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15 Years Later, Blackface Drops His Version Of “African Queen” He Claimed 2face Stole. Listen!!

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Former Plantashun Boiz member, Blackface, has just dropped his own version of 2face’s 2004 smash hit single; “African Queen.”

Blackface who has been known to be a ‘bone in the neck’ of 2face since “African Queen” dropped in 2004, waited for 15 years to finally drop his version. The reason for the release of his own version is very clear, Blackface has always said 2face stole the song from him. He has always claimed to be the composer of “African Queen,” from the lyrics to the rhythm and every other thing. This ownership claim by Blackface has created bad blood between himself and 2face in times past.

However, in a recent concert in Festac, (a residential area in Lagos) 2face and Blackface met on stage and called truce to their disagreement. On that stage, Blackface promised to stop haunting 2face and drop all allegations against him. But to everyone’s greatest surprise, the singer announced the release of his own version of “African Queen” earlier today and it has been causing a major uproar on the internet leading to questions.

Could 2face and Blackface have struck a gentleman’s agreement for the latter to release his own version? No answer seems forthcoming, maybe not just yet. Meanwhile, we have provided the audio of Blackface’s “African Queen” version below, the reggae-inspired song sounds brilliantly too.

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  • 15 Years After, Blackface Drops His Own Brilliant Version Of 2face’s
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  1. Avatar

    Its dope honestly ,but Tubaba will always take the credit cos he did it first.

  2. Avatar

    Still good

  3. Avatar

    It’s dope. I know it means so much to him. Blackface just sing more songs. Write better songs. You will come out

  4. Avatar

    2face is a thief.
    Karma is just a myth

  5. Avatar

    Honestly, it’s dopey

  6. Avatar

    2baba is on top no 1 get close to him……..Lol

  7. Avatar

    So this is what took you 15years to sing bar?
    i hope say u go fit sleep well, now wer you don do this local version of African queen.
    No go find work do.

  8. Avatar

    The difference is clear, 2baba did the International version and face did the local version. So thank God we heard the international Version before the local version after 15year.

  9. Avatar

    Go find work oga

  10. Avatar

    2face has done many good songs after African queen, too bad the this guy still live in the past.

  11. Avatar

    God bless African.

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    Its really Good…. I could like it twice.
    But he should move on…its 15yrs already, hr should write more songs, he Will Still trend

  14. Avatar

    2baba remains number one

  15. Avatar

    Hmm, even if 2baba truly stole the song , he did better than this though,15 years ago. I think for me, there’s no point trying to pirate the song that shot 2baba to stardom. He(2baba) has made his name and he has done tremendous works other than African Queen. He has won lots of awards both local and international. The truth Still remains that ,’who God has blessed,no man can cross.’Tubaba is a musical legend and he’s proven it in countless ways.

  16. Avatar

    It’s obvious Tubaba had a beta version.

  17. Avatar

    It’s good, u ll appreciate it more if u re a reggae fan.

  18. Avatar

    15 years after, u come out with your so called version that is not as dope as d one 2face sang 15 years ago. What a shame

  19. Avatar

    Song made out of strife…Sing another one that you wrote that 2baba stole. We ‘re all ears!

  20. Avatar

    I love this guy but make prove himself rather than hating… Nice one blackface.

  21. Avatar

    Blackface is talent that’s all

  22. Avatar

    Inside life,ninu aye.?

  23. Avatar

    This guy(blackface) can look for trouble lol

  24. Avatar

    How would Blackface blow and come to stardom with this version of his Africa Queen. Well, he needs to do alot of advert gingles. I love 2Baba too, he is a Living Legend but why did he steal the song, he has to apologise and reconcile with Blackface and let ‘sleeping dogs lie”

  25. Avatar

    Nice one love he deliver

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Some stupid people turning down this song,its seriously dope,,i love the song

  28. Avatar

    Best of luck bro. Better late than never.
    More hits. I pray you will blow too someday. :O

  29. Avatar

    Its nice bro

  30. Avatar

    Forget the past, the future holds better opportunities for you when you release more songs. If you continue dwelling in the past, you’ll remain stagnant. Just let go.

  31. Avatar

    this guy is a clown , if he dropped this , believe me , no one would have known African Queen just like no one knows any of his songs ….. sit down

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    I can only help u listen to it but I can download it.

