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TX Review: N Word (Remix) + W.i.V Where is Vector?

Posted by funke on August 9, 2014 in Editorial · 57 Comments


This week’s edition of TX Review has tracks from 2 rap goons placed under heavy scrutiny. Ice Prince’s “N Word Remix ft. AKA” vs Vector’s “W.i.V (Where is Vector?)”.

Find out how these tracks fare when rated over 5.

Ice Prince – N Word Remix ft. AKA


Jim Donnett’s Verdict

Aboki rap crooner, Ice Prince is reliving glory moments from his 2013 album Fire of Zamani and getting the remix treatment with a feature from South African rapper, AKA will be the track N Word .

First off, Don Jazzy and Chopstix showed their hold over the mastery of contemporary rap music with beats and tunes that you can’t just help but bump your head to. And then they threw in some transpositions somewhere on the track… amazeballs! Once this enters into play at a club, things will definitely go wild.

Ice, oh dear Ice. The way he be spitting on those bars and transitioning his lines through English and pidgin was nothing short of flawless. AKA brought it real good. Like you listen to him and you’re thinking “now that’s what rap/a rapper should sound like”. Together, their delivery was without blemish and made the rap art seem like no big feat at all. But seriously, did you expect any less from rap’s finest? I guessed not.

Rating: 4


Funke’s Verdict:

First I must confess, I’m not a rap person so if I misyarn, don’t take it personal.

Now, first thing that struck me about this track is the beat. It’s different and sometimes different can be good. It would have been better though if the mixing had been a lil’ more together. I mean less background noise ….I think. However, on the whole Ice Prince did good and AKA brought it. Some punch lines here and there although I’d have preferred to hear a little bit more punchlines.

I’d definitely nod ma head to this one while sipping on sum’n.

Rating: 3.5


JimmyKing’s Verdict

It’s being quite a while that I’ve heard a real hip hop song/beat from a Nigerian artiste. The collaboration of four different connoisseurs in the likes of Don Jazzy, Chopstix, Ice Prince and South African’s hip hop star AKA. Ice Prince is presently the hottest rapper in Nigeria and he has worked with international rappers from French Montana to AKA.

The N Word is definitely one of the best hip hop songs from a Nigerian artiste this year. The beat is what makes the song unique. AKA wasn’t too impressive though he could have done better. The beat reminds me of those Dj Khaleed hiphop beats mixed with different progressions and twist. Don Jazy and Chopstix really did a great job on the beat. Rating 4/5

Rating: 4

What’s your verdict?


Vector – W.i.V (Where is Vector?)


Jim Donnett’s Verdict:

Vector apparently has got an awful lot to say since his full calendar silence and having stayed off grid in the music media space. He’s had time enough to brew the best of his creativity and sheer lyrical genius into A7 – a mixtape that I’m sure will be very well received upon it’s release. To wet our appetites, is the first single off the mixtape, Where is Vector? (W.i.V).

He brings back his signature treble vocals on the hook, married with impeccably self-styled rap delivery and buttered with puns and rhymes dotting all over it. True to his words really, he was never hiding. Where is Vector? (W.i.V) is all the answer we’ve been itching to hear on the questions asked and the ones we haven’t dared to ask. Only that most people wouldn’t know it because he’s served it in a most unusual creative style or perhaps because some are just too carried away with the frenzy of his long-awaited return.

Rating: 4


Funke’s Verdict:

I’ve been waiting to hear from Vector for a while and I must say he didn’t disappoint.

The beat was really good and the Piano, a nice touch. In the usual Vector format, he preached the truth about rappers going commercial and while he didn’t actually throw shades at anybody in particular, he seems to be spoiling for a fight seeing as he’s calling on anybody to mess with with him cause he needs a distraction or maybe he just needs someone to rap about #justsaying

Honestly there’s nothing to correct in this track (then again, bear in mind that I’m not a student of Rap). I particularly enjoyed the hook/chorus, his punchlines and his diction which as usual is on point. A wonderful comeback I’ll say.

