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[Album Review] Patoranking Leaves No Room For Criticism On The “Wilmer” Album, An Almost Perfect Music Project

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Patoranking’s rise in Nigerian music has never been anything around fluke, his rise has been subject to his vast knowledge of music and his extraordinary talent. The singer having achieved his break in the music industry in 2013 with his then hit single, “Alubarika” featuring Timaya has moved on to be even a more superb artiste than he used to be.

He is well accepted not only in the Nigerian Sphere of music but also Africa in general, many thanks to his versatility and music ability. The singer who sings mostly in Jamaican Patois can also switch to singing as a proper Afrobeat artiste and be overly comfortable.

His debut album was “God Over Everything” which he released in 2016. However the journey since 2016 has been really smooth and exciting for the singer who can lay claims to being one of the current biggest superstars in Africa. That journey from 2016 has now led him to release his sophomore album; “Wilmer” which dropped last week, and that’s exactly what this article is all about as i will be reviewing the album which consists of 12 tracks and 6 features.

Starting with the number one track, “Wilmer” featuring Georgian singer, Bera is a soulful song that talks about a woman Patoranking his professing his love to. He is showering accolades on the lady as well as expressing the fact that she makes him feel great at all times. The song is accompanied with great instrumentation, the beat is simple and the sound elements aid perfectly the intention of the song. Bera’s part is top-notch too, it’s a great collaboration.

The number 2 track is titled “Feelings,” one of my favourite songs on the “Wilmer” Album. The song comes in an almost reggae like form, talking about how Patoranking feels happy and excited when the mystery woman he expresses himself about on the track comes close to where he is. The instrumental of the song is glorious and Pato’s vocals did justice to the song.

Patoranking on the number 3 track, “Temperature” thrives comes through with his greatest strength, dance-hall. Like he is famously known to do, he delivers aptly on the song and makes sure it is one for the party and clubs. A potential hit!

Patoranking seems to be all about love in the album as he invites Kenyan act, Nyanshinki to complement his artistry on this low-tempo jam, “Nakupenda” which sits on the number 4 position of the project. There isn’t much about this particular track. Although i do not feel it’s a really good song, but i do not have any serious criticism for it.

Definitely my favourite of the album and the reason why it is is straight-forward, plain and simple. Patoranking on this track preaches the reality that continues to destroy the African existence. The number 5 track of the album is not a song, it is more of an ode that reveals why Africa continues to wallow in backwardness. It expresses the hatred, contempt, envy and evil intentions that the black people have towards each other. “Black sold black, black kill black, black relegate black, black deceive black, black division, black hate black…” These statements might seem unbelievable, but they are the exact truth and the reasons Africa continues to never grow and develop. This track identifies these problems and gives the simple solution to all of these huge problems. It recommends LOVE as the only solution. This track preaches love. What an awesome sermon, perfect number 5.

Moving on to the number 6 track of the album, “Zero Probleme,” i would say i do not find it exciting which would aid my excuse for not wanting to review it. Or should i just state why i do not like it? Okay then, i would. I do not like it because it has no amusement, Patoranking did well but Dadju who is a French singer, flopped. The thing about this song is, it should have been blessed with a chorus/hook that is melodious and one can easily vibe to, but it doesn’t. It has a nice beat though, a beat like Patoranking’s “no Kissing” featuring Sarkodie, but the difference in the two songs wouldn’t be hard to spot.

The number 7 track, “Lenge Lenge” is a song that almost everyone knows now as it was released as a single. The song brings a reminiscence of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti as Patoranking adopts the call & response pattern to the song. He also adopts the simple and addictive story-telling pattern of the late baba  70. Pato sings about a woman he met who reminded him of one of his favourite ladies whom he calls, Shalewa due to her sexy body assets. “Lenge Lenge” is a fun track and one that would definitely put you in a mood you’d wish you are cooling off with a bottle of cold beer at a joint.

Moving on to the number 8 track, “Turn Up” Patoranking and English singer/rapper Donae’o did well to to put together a party jam that could cause people to vibe gallantly on the dance floor. Like the title; “Turn Up,” the song talks all about partying and the cause for celebration. How well to be a party rider and enjoy the glamour and thrills of a party.

“Champion” is the number 9 track and teaches everyone to be wary of betrayal. It teaches not to trust anyone as the people who are trusted the most turn out to become one’s greatest enemy. It also admonishes everyone not to hate people that are getting success as success itself never go to people who are hating. With funk-like beat, Patoranking has been able to score a pretty decent song and one that is a eye opener. Nice beats to accompany you all through to the end of the song.

It is understandable why Patoranking has left “Go Crazy” to be the number 10 track. Like the title of the song, the beat would make you “go crazy” except you are just not totally in the mood to give-in to the demand of the song, but anything aside that, you might eventually lose your home training. The song is a dance track with a really fast beat and an electrifying sound element. It would bring you back to life if you experienced any dull moment while listening to the album, i guess that it’s aim.

“Open Fire” featuring South-African act, Busiswa being the penultimate track is really a good move for me and the reason is because i find it boring. If i had heard it earlier in the beginning, i might not have listened to it. It doesn’t make sense to me.

The final track is “Confirm” featuring Davido and this is another personal favourite after “Black.” The beat is really cool and the voices well laced. The song has great melody, sounds groovy and the lyrics in relation to the ambition of the song, make sense. It’s a good way to end the beautiful “Wilmer” album.

In summary, this album is another way Patoranking has proven his versatility and effortlessness at making really good music. He didn’t leave a chance for any serious criticism on the album and definitely this is a great improvement to his debut album; “God Over Everything (GOE).”

I am rating the album; 8.5/10.

Taiwo oluwafemi 

Twitter: @neefemie

Instagram: @neefe_nawti

“[Album Review] Patoranking Leaves No Room For Criticism On The “Wilmer” Album, An Almost Perfect Music Project”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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  1. That’s absolutely

  2. Did we listen to the Sam’s album? Cos your analysis is absolutely wrong. The album is far below par.

  3. Who so ever writes this Review is Sleeping while listening to the album, the album na shit very very below his standard

    When he Dropped that nonsense lengelenge I knew this Album is going to be shit one

  4. Patoranking and runtown’s albums are below expectations, over hyped albums, they gave us less of what we used to know them of. Whoever wrote that review on patorankings review is mad please go to church for deliverance

  5. The revewer gave d album 8.5/10 ..but IAM given it a 9.5 same goes for Runtown’s E.p..this two delivered a masterpiece!!

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