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What Peter And Paul Okoye Need To Understand?

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United we stand, divided we fall is definitely the case with the defunct P-Square, now separated to be Mr. P and Rudeboy. The duo rolled like a perfect twin until they decided to call it quits for the last time, last year. One thing became obvious after their separation and that is the fact that each one of them played a part in their combined growth as P-Square.

During the active period of the group, their style of art seemed to centre on two core elements – a style of music that draws influences from R&B, pop and Afrobeat; and Michael Jackson-esque dance. It was generally assumed that Rudeboy possessed more music giftings while Mr P was taken as the star dancer of the group.

Upon the announcement of their split, the echoes of their different specialties grew louder as fans kept their eyes peeled for which of the twins would make better songs, which one would command a larger fanbase and which one would be the better all-around artist that can replicate the success of P-Square, or at least something close as a solo artist.

It has been over one year since their most recent breakup and from their solo releases; Rudeboy seems more like the “music guy” while Mr P comes off as the likeable guy whose art is complemented by impression-enhancers like wowing dance skills, electrifying music videos and interesting activities on social media. That explains why Mr. P commands almost twice as many followers on Instagram as his twin and former music partner.

Rudeboy however has been enjoying a little more music success with well-received singles like “Somebody Baby” and “NkejiKeke”, which suggests he was the brain behind PSquare classics like “Bizzy Body”, “No One Like You”, “Chop My Money” and “ Bank Alert” because of the similarities these songs share with his solo releases. Mr P’s music leans towards fast-tempo, pounding beats like “Ebeano”, that makes one want to dance, music like “Ejeajo” and “Personally”, which he performed alongside Rudeboy under the P-Square unit.

Clearly, the beauty of Mr. P’s art is different from that of Rudeboy; while the music of the former holds its beauty in the sound and its dance-suggestive nature; the latter makes music that could serve as food to a hungry soul – the theme of his songs give them essence. A combination of both approaches to art made P-Square one of the biggest music entities on the continent but as fractional parts; neither of Rudeboy and Mr. P has been able to replicate such success.

Their separation makes them appear as segregated parts of a system that cannot function efficiently without the other – like a matchstick without a matchbox. The team spirit that existed during their time as P-Square appears to have been replaced by an unhealthy competition that threatens to cost them both their collective and individual goodwill. As it is now, none of the two artists is nearing the P-Square-level and fans have been asking questions of their individual artistry. One of the most pronounced comments on the current situation of the duo was a tweet that read;

“How many unsuccessful singles till Rudeboy and Mr. P decide to have sense.”

It is obvious, at least to observers, that the Mr. P versus Rudeboy thing is not working as the P-Square brand did. The most logical thing to do at this point should be to settle their differences and separate personal issues from the business. Fans are actually tired of the sight of a head without the body and a body without the head. Recall that when their separation was made public, they came back and delivered a hit single which they called “Bank Alert”. There could still be more hits in Mr. P and Rudeboy, if only they agree to serve them as offerings from P-Square.

Written by Aishat Ibrahim

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  1. Avatar

    My name is precious, I like it when the both sing becouse its a great thing for they to work together,so they should please for god sack settle their problem thank you.

  2. Avatar

    I think they know this. But as Peter will say, his personal happiness comes first.

  3. Avatar

    They’re fools and they should know they can’t manipulate any fan to their side.useless boys

  4. Avatar

    Give them tym bro both are doing great

  5. Avatar

    Me, I don’t even dey hear any of their songs

  6. Avatar

    There wives should come in and do the needful so that we van have our P Square back. If they want to remain single I bet you with time they will both fade

  7. Avatar

    Too exclusive. Com is clearly jealous of Mr P . it’s a shame that this article failed to mention Mr P’s hits…For my head, Look into my eyes, Ebeano etc….his efforts have yielded fruit. Please desist from your veiled strategy of attempting to pull him down. I will pay any amount just to watch Mr P. Mr P is an inspiration. My name is Joy.

  8. Avatar

    we don’t care if you can sell your self to watch mr p… read properly before you comment

  9. Avatar

    And she said her name is joy…. Joy way no get joy. Better goan have sense.

  10. Avatar

    Both are doing great. I love them like this.

  11. Avatar

    Keep it up rudeboy.

  12. Avatar

    I agree with you joy. Mr p is doing it internationally, killing shows and having international nominations as solo artist. He is having so many unrelease credible songs and keeping it real. Yet he is the one that refuse to brag. Rudboy maybe trying but Mr p 80% ahead.