  34. Avatar

    Hmmm, that is the disadvantage of smoking weed, I guest he sold the song to 2face so cheap when he was broke looking for money to buy weed..

  35. Avatar

    Though am not siding or saying tuface didn’t steal your song but the fact is that even if tuface hadn’t sang this controversial track (African queen)he has done other great songs that could have got him to stardom,blackface is good too,he did some great songs earlier after their breakup just that after sometimes the best among them was revealed,just try more bro you might blow the second time

  36. Avatar

    Oga i like the beat. Abeg drop the like make we use am sing better song…

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    Brother ridy on you have what it take to be on top God of the good time will remember you and everything will turn around

  39. Avatar

    Tooxclusive this song was actually done in the year 2008 in his abulm me myself and i

  40. Avatar

    Dope Music

  41. Avatar

    With 2baba I stand

  42. Avatar

    Wait a minute, Blackface was featured in 2baba’s first album and African Queen was the lead song in that album- why didn’t he stop him then?

  43. Avatar

    I called it cover,bcos it sound like d original one done by 2face, I thanks God for d song at least this will end his fight with 2face

  44. Avatar

    The fact is dat 2baba is a living legend… So is not living in the past again…

  45. Avatar

    Thank God 2face stole the song, this one for no blow reach that first one

  46. Avatar

    If he had this song, what stopped him from releasing it back then.

  47. Avatar

    You should be thankful to Tuface for helping you sing this song in a better way if truly you wrote it, it would have been better for you to be published as the writer, Tuface the artist and the you would have been part of the success story, this your version is a no no

  48. Avatar

    Blackface ,i love your spirit ?
    Thank you for not giving up after 15years
    God bless your hustle
    Greater heights

  49. Avatar

    Well my honest option, the song is OK but it can’t replace the love and acceptance by 2face’s version. The will always go to 2face

  50. Avatar

    I love the music. If you really know a good nudic, you’ll love it first time you listened to it. But black face you really need to move on. 2baba has move far ahead you can’t match his record. You have the talent bro. Tuface has done a lot in Nigeria music industry. Apart from African Queen, tuface has done uncountable songs. Be yourself. If tubaba can do it without you, bro you can also do it without tubaba. He is tubaba, he is Nigeria legend.

  51. Avatar

    Blackface should better get a life and stop living in the past. He sang his own version of this same African queen years back. If he is a prolific writer as claimed, why haven’t he drop hits even since they went solo? 2face now 2Baba has been churning out hits upon hits and yet the frenemies is still struggling with his musical career.

  52. Avatar

    Its soooooo sweet…better than the first..

  53. Avatar

    I feel the originator killed it

  54. Avatar

    This is what I’ve been expecting from him all this while. Thank God he’s beginning to reason well.

  55. Avatar

    Yeah to be sincere here 2face stole black face song and style…….feel pity for u broda, tuface is now our legend.

  56. Avatar

    U try but destiny is different if it was u dat sing this song at that time maybe it wont even blow

  57. Avatar

    Black face I love ur reggae vibe… Plz do drop another der is still space for u to occupy

  58. Avatar

    You tried bro, keep of up. Tu Baba Tu Baba Tu Baba, how many times did I call you? Apologise to him for stealing his song like it or not, his song brought you to stardom.

  59. Avatar

    Face, (Blackface, 2 Face) … African Queen in question is a collective work of the three duo. 2 Face only breath life into it. Dem be two, later become three
    They run things together, live in peace and harmony
    Then suddenly, the three bin disagree
    One go solo
    The other two follow
    Oh no no no

  60. Avatar

    If you are truly the owner of this song, Karma should please take its course. This song should have elevated you far above where you are today. Make more songs bro….. You got the gift

  61. Avatar

    If ur musical carrier have ended why not tried another thing than bringing shame upon yourself

  62. Avatar

    Though I love 2face, but facing reality; if blackface was truly rubbed of the song, he doesn’t deserve the I’ll comments coming from people. 2face sang the song so well that we enjoyed it,and still enjoying it each time it’s being played… But for someone to use another person’s intellectual material (without permission) to get fame can be very hurting… & I think that’s what blackface feels… That is if the claim or story behind the song is true.

    Fans of both parties should just peace kind and peaceful in their comments, lest they spark up fire between the two again…. Both versions of the song are great…. Listeners are now left with the choice of which version to listen to.

