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Zoro – “One On One” (Remix) ft. M.I x Vector

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Zoro - "One On One" (Remix) ft. M.I x Vector

Hip-pop is back! Zoro brings M.I Abaga and Vector “One On One” on this Remix.

The Nigerian Hip-pop industry is currently on fire with the rivalry between M.I Abaga and Vector. Their various diss tracks and replies has got everywhere buzzing and lively. All rappers are going back to their hardcore game, Zoro the Eastern indigenous rapper goes back to his record ‘One On One‘ and puts M.I Abaga and Vector together for the remix and to revive the rap culture.

Vec shows MI why he is crowned the king of bars, told him to feel free to respond & knee. Abaga on the other hand applauded Viper, promises him its not over because he has saved alot in his folder. He will surely pay Vector back at the unexpected time.

This is by far the hardest indigenous hiphop song you’ve listened to this year, I promise you. With an awesome relatable storyline and a great deal of heavy lifting lyrically as they delivers with impressive lyrics and flow on the tune produced by Camo Blaizz.

This is real Hip-pop, Listen and Enjoy!


“Zoro – “One On One” (Remix) ft. M.I x Vector”, 2 out of 5 based on 245 ratings.

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  1. Avatar

    Hard core to the mud….. MI is very bittered here.him suppose chill

  2. Avatar

    Nah solo

  3. Avatar

    omo m.i is always d best rapper eh omo c d flow talk abt cdq telling him he is coming for him including other fucking fake rappers

  4. Avatar

    m.i is still the beast. but he still get to chill

  5. Avatar

    Omo, mi wan kill person oooo

  6. Avatar

    Mi abaga there’s no end of speech ….if not for you naija hip pop would hv been nail to the ground !!!!????????????????????????

  7. Avatar

    Bad jamz

  8. Avatar

    I swear make una clear road…..

  9. Avatar

    None like the viper,

  10. Avatar

    Vector and mi abaga are dope

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    All of you are just mad! What the fuck did m.i say ?? Well I understand you people don’t know rap Sha, dumb fans are dumb Sha..

  13. Avatar

    ok… mi is actually talking about the song.. while vector is talking about himself.. he’s kinda selfish in rap games…

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    wetyn zoro d sing sef

  17. Avatar

    If I download this music MI coursed it

  18. Avatar

    No one like the viper… The guy is gifted.. Always rap with ease.

  19. Avatar

    7 blows 7 tat tar o

  20. Avatar

    Vector is just wey more matured acted like they ain’t in beef and spit it cool MI though ?????

  21. Avatar

    Mehn d jam dey in point…MI murdered it too bc he understood bd topic Wella…Zoror ???

  22. Avatar

    Vector more mature, m.i is a kid

  23. Avatar

    mi D boss I respect you

  24. Avatar

    Vec is a king

  25. Avatar

    vec more mature. mi rap with vex. no b fight accept defeat

  26. Avatar

    v e c boss

  27. Avatar

    I love MI and Vector… They are making HipHop rise again in Naija… I think the beef was worth it… Now everybody is curious to hear MI or VEC on any track. They did well on this track. Am a fan of MI bt I love Vector too.

  28. Avatar

    Lol ? m.i almost cry for this track person wey u wan beef dey same track with u…u still dey yarn rubbish say u go catch ham later….Anyways since u don gree say vector finish u for this round mke we see wetin u keep for dat yeye folder

  29. Avatar

    MI killed it he rapped according to the tittle of the song

  30. Avatar

    Oshaa mo vec anytime answere big up to u guys

  31. Avatar

    The problem with some people here is that they don’t understand the music. If u have listened to the real song by zoro, u will understand that M.I is following the lyrics of the song why Victor talks about himself. M.I is not beefing anybody. If we are to talk who is a kid, it Victor, how many diss songs have he just realized, up to 4 and M.I is one, and he said it advise not diss. Or is it because u don’t understand Igbo from zoro part

  32. Avatar

    i dont knw why some people are just too sentimental, which one b say m.i wan cry 4 d song… where is your brains at??? I’m a fan of m.i and vector but i hate when i see biased statement. m.i rapped according to the title of the music incase if its a yoruba nigga that is making such comment pls meet an igbo guy to translate wat the music is all about instead of promoting ur ignorant ass here…. finally they all killed the song… #Dope

  33. Avatar

    MI the king of hip hop

  34. Avatar

    am a vector fan but I feel Zoro did not explained d meaning of d song to him. so he rapped about him self. period

  35. Avatar

    las las these rap beef na scheme…them dey throw shots for days to themselves but them don’t know sey dem go still jump on one song together…lol smart one from M n V everything na sense…MI said you rappers should fix up your life and they are working on it using the beef. Well done o nice jam anyways

  36. Avatar

    las las these rap beef na scheme…them dey throw shots for days to themselves but them don’t know sey dem go still jump on one song together…lol smart one from M n V everything na sense…MI said you rappers should fix up your life and they are working on it using the beef. Well done o nice jam anyways.

  37. Avatar

    I give it to M I

  38. Avatar

    It takes who listen to rap song to rate who ryhme best….check Vecto’s delivery…????? he’s a RAP.