  13. Avatar

    I love both but more especially mr.P His worthy to have as a fan,i love their separation so dat we go who be who but carry go mr p #1luv#a.k.a youngnatty1$

  14. Avatar

    they till need to brother again and be together to sing

  15. Avatar

    p’sqaure is what we know,not Mr p and rudeboy

  16. Avatar

    what we no is psquare not diffrent name

  17. Avatar

    psquare is the first Name we no, not Mr p and rudeboy.

  18. Avatar

    As it is in the bible we all sin and God forgives us What ever that have cost them to split must be hard tobunferstand but as human we have to understand for example for a friendship to work between two boys or two girls one must be fool to the other and if the two are wise there will no be any friendship because the van not agree to each other they should think of their mum how she will feel the two should let by hone be by gone come back together Am make their family proud again let not any thing come between them forgiveness is things of the heart and secondly their wife’s are not acting like a good wife the see that their husbands been twin nothing should come between what effort have they make to bring them together let me ask were is there power of a woman is they can be in the house and two bloody twin will be separated what have they achieved since the they should watch their music concept and every thing about them is been forgotten to me the both wife are not to be called good house wife they are worst house wife’s I pray for God to give them the heart to come back as one

  19. Avatar

    I have a feeling that they will come back. Fly away peter,fly away Paul. Come back peter,come back Paul.For me I still like their individual effort. Checkout cool it down and reality but I love their combined effort. Been following them since they released last night.. For me they are my number one musician any day.I miss videos directed by Jude Engees Okoye.

  20. Avatar

    mr p n rudeboy or whatsoever u are caling urselv. There was brother b4 d unity of p square dat lid u 2 those stupit women dat una dey fite.cme back if lagor no favour u,we steel need u 4 jos

  21. Avatar

    I pray to GOD to make peter and pual to understand they self .in the mighty name of ALLAH and his prophet( S A W)

  22. Avatar

    No how they will not be miss understanding but the most importante thing is to Reconcerned if u realised the Fault, i Pray then should realiesed b4 it will be too late to come together as P-SQAURE Again. We all know nothing good come easy but let there wife learned how to unite a family are not seperation. thanks by Dignity

  23. Avatar

    please come back just forget everything.don’t think about who will beg each other just come and be the p square I p do it for me

  24. Avatar

    Pls we need P SQUARE again not MR P/RUDBOY. I am STEPHEN SIMILO

  25. Avatar

    we dy miss una for abuja abeg make una come back to p square and not Mr p and rudeboy pls

  26. Avatar

    Ever since i was a kid i loved p-square, i wished i had a twin buh right nw i’m dissapointed. Pls just come back.

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    I No I Belive U Guys We Some Come Together Because,U GUYS Music Make Me Happy, Is Only God Who NO ALLl Things More Blessing My Name Is Chukwuma Francis In Case U Have Anything To Give Me Contant 08122957830, MR P AND RUDE BOY PLS COME BACK HOME AND GIVE Us ANOTHER Nice MUSIC?

  29. Avatar

    Mr P na my person

  30. Avatar

    They Are FooLS

  31. Avatar

    U guys should leave them alone.since they dont wnt to do sth that would be meaningful.davido, wizkid, 2baba and iyanya are there for me.

  32. Avatar

    please you guys should come back please,l love when both are singing, please settle up please

  33. Avatar

    Well for me as a long time fan I would love to say this but at this point no one cares anymore. The world has changed and the Psquare break up has shown that the 2 of them equally contribute to their success. In quote ” to be successful you need two things Talents and Brains”.
    Rudeboy obviously is the talent while Mr P is the brains. But right now either of them ain’t making sense

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  35. Avatar

    I am nothing without p square music .Please came back l love your music:do me, e no easy,forever ,roll it, l love you, possibility, back alert and more .Please came back p square l beg you. Abigail Marimazhira

  36. Avatar

    guys came back and continue p square

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    peter and paul dis is a big shame to you guys since 2018 you people have fighting each other and the matter has not been setled by now

  39. Avatar

    Why should they go part ways in first place, please for God’s sake leave the past behide and come back together because you guys rock the world together just like they say”Good two heads are better than one.”

  40. Avatar

    Mad ooooo

  41. Avatar

    They re ment to unite as one my brother my soul

  42. Avatar

    my name is isaac Ekanem pls return back to your brother make money together

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