  63. Avatar

    Las las there was an Esau and a Jacob….nice jams old and new version…we r all guilty of one thing or d other.if uncle blackface can just move on and tubaba can just show him some more real love…everywhere go soft

  64. Avatar

    I feel blackface should write and release more songs.
    He’s got what it takes to be on top of the list.
    Kudos blackface, your version of African Queen is dupe.

  65. Avatar

    He no go find work to do,everybody dey do music

  66. Avatar

    Hey this is dope I swear..Thunder fire 2 face??

  67. Avatar

    He should move on I love all his song but is past now

  68. Avatar

    Blackface, there is sumtin called destiny which they said it can never and never be change… You might ave blow wit dis african queen and be no more today. I believe u dnt know wat God has done for u by keeping u alive today. Dagrin blow and where is he today? So, u better start praising God for keeping u alive. Fatai Rolling Dollar which ppl known as Asanmale ( meaning, he became famous at old age ).

    Mr blackface, you can never be wise than your destiny… If u ave opportunity to read my comment, i pray u understand it better… Move on bro

  69. Avatar

    God bless you Black

  70. Avatar

    I still prefer 2faces’s

  71. Avatar

    Guys wake up blackface wrote most of plantations boys songs blackface is brilliant talented. let’s comment him, he knws hw to used d appropriate words, good lyrics frm dis very version of his own African Queen, show he’s d original writer of d song. Bravo black face u kill dis song, good music bro

  72. Avatar

    All I see is a cover of 2 baba Africa queen

  73. Avatar

    Blackface is senseless why did he not dropped his own track few days after Tubaba drop his own. Guy avoid weed e nor da make u think well I don’t like what I hate

  74. Avatar

    Bro do more songs not be dis one go make you blow but it’s very painful when person stole want really belongs you. Cos na dis song 2face take get millions to do hit songs, bro do new things forget about the past and the world go hear you.

  75. Avatar

    Black face you try ohhhhhhhh but why you drop this after 15years back abi nah you copy the music ni

  76. Avatar

    Life no get love!

  77. Avatar

    Nt bad at all. U sef get better talent, u cn make new songs…. Ur voice is amazing…. Do smtin new 4 us. We’d love it

  78. Avatar

    Even if they had done this song together it won’t have been appreciated the way it is with 2baba…

  79. Avatar

    This is actually boring compared to the Original one done by 2baba….I don’t care who stole from who, but I know 2baba did a far better job than this shit.

  80. Avatar

    2baba is are legend for life.

  81. Avatar

    Oga uh be mugu why u no let go, tubaba don already chop the glory

  82. Avatar

    Good song bro, just move on and leave all this tubaba dis n day biko

  83. Avatar

    How dare you make a beautiful song and mka it sound so horrible… You should be locked up in jail for such wickness ???????

  84. Avatar

    2baba is still your teacher just be humble and cool down. This one is African trash. …

  85. Avatar

    Dope music…! I prefer this version than 2face version

  86. Avatar

    Work hard and stop hating on your Brother because who God has blessed no man can curse. Tu’ baba is a Legendary singer, the earlier you acknowledge that the better for you.

  87. Avatar

    Chai… As an upcoming artist, you are advised to do covers to s song of any superstar u admire.
    Good cover… You will go far blackface.
    ? ?

  88. Avatar

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  89. Avatar

    Same content, different style & melody. I prefer this TBH.

  90. Avatar

    Blackface, go and settle with your brother 2baba and stop this beef. Grow up bro and let go. You are both unique and you can express yourself with other songs and stay original. No hate just being realistic

  91. Avatar

    Blackface never gave up after fifteen years, this song really means a lot to him. And now that he sings it in his own version he’s Ok with d fight. Keep moving on breda,you will soon get there. One love from reggae lovers

  92. Avatar

    You are good in your own way.
    Try and reconcile issues with tuface.

  93. Avatar

    Just mind ur own business 2baba is far richer than you

  94. Avatar

    If you na u gt the song as u claim,why u no release am back in 04..u carry am give a maestro like 2. Na God arrange am like that to fulfill the blessing with 2.You have to understand that.Stop seeing tubaba as responsible for your setback.i know you want some of that African Queen money but it’s a bit late and you cannot force it.Justlike Cain and Abel,Abel was the chosen one…2face has been favoured divinely .