Rating: 3.5


JimmyKing’s Verdict:

Where is Vector? I think is a question I need to ask myself too because Vector who used to be one of the best Mc’s in the rap game and possibly one of the best rapper of 2012/2013 has been silent. He left his fans with the question “where is vector”. Well the rapper has been silent for a reason and the release of his new single just proves to us that Vector has being working really hard not to disappoint his fans and he also plans to release a mixtape #A7 which would drop pretty soon. Although the fallout with his record label YSG Entertainment must have been part of his being quite.

The song “Where is Vector” is one of those songs that makes you want to nod your head. The beat of the song is awesome; the dynamics of the beat with the vocal input gave it a unique feel. Vector’s flow on the beat was dope, the play on words was creative. The song was basically addressing his fans and everyone who thought he was done. Rating 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5

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48 total comments on this postSubmit yours
  1. ice Prince is nt a rapper by a freestyle singer while Vec is a rapper. rite or wrong my fellow music listeners

    • Yes,you can’t compare Vector wiv iceprince. Vector’z gona kill u with punch line while iceprince gona do free blunt rap style with word. V E C is da best. Iceprince album sounds like Highlife songs with 3rap tracks…..yes or No

  2. All the reviewers don’t knw shii about Rap,AKA killed ice on his own joint and u are giving Where is Vector 3.5/5?damn that track is flawless 10/5 mehn

  3. Jesse “JAGO” Jagz>Ice Prince, Vector and all of them…………Ice Prince has fallen-off, he is killing hiphop with this nursery rhyme, he used to be good back in his Oleku days not now that he’s commercialise…….Jesse Jagz is the best Rapper in Nigeria now, I respect Boogey, Kahli Abdu, Vector, Godwon. I won’t mention Modenine and M.I. Here because they are unique and cannot be mixed with these Rappers.

    • Blaqq dnt be ridiculous 4 chosen jessjagz ahead vec Tha viper in nageria.vec is best in nigeria…nd mode9 nd MI nt on the same level!Mi should metdown wen it com to rap wit VEC talkless of jessejagz who born dem!

  4. That N.word song is was not properly mixed. Ice prince is not a rapper n shouldn’t be compared to V.E.C. Aka mudered that Nword track. I had to do a research on him b4 I cud understand his not an american. Vector is in his prime, inshort he hasn’t even started.

  5. That N.word song is was not properly mixed. Ice prince is not a rapper n shouldn’t be compared to V.E.C. Aka mudered that Nword track. I had to do a research on him b4 I cud understand his not an american. Vector is in his prime, inshort he hasn’t even started.

  6. The reviews are rubbish…both tracks shouldn’t be above 2.

  7. sorry, this review is totally outa point. Vector got wat Mr ice seeks so d both can’t just b compared nt even N WORD and WIV….back ur keyboard nd tink nxt tym pls.

  8. sorry, this review is totally outa point. Vector got wat Mr ice seeks so d both can’t just b compared nt even N WORD and WIV….pack ur keyboard nd tink nxt tym pls.

  9. Wack!! AKA Totally Murdered NWord,Jst Listen 2 D Way He Decorized His Verze,Ice Ws Jst Messin Up,His Verze On D 1st 1 z Far Beta….D Mixin Ws Not Properly Done……W.I.V Is Not I Xpected 4rm Vec..We Nid His WordPlay Back Lyk WASTED & POPULAR.etc

  10. Lol…I no vec is better than ice because vec rap is more unless like american rap…but…ice is good in his own aspect… everybody is good in his own side

  11. A.K.A killed d song ,,, any sensible rap lover know Vec is better than ice prince anytym anyday,, afta jesse jagz its vec ,,, olamide and phyno follow too , sinzu ,m,I …. Godwon ,, aq ,, ice prince since ,his aboki ,has been doing mainly commercial shits ,still luv him thou

  12. Jimmyking is a waste… u didn’t knw vec had problems wiv his former label …asking dead questions…then john I’m nt sorry but ur a fool for saying w.I.v deserves a 2. The whole tooxclusive as a whole….are mad… can u compare ice prince to vector…dats disrespect on vectors part….and u guys are d ones to knw wassup about music….I’m really sad for u guys

  13. Vector is better than iceprince…mehn wonder y 2face has not featured iceprince?but has about to songs with vector?the guy is dope