  39. Avatar

    Mehn this vector is a psycho

    He should go and learn what it is to flow with lyrics by the song concepts and not misconception of it all

  40. Avatar

    mr incredible has really prove him being d king here….. omo c unstress flow Abaga….. anywhere u go I will station 4 u????…

  41. Avatar


  42. Avatar

    Playing back to back just like one on one. I liking it. Kudos to u Zee

  43. Avatar

    MI, ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  44. Avatar

    mi killed it

  45. Avatar

    The difference is so clear MI beat vector hand down
    Kudos to Mr Abaga keep good ? popping ?
    No body test me #MI

  46. Avatar

    The difference is so clear MI beat vector hand down
    Kudos to Mr Abaga keep good ? popping ?
    No body test me #MI

  47. Avatar

    Vector killed it

  48. Avatar

    The difference is so clear MI beat vector hand down
    Kudos to Mr Abaga keep good ? popping ?
    No body test me #MI

  49. Avatar


  50. Avatar

    When MI rapped last,I knew his the king!

  51. Avatar

    When MI rapped last,I knew his the king!!

  52. Avatar

    MI all the way

  53. Avatar

    Vector is do fucking dope

  54. Avatar

    somebody is pained.. somebody don cast somebody has frustrated somebody. I mean it is obvious that someone cannot continue to live by past glories.

  55. Avatar

    Somebody is pained.. somebody don cast.. hahah! somebody has frustrated somebody. it is evident that somebody cannot continue to live by past glories.

  56. Avatar

    Zero you get mouth what you did make sense

  57. Avatar

    Abaga boss

  58. Avatar

    Viper is dope dam

  59. Avatar

    Vector is just a Clownish jay z wanna be… His style is just to copy jay z…. He’s too fake

  60. Avatar

    Vector should learn sense and put his pride away so that MI would teach him how to be king.

  61. Avatar

    Only u Dy reply urself…. ????

  62. Avatar

    Vector, oshamo, let d beef n turkey continue bcus we want more

  63. Avatar

    Can someone tell mi this aren’t a beef track.. This short man need to be matured.

  64. Avatar

    The viper all d way….fuck M.I fuck C.C

  65. Avatar

    VECTOR ALL THE WAY. Mi is a cool kid ??. If you know you know. #kilode

  66. Avatar

    M.l deserve to listen to the song alone and ask himself who is the big dawg. He’s being childish lately

  67. Avatar

    All of you saying Vector didn’t follow the concept of the song with his verse obviously didn’t pay attention to the first line and the last one
    Is it until he brings all his personal life problems with everyone?

  68. Avatar

    You too much….Now u kno d difference between Fake rap, Wack lyrics vs Rapping with ease…Oshamo..ondun

  69. Avatar

    MI no dey the world he is a god if rap Jor. That guy no be here.

  70. Avatar

    Both did well

  71. Avatar

    I am now enjoying naija rap music to the core. Kip up the trend

  72. Avatar

    Those of you saying V.E.C didn’t follow the song I can understand you don’t understand figure of speech bcos viper transform himself into “Ojukwu that’s him saying he’s still strong and ready to meet again” He went after M.I but in a mature way for true RAP fans to understand ….. I can’t blame you if u don’t understand while M.I was all acting selfish and made it too personal. Those saying Vec is selfish you need to sit down and understand “WORDPLAY”.

    I love M.I he’s talented but listen and look at it his rap is all written and memorized while Vector brings reality into it from a Gifted perspective.

  73. Avatar

    M.I damnnnm

  74. Avatar

    Vec made it know that he’s still ready like Ojukwu to those who are saying Vec doesn’t understand the song. Ojukwu was a General and always ready for a fight and always ready for what he believed in anytime. Try to read history and also understand figure of speech. Vec get back to Mi in a mature way for the wise to understand while Mi was ranting like a child that has been beaten at his game

  75. Avatar

    Please why is M.I ranting like a Cramming kid that need to split it out in time before he forget the answer to the question? You really need to learn from King Vec!!! Zoro himself was calm but M.I still doing like JJc I’m the game

  76. Avatar

    Mi still da bomb even boko haram no fit carry …. Vec is just 10 naira knock out…. My son will not even buy ?????

  77. Avatar

    mi all the way,,,??#AREWA_MAFIA

  78. Avatar

    I have not listened to the song, but Vector will kill it no matter what MI will do or say…

    Radically a fan of Vec

  79. Avatar

    Igbo rappers no dey take last.
    M.i -godfather of all rappers in africa, i’m loyal.
    Riding through the city
    middle finger to u heters.
    Pls. Pls and pls
    next time vector, rap to the topic given
    and if u can’t, come to me i have some flows 4 u

  80. Avatar

    Good collabo

  81. Avatar

    Mr abaga still got good lyrics vector is like a lil bro in the game rappers who are bigger than the so called vector respect m i who the hell is vector

  82. Avatar

    MI had a thorough understanding of the topic. Vector was just blabbing; there was no floww

  83. Avatar

    Omo MI dey vex for this track gan.