  95. Avatar

    There be two leta becomes three there lived in peace and harmony suddenly something happened the other one go solo other two follow oh no no no no I Fink 2baba explained everything dat went wrong btwin d 3 of dem in dat track every1 destiny is different in life

  96. Avatar

    The scores is finally settled now, Black face please move on ,Tuface already did and above all you cane out with your own version and that’s what matters . Good luck bro

  97. Avatar

    Far behind time. No more relevant. We are at the age of Zanku. Sorry Bro.

  98. Avatar

    What matters ,is that he has his version yes, he wrote it yes,it will be for his fans present and unborn yes ,
    Thank you BFN ,it a very positive vibes we feel it for real,
    I see you, nice music .

  99. Avatar

    Nigeria as a whole has grown more than this. You orth to have come up with something better than this. You fucked up again bro

  100. Avatar

    You should be grateful to tuface,at 15yrs ago version is still far better than this your new version. Just move ahead and stop dwelling in the past

  101. Avatar

    Blackface should just settle with 2baba they should do collaboration on d remix of African Queen

  102. Avatar

    You all criticizing blackface really have no idea what it takes to finish cooking a food and have someone stole the whole food from you without having a taste in it my people it’s hurts like mad I think he should move on but this Black face jam too is on point 9ce on bro keep doing it

  103. Avatar

    The guy really tried. I know how bad this can really hurt. Seeing your hard work being given credit to another person. The song is dope.

  104. Avatar

    I think I love this because,it more reggae oriented and I am a reggae fanatic. I will only encourage Blackface to do more hits of this kind that will rock the Market. I will also want you to show more maturity in handling issue with your old friends cause people will be misinterpreting your feeling for envy or something of that Nature. Love you Blackface

  105. Avatar

    I think I love this because,it more reggae oriented and I am a reggae fanatic. I will only encourage Blackface to do more hits of this kind that will rock the Market. I will also want you to show more maturity in handling issue with your old friends cause people will be misinterpreting your feeling for envy or something of that Nature. Love you Blackface

  106. Avatar

    Nice one but 2baba is on it already

  107. Avatar

    In every romor there is a tendency it will be truth. 2face might be a thief. Who make his way from peoples struggle. Blackface please do more song you still have what it takes to have a hit like your song hard life

  108. Avatar

    This could have passed as a remix of the 2baba original. But it’s 15 years too late. It’s now old music. Such rhythm is not trending now. We are in the era of Zanku, gbese, pawon, inside life…..

  109. Avatar

    Nice one,,,,, Back it up with another good one,,, once people finish making their noise

  110. Avatar

    Great one. I love the spirit. Pls bro give us more of this

  111. Avatar

    its realy painful when u are being cheated expecially by ur closiest friend lets be sincere! i no 2face cant say the truth on this, but concience it there! its just like stilling someone,s joy! this song is cool and far better than nonesence we here this day, forget the past and move on. Holding on to the past will couse u more arm. because people like u are not their again that why we have all this breastfeeding babies singing rubbish dominating! NIGER STILL LOVE U AND WANT TO HEAR U MOOOREEE BRO!

  112. Avatar

    This version is not new… this song was in one of his albums years back. I think it’s bloggers that brought this up

  113. Avatar

    2 face is a criminal you can hear the song let him pay black face his money

  114. Avatar

    blackface is a gud singer and a divine connector of inspiration great,love,&teacher i love ur track and de u 4give de sing is a inspiration of 4give to tell de world dat u 4give 2face,1 love, no can stop de game i love u welcome back bros

  115. Avatar

    Lovely song bro. But you can do better you got talent and you can still take your space in the industry! And let love lead.

  116. Avatar

    What are u guys saying,2baba betrayed this guy and Some nonsense and ingredients fools is here saying rubbish,as much as I love 2baba he is owing black face 50 million

  117. Avatar

    You see am,… Na so craze tey dey start ?!
    Blackface u should just hide your ugly na, Haba!