  14. I cnt imagine, dix peeps..ratin ice ahead. Vec… rapp king ix MOdo…nxt ix Vec…ice ix no whr…….

  15. Ice is wack

    • Thanks 4 saying dat……..dude is overated

  16. First of all,some of us need to go back home n learn how to express n present dem totz. Cos I c no reason for d yabs nd unnecessary insult sum give bcos of another person’s opinion.
    Dat said, back to d matter. Ice prince is n has always bin a Freestylist while VEC on d other hand has always bin a hardcore rapper n dey both hv stuck to their respective pattern so its nt ryt to compare dem. The N-word rmx I will give a 7 n as for W.I.V I wud glady give a 10. They r both good music irrespective of d pattern. I pray dey kip making good music as they’ve bin doing. God bless u all!!!!!.

    • Who told u iceprince is a free stylist? Dats a lie…. He doesn’t knw hw to freestyle.he knows that too and have said it on the team west wood cipher and bck home he said it on sylverbird…Mayb u shud say iceprince is nt a punchliner wyl vector is.

  17. Never you compare ice prince… With vector… Talk about W.I.V… OMG that track is on fire.. All of you compare Vector with Ice prince need 2 be paint wit yellow with 2 black lines.. Competition Backing off… V.E.C…. U de Best

  18. Guys wat are u tlking ice is stll d best rappr in naija vec is good 2 but ice bt mi nd jess jags so

  19. Vector is back….wack rappers don dy fear

  20. Vector is back….wack rappers don dy fear

  21. I love Ice prince #No 1Fan… won the BET award,wah did vector Win???I’m jes saying, v.e.c is a good rapper….buh since ice won the BET why are u guys runing your mouth like a runing tap?????

    • See dis dummy ooo… werin concern BET wiv werin we dey talk here… it’s like saying Usher z Bera Dan Rkelly because usher got grammies n kelz didnt… ice prince n VEC no b mate… Eva murdered Ice Prince on his shots on shots cover… Sarkodie murdered him in his own song.. belike Una smoke dry shut for comparing VEC to Ice…

  22. Mehn, i love both rappers buh da original Nword is better dan W.I.V? And W.I.V? is betra dan Nword_rmx

  23. I just can’t imagine people comparin Ice to Vec…shey Ice na rapper abi alajunmu wey olamide 1. Sign..the guy no sabi…If they ask dem to go on Rap battle…Vec go just kill am…the guy too wack 4 me sha..Vector all d way


  25. Vector Remains the Best all Round…. Ice has done good work as well, But Coming to Compare Vector (tha army punch liner) to ice prince, hmmm omor, una drink OMO, Vector Murder Ice Jare… #undun #Oshamo

    • Vector is better than ice by far ice is still a kid rapper but he has hard success cause he’s comercial. Vector always take us to school with his rap am glad vector is doing rap the way he does it cause he is one of the realest. I just hope m.i abaga will come back

    • Vector is better than ice by far ice is still a kid rapper but he has had success cause he’s comercial. Vector always take us to school with his rap am glad vector is doing rap the way he does it cause he is one of the realest. I just hope m.i abaga will come back

  26. Guys, iThink y’all keep missing the point here. The TX jury puts these songs (or videos as the case may be) under scrutiny and subjects them to non-sentimental reviews. The songs/videos… not the artistes!

    Still, we can’t take the artistes out because they’re the ones presenting these songs being reviewed. So please, understand that nobody is comparing anybody here. I hope that’s clear now.

    God bless you and keep visiting

    • Pls what’s wrong with these people?

  27. Vec’z gat wah erry lyricist sud av wordplays,punchlines,metaphors e.t.c…ice aint a rapper all hez concerned bou z makin money…..he featured french montana n he kpt on deliverin nursery rhymes….no wonda french dint waste hz lyn(wise niccur) n fuck! hz anybody compared hz lines in shots on shots wiv dah of eva’z on d same beat,n yhur hia comparin sum1 hu wuz murdered by a gurl on hz own beat wiv THE VIPER!…….una chop craze????

