag..Igbo smoker..

  15. Avatar

    Shatta Wale is a big fool. Beefing wizkid fans while wizkid has not even mentioned his unworthy stinking name. Shatta Wale is a Dog. Acting like a child.

  16. Avatar

    wasn’t expecting this shii from a low life smoker like you shata Abi what the fuck is your fucking name, are you trying to get fame through wizzy diss am sorry man you ain’t gon make it fuck y’all

  17. Avatar

    its not his fault he fools this way …since he has the support of Ghana president who wouldnt tell him to shut up but can invite him to the flag staff house on his birthday. too bad Ghana

  18. Avatar

    Shatta don’t dey craze oooo!he’s too the way:sarkordie no dey Ghana???

  19. Avatar

    Fear DAT silent man.that’s all I have for shattawale.all this ur katikati ur eye go clear soon

  20. Avatar

    Ghana mst go

  21. Avatar

    I swear this guy is crazy na where this one don reach wey him be dey beef wizzy baba NLA see as him be dem nope sabi sing and dem dey beef person wey sabi you shatta wale you sabi sing na him dem nope call you for your country wet you call GH idiot guy

  22. Avatar

    who the fuck is shata wale, do they recongise ghana music anywhere you can do anything you hear, just make another noise may you see yourself if you nor go down below six feet

  23. Avatar

    Who know u, wiz kid is way above u, ur just looking for fame

  24. Avatar

    Wizkid don past ur level so stop beff wizkid

  25. Avatar

    D idiot dirty shatta , thunder fire shatta

  26. Avatar

    Xenophobia shit the guy is intimidated by the success of Nigerian music

  27. Avatar

    I love shatta but I don,t know he will fool hisesf .who do he think he is can he stand for Nigeria war shatta or what ever you are call do you think that Ghana is better than Nigeria or do you want war . We can give you war foolish boy like you . WizKid is a star boy because think about how old he is and how old you are shatta than you will see who is a star boy . Foolish shatta

  28. Avatar

    He need that attention from strong nigerian artist, Beef stone bwoy your level

  29. Avatar

    Shattered wale,y beef some1 greater dan u?mess up na ur fellow ghanians go 4uk u up…wizkid no even sabi am sef no wonder hm neva repliam

  30. Avatar

    if I were wizzy,I would just keep shut and let this guy shatta pay for game like wizzy did not looking for it cheap through beefing wizzy at the top… don’t give home a reply and his career all ends in Ghana slum.. lolz

  31. Avatar

    Lol naija going to ghana is nothing but Ghanaian coming to naija is a big thing. So shatta chop your gala!

  32. Avatar

    Shatta wale or wetin you called yourself. Your life don chattered already. If you try nonsense with our son WizKid. I swear you won’t live to tell the story. Useless and hopeless Ghanaians

  33. Avatar

    Shatta Wale I Laugh U. U Just Dey Make Mouth U Can Do Anything

  34. Avatar

    Dis guy want fame ooo,let him go for ot,wizzy is far bigger than u,if wizzy no come show,e no affect am at all,na ur ppl go vex for u,star boy go albert hall,he collapse everyting,so e fit ni come,e no cost am anything,u hear shata fool

  35. Avatar

    No body should touch my wizzy ooo

  36. Avatar

    This Is Disgusting Shaterwale You Are A Fool

  37. Avatar

    Charlie! Me na Ghanaian..please Nigerian dnt use shatta insolence behavior and insult Ghana pls insult him alone and leave Gh out of this

  38. Avatar

    shatta wale u get problem u better shatta ur self

  39. Avatar

    y’all are just as stupid and senseless as d shatta nonsense himself… for d shatta nonsense, he said he wud do wat? wit wat? be like I’m no knw wizkid, d innocent looks dey deceive am, make e ask dammy krane hw far wen I’m bin challenge for quilox, u dey kari 9ja play? I dey laff and pity u sha, try ur shit let’s see hw it goes

  40. Avatar

    This Nigga wants to die young! Don’t Fuck with Nigerians motherfucker! We gon wipe out the whole Ghana and your fucking president! Fuck you Ghana!!! We gon Fuck you up I promise Shatta fucking Wale! Iyalaya Anybody!!!!!!!!!! Oloooorun!!!!! Melo Lara yin ni Ghana! Mumu country!

  41. Avatar

    Just look @ this black monkey. Me and your mate they studio trying to hit the ground running and you are here talking nonsense infact my next song will be titled wale talking nonsense ft wizkid and timaya…..

  42. Avatar

    Anyway, I love shatta and wizkid and I think there is a misunderstand somewhere

  43. Avatar

    Shatta needs money to buy weed…. I guess

  44. Avatar

    Your mama come follow me fight

    • Avatar

      Bros Ur grandfather’s Don dey call you. Which musicians you go like make them play for your sent fourth….. baba freyo, oh your village dance group. …mogul

      • Avatar

        dis boy it be like say u don mad….dont ur head we go latter use to sacrify korofo

  45. Avatar

    Shatta f***k u

  46. Avatar

    egede..mai lord shatta i clear road for u hoooo …dodorima for u….mai lord judie davido i greet u…dodorima for u

  47. Avatar

    am young artist i get de music tallent so am looking person wey go sighn me thank u for appriciating my message

  48. Avatar

    Please I want Timaya’s videos

  49. Avatar

    shata wale na my niga so as wizkid but u celebrity are suppose to work together and give us fucking hits instead of fucking beef, am an artist also and a Nigeria united we stand divided we fall logol of American make our black skin no affect us abeg

    • Avatar

      omo guy u never even knw shatta wale ,wizkid mother no fit challenge shatta never. the owner of ghana.dey kill. foolish wizkid dog fuck u and ur wizkid

  50. Avatar

    who be dis mugu self wen dem dey cal shatta wale..wait first shatta wale na dog name abi na watin if you nor take ur tym ..ebi like you wan lost now ..with ur huge lip wen b lyk rag nor quite you ganaru fool wen we don go Ghana go teach how to press lappy dey sleep untop lappy when you collect $2you dey happy ekpa na you be..

  51. Avatar

    This is nonsense shatta wale, it’s obvious na inwero conscience.
    Pls go and die for the good of Ghana ?? I love Nigeria ?? and their celebrities guys let’s bring that ijott down’ u know what I mean shatta wale.

  52. Avatar

    as what lukky cube say different colours but one people

  53. Avatar

    i really don’t know what to say because Nigerians sold there respect long time ago to all this little cagos countries like SA and Ghana, that’s why they have the mind to talk anyhow, is it not same Nigeria made them know what is called music even sakodie couldn’t blow in Ghana he ran to wiskid and entire Nigerian artist to blow there fuck low life, now this catapilar mouth that flies petch in his mouth called shata wey i fit use my money feed come dey make mouth, shata if you dam fucking to fucker tracker on wizzy lifer ur mami and papi first go down ok

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