  118. Avatar

    Know o understand his position, like the first singer of this song stole it from the group. Not too good

  119. Avatar

    Is dope, but the glory of the song is belong to 2face, I dont need to do this anympre. A musician that cla to be a talented star must have varites of song, u should have done something different, lastly u should have sing this song when 2 baba version dey trend, even if the song was truely urs I still choose 2 face version against your own, alot of people have sang no woman no cry but Bob’s version is still the original

  120. Avatar

    This is just some dumb cover

  121. Avatar

    You guys here are talking trash ,…,.
    Let the young man be, some of Nigeria singers are
    Singing nonsense, this track is a hit one , show the guy love and a welcome back huge.. Nigerians will never change…..

  122. Avatar

    The song is super dope!! Well done black baba!!!

  123. Avatar

    Black face is clearly the owner of this song. There is something real about his own version.

    He has just given us what he would have given to us 15 years ago and he is not cosmetic about it.

  124. Avatar

    Still like him … face ride on, whatsoever will be will be

  125. Avatar

    Shining with someone else glory is evil and it could be so frustrating to the owner of the glory… Nothing to do again than for black face to move on…. Esau had no choice than to moved on with his life after which Jacob stole his blessing.

    #Blackface I pray God hear your cry and bless you beyond imagination. Just keep pressing on and be positive minded.

  126. Avatar

    Go learn yahoo… Mugu

  127. Avatar

    Nice song.
    Love it.

  128. Avatar

    Dis shit is on black face album na since 2008,i still have the CD at home,na wa o,tooxlusive you can lie o

  129. Avatar

    Nice version also. But let d past b in d past. If u feel he stole ur song write a better one and sing it. Its a level playing ground. Ur version is tight just try writting another one it hust might b better. Nice track once again

  130. Avatar

    It sounds more or less like a copyright

  131. Avatar

    Let us call spade a spade….what tuface did was wrong,we should all give credit to blackface not applauding tuface for stealing someone’s intellectual property..I am surprised that some of the commenters here are still not finding anything wrong with what 2face did…but,I remember that we are in naija where thieves and criminals are being celebrated…

  132. Avatar

    I will not waste my data to download this. It might be true but how come the photocopy looks better than the original?

  133. Avatar

    Why Africans doesn’t appreciate themselves ,the guy must survive now and nothing bad in that music.God bless you Blackfaze and Tuface .

  134. Avatar

    I love it also

  135. Avatar

    Don’t know why you people are killing yourself, this song was released in 2008 so how come black face is dropping the song again. Nawa for naija o..lack of articles

  136. Avatar

    I feel this is the original version truely, lyrics r well spelt out and the connectivity was just too original. Blackfaze owned the song but tuface had the Glory, so pathetic. Blackfaze should drop a new hit

  137. Avatar


  138. Avatar

    15 year and nothing to show

  139. Avatar

    Wow , nice piece bro

  140. Avatar

    Im a strong fan of 2baba but love blackface songs as far back as 2006, this his own version is also prety cool but let the two crooners find a better way to settle amicably, may be do a refix, remix or merix. To bring black face to the limelight too, 2baba has already make it big, they should stop throwing a fight at each other, besides the are more like brother. Bravo to blackface it shows he never give up.

  141. Avatar

    Well it’s cool.
    He should have done this since. God bless Man.

  142. Avatar

    its nice, and it might be true in what u re always saying cus there is no smoke without fire, but yet (black face) you could have been pushing up with more songs, I think that’s a good idea, God will still bless u…

  143. Avatar

    Very painful indeed, use that emotional anger and hit the studio

  144. Avatar

    Nice song! No comparison…no bad energy…no quarrelling…no fighting…….KEEP MAKING MUSIC. That’s all…more songs!

  145. Avatar

    It’s a nice cover for the original version. Let him just focus on more covers for other ppl’s songs he should be able to get some pay from it. 2baba will be proud to listen to this cover.

  146. Avatar

    Nice one bro ????????? u made it ? clear that u own the song, I know how it paints but bro u gat to let it go we pray u come back again the industry need u. Success & more musical inspiration I wish u, pls ? bro don allowed dey past to bring u down just move on & definitely u will rise up again the world is waiting to hear from u. For u all that through bad shot @ black face I just want u guys to know that 4 every thing that happened they is a reason 4 it so they is no reason 4 mocking him. I love 2baba & black face I advised the both to reconside & move on

  147. Avatar

    Nice one black face… But it’s better you don’t dwell in the past just move forward to the future and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. for everything that happened you have to give thanks to God.. and remember one thing ” some starts the race, when others are at the finish line” sing on bro.. the world will hear you one day…..