    • Why are u so senseless with ur comment here… Ice is a well known artist all over d world, let’s Vector collect BET and then he can be compare with ice… Lobatan

  28. So TX Y’all just gon say that ice prince’s delivery on n word remix was dope abi. Y’all a bunch of dick riders. the nigga been making wackness songs for a long time coming and everybody be killing him on his own shit. yeah the anticipation of having a new song from vector made a lot of folks download this new song but truth be told I expected more bars. I am privileged to have met him in person and I’m also privileged to know that A7 will be a different thing from what all vector fans are used too. so I can never fault him. and too exclusive ur still gonna catch fade from me for calling A-Q’s cover of where is vector a diss track. fucking retards

  29. Alotta people flowing like they all that… Niggas, check the headline.. It’s fucking review and not a battle between both rappers… Their songs are being reviewed….. Dang !!!
    People think with their asses these days, that’s why the only thing they understand and spit is shit.
    That said, love both songs, and I think the reviews are a great representation of the songs.. Big S/O to IDJA…

  30. I love both rappers #no homo..but when it comes to who I really look up to,who makes it without being commercial,who spits better than you think..I love #THAVIPER..I just pity the new distractor sha

  31. For gce verified chokes for all subjects for just 2k. 2go@wezysuleiman or call 09096905082 pin 265a6a8a.good luck

  32. anonimous … guy u sabi music… big s/o too u.. teamVEC.. Ya’all gattu watch vec and ice on stv freestyle…

  33. Lol….Vector is Miles away from Iceprince….don’t qet me wronq o….me love me some Ice….buh put Vector and Ice on d same staqe for a Rap Battle,Who’s qon qet Murdered??…on the same track who’s qon qet murdered??…mehn I’on nid to ansa dat…Cuz Lyrically Vec wuld murk Him….even Physically he’ll Hurt him….Vector is Berra dan Ice#CaseClosed

    • tank u vry much vec is faa faa beta dan ice

      • tank u jor

  34. Pls oh don’t play with vector

  35. Dnt take it personal oh. Viper nd aboki wan fight check am well oh. #vector should be compared with MI

  36. aite Vector was all that in 2012..but we r tlkn abt d present 2014 so i think ice prince z d best right now..W.i.v was not all that impressive for the kinda hype it got and M.i’s king james;that didnt sound like my m.i at all, they are good but they need to claim that spot back (vector n m.i) prince z rocking da throne right now

  37. I hav to agree wit u guys wit that guy sayin ice prince made an album with only 3 rap tract,well that is so so bad and does shows he dosent love rap,he prefers singing than rapping! we all knw that,he dosent want to spend his time n do researches and bring out verses,songsand albums that will record his name as maybe the best ever
    i’ll personally tell u that i like ice prince but this dude likes money more than himself!
    u wil see him mek a cople of good lines like two or three lines n will relax,before u cliam u ar d best u hav to make d whole verse a dope always hieroglyphic,u have to mek all d verses thro out d entie song like that,and almost all d entire album like that,u hav to do more research,iceprince u hav to stop reading our Nig. lyrics,stop comparing urself to nigerian n try 2 see ur self as they ar far behind u

    The problem in Nigeria is whn an mc tries to outdo what a Nigerian rapper did which ar always so lame lyrically,iceprince u stop their lyrics n measure try to meassure up or even pass d americans like kendrick lamr,each time they release their best tract try to read then and chanllenge ur selt to his lyrics and say if he can do like then i can do better,read more lyrics frm pple like lupefiasco,illogic,aesop rocky,nas,jay z and kendrick lamar and stop comparing and trying to otdo wht Nigerian rappers did,they aint even close to dope i’ll tell u
    Nw d mc’s that i respect in NIGERIA are modenine,xo xenavoe and jesse jags,those aer d only gus that hve tried to keep d lyrical flag fying a little
    anywhr ice prince i so much congratulate u 4 having the best lines ever in african rap music ever
    “a young kid from africa spits on your heath daily”
    been to the prison to see what the bars gave me,
    shinning like the sun and hav been with the stars lately,
    been through the fire you see what the scars made me”
    that is wht we expect frm u,do it like that thro out d entier verse,thro out d entire song n thro out d entire album n nt just with 4 lines alone n u ar sure to be d best mc ever

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