  84. Avatar

    Na this make oyinbo say if u wan hide something from a black man put inside book. Dudes no understand wordplay yet them say the same vector day deviate from the topic at hand. All these wanna be m i fans make una take a minute ask una sef e no go hard m i na im no deliver with English? Instead the gab switched start to flow for pidgin zoro na indeginous rapper im rep am vec na English with pidgin and Yoruba im dy rep am. Isn’t it obvious that if mi had rapped in its usual accent we all new by he would have flawed. OmO mi get good body of work no doubt but vec dy spit bars all day any time.

  85. Avatar

    Mi is king

  86. Avatar

    Vector rapped about himself sure it is simple because he believed he is his only competition,so he followed the song too,the problem with Nigerians is we don’t know that metaphors apply to rap,get educated about rap music,the bars are tight,I love Abaga,I love Vec…the song is fire

  87. Avatar

    MI be Baba always

  88. Avatar

    saw dis coming,all this beef is just to get 9ja rap game bck in track.proud of dah both of them

  89. Avatar

    Very gud

  90. Avatar

    M.I Abaga all the way AREWA### MAFIA#### teach them the sence show them the way……

  91. Avatar


  92. Avatar

    both two are good

  93. Avatar

    Nice nija g

  94. Avatar

    Mi killed it I luv u

  95. Avatar

    honestly speaking… M.i rap was wack… vector was far way too better

  96. Avatar

    Lovely dey try

  97. Avatar

    chaiiiiiiii love this song 40k under waiting

  98. Avatar

    If lion no act like lion he became domestic animal…zoro

  99. Avatar

    M.I Abaga you’re the rap ?
    no snake’s

  100. Avatar

    Baddest jam ever heard from Them.

  101. Avatar

    This guys are making this Industry a hit again

  102. Avatar

    Clear Road 4 Vector
    The King Wil Always Be King

  103. Avatar

    Must vex rap like Jay z all the time?! Yes its good for one to have a rollmodel but then u model the inspiration into your own style ND do your thing. Ruggedman once said “Must u rap like oyinbo or copy their style?”
    For M.I, it so sad that many ppl don’t understand rap culture cos if they do then they will understand that abaga flow is packed with bag full of punchlines. M.I the king anytime any day.

  104. Avatar

    Your dumb fans are dumb sha,
    Those are the words of a true fan that is dumb sha

  105. Avatar

    Kids sprawling sham evwhere!!!
    Some don’t even knw genrex of muzic, yet they wanna rate Rapperx.
    we blakx, we Africanx.
    MI delivered on point wit d subject.
    Vec just tryna get fame

  106. Avatar

    I still prefer MI

  107. Avatar

    Abegiii….those of you bragging that M.I’s part was filled with bag of punchlines ,please highlight them ? ?…. because una dey confuse me…

  108. Avatar

    We are talking about who’s on point. MI is flowing with storyline while Vec is sounding like Timaya of 2003

  109. Avatar

    Cool i love it

  110. Avatar

    MI is keeping to his word on how he want to bring back the rap music back to life big UPS to you Mr incredible, the chairman, undisputed chanpion, Africa raper no one.

  111. Avatar

    Love both….yes we need to revive rap in naija …big ups 2 the boss ??????

  112. Avatar

    The (3) artist are Good better best. In fact in one word best collabo of the year.

  113. Avatar

    m I is d best

  114. Avatar

    VEC all the way. If you don’t understand wordplay, keep quiet. Go and listen to Define Rap. Vector spoke about himself and defined himself as Rap. That’s the way to go.

  115. Avatar

    Mi is dope buh vector is doper….nice one

  116. Avatar


  117. Avatar

    The Both Artist Are Good But Vector Is A Simple Rapper Dat Know D Pains Of The Street.

  118. Avatar

    Oh Vector! I love thee

  119. Avatar

    MI the banga ??

  120. Avatar

    Tooxclusive is obviously supporting Vector, we all can see it but you all know King M is the boss. On this particular track, M.I killed it, Vector is jst like a small child who is learning how to talk, we all know M.I is short n vector is taller but with all of vector’s height, he still can’t reach the top.

  121. Avatar

    I love the music…Zoro my man..mi and vector did good too..ILY all …

  122. Avatar

    Abaga take it easy for your son
    We all knw that he’s a small boy

  123. Avatar

    For the Igbo people who have commented on this and saying M is on point the you don’t understand wordplay in rap. List to Vector well. He said he the only one if him still catch you one on one.

  124. Avatar

    Vector you be really da viper

  125. Avatar

    Vector is the realest rapper…rap na street rap na swag
    Mi lack both

  126. Avatar

    zoro is really something else mad jam Zee ride on and Abaga

  127. Avatar

    Vector is great, But MI kill this shit men.

  128. Avatar

    m i abaga still remain the best lyrically dope.vector is just dissing for fame in the game.vector won the beef because thru that diss S A niggaz get to know vector

  129. Avatar

    Som pple dont knw muzik
    Vector iz nothin to m.i zoro himself knw d killer nw,.

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