  148. Avatar

    This reggae version has melody, i like the bass line ,nice one black face. Jah bless!

  149. Avatar

    Mtcheewwwwwww. Total rubbish. Yoú don’t even have a good voice to make the song better in any way. Bros, you should have just kept this in the stidio

  150. Avatar

    Guy u no shame…people don do song….u still dey sleep wake up…check my boys wizkids and davido

  151. Avatar

    This song was sang in 2005, it was on one of blackface albums. Why is tooxclusive giving misleading information?

  152. Avatar

    Tells so many things about him, he’s yet to grow ever since, same lyrics, if he truly owns it he should have come up with better lyrics. I’m sure 2baba must have edited some of the lyrics, he still used it. I think its 2baba’s turn to sue him.

  153. Avatar

    He try. But I still prefare the 2face version. He infuse ragae- into the song trying to create a difference but its difficult. I hope this will lay to rest all the disagreement and threats. Let him sing more songs and stop living in 2baba shadow am sure he will do great.

  154. Avatar

    Blackface try and let go. The backup for the chorus is too loud, almost more loud than the chorus lead voice.
    I’m not in support with whatever happen between you two but believe me, if you let go and drink a glass of water, you will do a hit better than #kukere…. 2face show this man love, yourself let go and show him love.. Karma is real oh..

  155. Avatar


  156. Avatar

    It’s sounds truly dope he has always been the lyricist of that group u actually deserve some credit no doubt but it high time u moved on bro u still got that fire in thats an heavenly gift no 1 can take away from u i love u and love 2baba pls just find a common ground and follow ur dreams long as there is life there hope fly bro chase the dream let the past be????????

  157. Avatar

    Nice 1, wish dem another collabo & not frienimies.

  158. Avatar

    Just move on bro… Reconcile with 2baba and move on. Good lyrics and rhythm. I gv it to u. U are good

  159. Avatar

    Bros, try write better songs and pray for God, stop dwelling in the past.

  160. Avatar

    Few questions:,
    1.Has black face ever provided any proof that 2baba stole his song?
    2. Wasn’t blackface featured on that 2baba first album which had African queen as a track?
    3. Who or what stopped blackface from producing more songs as both faze and 2baba did?
    4. Both faze and 2baba had gone to

  161. Avatar

    Few questions:,
    1.Has black face ever provided any proof that 2baba stole his song?
    2. Wasn’t blackface featured on that 2baba first album which had African queen as a track?
    3. Who or what stopped blackface from producing more songs as both faze and 2baba did?
    4. Both faze and 2baba had gone to produce various albums even when they both had issues between them, who or what stopped blackface?
    5. Various mediation had happened between black face and 2baba, we hear they settled things but after a few months blackface is out in the media again, why?
    6. Why hasn’t the case been in the courts ever since? Can it be because of a lack of proof or evidence?
    7. Blackface seems to be the only one with an accusation out of the 3 of them even though he it’s evident his career never move on why?

  162. Avatar

    Few questions:,
    1.Has black face ever provided any proof that 2baba stole his song?
    2. Wasn’t blackface featured on that 2baba first album which had African queen as a track?
    3. Who or what stopped blackface from producing more songs as both faze and 2baba did?
    4. Both faze and 2baba had gone to produce various albums even when they both had issues between them, who or what stopped blackface?
    5. Various mediation had happened between black face and 2baba, we hear they settled things but after a few months blackface is out in the media again, why?
    6. Why hasn’t the case been in the courts ever since? Can it be because of a lack of proof or evidence?
    7. Blackface seems to be the only one with an accusation out of the 3 of them even though he it’s evident his career never move on why?
    Kindly provide all answers

  163. Avatar

    Guy u are gd ok,just move on bro.let go of d pass,we need more of u ok one man

  164. Avatar

    Mistake pls

  165. Avatar

    E be like worship song….. But it’s good tho

  166. Avatar

    Nice, well done.

  167. Avatar

    It’s really bad of 2face if he really stole the song…. that’s unprofessional..

  168. Avatar

    It’s dope but not as romantic as tuface sang his version biko

  169. Avatar

    Who just died in Naija??? I believe”Blackface”has to wait for the real Owner to die to claim this. Everything came from somewhere??????.Cliff_bosh Haitian American ????

  170. Avatar

    Now that he has finally dropped his version now the next story would b 2face used the girls he wanted to use for his video and Annie was supposed to b his wife bah
    Blackface u try sing another thing abeg

  171. Avatar

    Dope, guys encourage him please….not easy to compose oo

  172. Avatar

    This song went well

  173. Avatar

    i am a tuface fan but blackface did very well in this song….his voice is wonderful..i am beginning to love blackface for real

  174. Avatar

    An idle hand is a devil workshop. we need to check this guy. Haba

  175. Avatar

    Black face,hope your mind is settled now after 15 good years,

  176. Avatar

    Baba nah Baba.

  177. Avatar

    Black face just murdered that song ?, more freeze to your elbow baba

  178. Avatar

    I just pity this guy. So it’s the reason he hasn’t moved on all this years?

  179. Avatar

    This song has been out since two three years ago. Black face should just rest go find work, then write more good songs. 2baba is the best

  180. Avatar

    This is an old song. Tooxclusive stop misleading the public

  181. Avatar

    Oga black heart if truly 2baba stole this song like you claim why are you just releasing yours after almost a decade, this track took him less than a year to publish after the break up with plantation boiz and it took you the acclaimed initiator this long to release haba what do you take us the public for sef, fools abi?? You must think we don’t have sense.. Well if you ask me I’ll say 2baba should arrest you for copying his song

  182. Avatar

    OK bros let’s even say 2face stole your song but this is just one out of other numerous award winning songs done by him… Pls did he steal those ones from you too??? It’s OK to be jealous I mean we all know his grass to grace story and how God uplifted him from among the trio and if after 15 years all you can offer is a copied version then I’m sorry for you.. You don’t need to force it bro go and relax you must not do music… 1 love

  183. Avatar

    Lol. What if the song wasn’t a hit? Would still bother about it?

  184. Avatar

    I love. Its cool

  185. Avatar

    Nice & cool but now it will always be seen as remix not the original

  186. Avatar


  187. Avatar

    To me is cool

  188. Avatar

    See as Indomie-generation comments full here. Hahaha…

    So una no hear dis Blackface version of African Queen wen him 1st release am like 11yrs ago? Nawa o!

    King kObOkO dey shake head 4 una. Sorry!!!

  189. Avatar

    Music is not your calling my brother. You are just lying my brother didn’t steal your song

  190. Avatar

    Oga black face please be thankful to tuface for helping you out ooo. 2baba didn’t steal from you, you are the one stealing from him now.

  191. Avatar

    Whichever the case, unlike others I refuse to be tempted to crucify you on an issue that could be hurting you so bad. I can only follow the line of telling you that the past should be left in the past and look forward to what the future holds. Lest I forget, in the same sane spirit of fairness, I must commend you on this release…its another thrilling one and I can listen to it again and again. God bless you too brother. Arise and shine.

  192. Avatar

    Oga go look for work. 2face better pass u 1million times

  193. Avatar

    Bad belle kill you dia!

  194. Avatar

    The guy just remixed 2baba African Queen joor.
    After 15 years he still sang the song in the old tone and style.
    If 2face stole the lyrics, did u also sang the song and he stole the tone as well?
    If 2face sue u oga, u will pay for remixing his song unauthorized

  195. Avatar

    Bitterness will just tie some people down. Mtcheww….took you 15 years to come up with this, seriously?

  196. Avatar

    Even if its your voice, i still see the picture of tuface singing that song.
    Some things are just meant to be be.

  197. Avatar

    Black face you are good,your version is even better than 2face own,your voice is more real and cool ,just stop hating and move on ,you are talented,i can hear your own more and more than 2 face version,but 2 face don take the glory be say ein don’t take am ,just cook up a hit track and you will see ya self bouncing back .

  198. Avatar

    Good but not better than the owner!……. let’s call your own another remix sha

  199. Avatar

    Why can’t you just leave Africa queen song and get another music done? Stop holding to the past, because your life don’t depend on that music. Big up blackface and move on because u laying back.

  200. Avatar

    So strong…

  201. Avatar

    tricher sur tous vos jeux vidéo mobile favoris grace à ibuxa !


  202. Avatar

    This song is an old song,you people can lie Black face did not release this song recently. I heard this song like 10years back.

  203. Avatar

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    Looking for a guy to meet. I will come to your area or meet me. I live very close.
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  204. Avatar

    You are a liar, blackface

  205. Avatar

    Useless and noisy song ever …go find work abeg

  206. Avatar

    Most guys commenting shit abt the guy I feel pity for u. Wait and let ur friends screw ur life work over first before u write badly about blackface.
    Blackface, pls write more songs you will ppl are ready to listen to good music than all these nonsense our contemporary musicians are singing.

  207. Avatar

    Is it the same song we are listening to?ayam perplexed

  208. Avatar

    Never trust anyone even ur own blood can betray u tubaba was looking for fame so he quickly took the song and released it…. Little did he know where he released African queen or not he will still blow…. Nevertheless we all have our own reward someday…. My advice for blackface is for him to forget the past though is not easy to forget betrayal but uu just have to let it go…

  209. Avatar

    Never trust anyone…. Greed and pride will always destroy friendship… See my plantation Boyz just scatter till date…. See Psqaure just scatter now this say me na Rude boy me na Mr P lol…. Vanity

  210. Avatar

    God will pave a way for you if truely the song belong to you. I love you all

  211. Avatar

    Nice one black naija kindly do more song’s I miss u so much, because am one of ur biggest fan . Who loves ur lyrics

  212. Avatar

    Blackface,you try, but the fact is, 2baba still remain the major legend of our time and forever.we love him also love you too.

  213. Avatar

    Nice one… Blackface

  214. Avatar

    It’s even more interesting than that of Tubaba but my advise to blackface is to just let it go and he should try come back to music and do it better because we’ve always believed in them 3.

  215. Avatar

    You can’t fault black face skills. He good I just wish he faces more on his skills

  216. Avatar

    Nice one, Hit one, Big Up Black Face Again.

  217. Avatar

    The song is really dope and nice
    to shot a classic video
    And different concert of video, then promote it on all plat form
    So that people can talk good or bad about you
    Like naria marly
    And to really make people remember your name again then drop Another different brown new hit songs that will blow people mind then you will be on top of the game and always future the hot up come in the game
    After the 2 single.
    Guy stop insult blackface
    we all are humanbeen
    Even duo
    We love 2baba very much
    he his still our lovely supper star back then
    Truth is bitter
    All we have to do
    Is to encourage him
    To work on a new brown song that will be far better than African queen
    He has done it before and he can still do more better than this
    We should show him love
    I love to 2baba very much
    And i love any Nigeria musician no matter the situation
    From tboi ize

  218. Avatar

    Blackface, What’s Gwan?where have you been? Continues give us reggae
    beat and forget the past!

  219. Avatar

    Blackface, What’s Gwan? Where have you been? Some said you have been in Law School, some said you have been in court with your brother 2baba, some said you have been in business, which one you dey? pls continue to give us that reggae beat, it move the measure mind, I can’t listen to Naija music again because of it childish play.May his soul rest in peace (Raskimono) that sang What’s Gwan tn this Country?.Very fantastic song which I can.t forget in memory. It is fantastic one, keep it up!

  220. Avatar

    Blackface, What’s Gwan? Where have you been? Some said you have been in Law School, some said you have been in court with your brother 2baba, some said you have been in business, which one you dey? pls continue to give us that reggae beat, it move the measure mind, I can’t listen to Naija music again because of it childish play.May his soul rest in peace (Raskimono) that sang What’s Gwan tn this Country?.Very fantastic song which I can.t forget in memory. It is fantastic one, keep it up! (yes, but different version pls,)

  221. Avatar

    The future is better.
    In my dialect its simply NKEIRUKA!
    Move on bro!

  222. Avatar


  223. Avatar

    I know how the feeling taste, bro…

    But believe, believe that what is YONDER is more beautiful and promising. Move on!

  224. Avatar

    Blackface! Don’t let life knocked you down, try to stand up with your own two feet and move on with life.
    When there is life bro, there is hope.
    Besides, God time is the best.
    God dey your back bro

  225. Avatar

    Thank you blackface, you are really a man, stick to what you know it’s you right and in the end you won the case, for you “2face that stole song and you brother’s glory, well, I don’t Wana say much thing here but still apriciate you for accepting the truth. My own pray for both of you is that you guys should love each other, work hand to hand and move to the greater hight… ???????????? You guys idoma stars

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