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M.I Abaga – You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives [New Song]

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M.I Abaga – You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life. With his new album in sight, Choc City’s finest, M.I Abaga takes a shot at Nigerian rappers on this new one titled You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.

Jude Abaga (born 4 October 1981), better known by his stage name M.I Abaga, is a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and record producer. He has been the CEO of Chocolate City since June 2015.

He rose to prominence in 2006 when his song “Crowd Mentality” became popular in his hometown of Jos. His critically acclaimed debut studio album, Talk About It, was released on 11 December 2008. The LP was succeeded by M.I 2 (2010). Four years after that, he released his third studio album titled The Chairman.

Back in Jos Nigeria, he teamed up with his brother,Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Ruby, Threadstone, Lindsay, Moses (Elbulk),E kelly to form Loopy Music. M.I was later signed to the Chocolate City company, a renowned music label in Nigeria, which made him move from Jos city to the nation’s capital Abuja and also influenced the beginning of his successful career in the Nigerian music industry.

This is so so dope.

Without much ado, listen below and share your thoughts on if you agree with the rapper.

M.I Abaga – You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life

Quotable Lyrics

You rappers should fix up your lives

fix up your lives

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  1. The king is here

  2. SA rappers, Nasty C ( the new King) you mean? That boy’s is packing some fuego

    • Nasty is something else gee

    • Sup Floffy

  3. All hail the King

  4. Thank you boss, u gonna fix up wack rappers life. The KING

    • Like it or not MI Abaga was right to do what he did cause I ain’t seeing any of our rappers no more
      D beast Abaga has woken dem rappers from sleep

    • Shout out to M. i
      My mentor just T. I
      Flows exception
      Those in favour please do say I

  5. Cheddar bob,that’s a good name for this dude,comparing yourself with those ones in SA?,thats a wrong move..
    Dude is out here dissing his own kind..what have you done to uplift the culture lately?…this??

    • He is right.

    • hey u jzt gone fix ur life

  6. m i needs to resuscitate the current state of HIP HOP

  7. When the chairman speaks, you listen!!!

    • Obi I dey vex for you, u go say “When daddy dey talk’:. ###@

  8. When the chairman speaks, you listen!!! MI Abaga

    • You also need to fix up ur sense…

  9. Yeah ka fada mu su gaskiya mi, we dae cum let’s just b don with our degree

  10. The boss has spoken.

  11. M I is the king!!! think of your life…

  12. #PunchLinesOfLife #FixUpYourLife

  13. rappers should really fix themselves,the chairman is right

  14. nigerian rappers should really fix themselves,cause the chairman has spoken

  15. Rap god MI is ever on point and raw. Much love frm zambia

    • Rap god… I think there’s a stone In ur forehead…

  16. Big boss M.I.. always the Boss

  17. The problem is dt dese rappers wnt listen, dey will soon start dissing u on there tracks. M.I ur super right. Dey ar jst interested in d money, only few wana make good rap. SA rappers are the bomb nw. I prefer there rap dis days to our nigerian rap

  18. MI b4 u say rappers should fix up their lives…yah need to fix up ur circle…what d hell happened to Dice? U turned him into a singer..

    • lol…..big time auto tune singer o

  19. We never had rappers in naija,only Ilbliss has been doing great

    • most consistent rapper

  20. Let me jst say cos u can’t sing like them, if not u wld ve done the same, where ve u been wen they olamide and phyno were sparking the industry,they saw no competition.thats not to say they are no more in the game, they are always in the game, Ilblis always consistent,

  21. M.I, I’m not sure if you read comments on here, but if you do. I just want to say Thank You. For being blunt and honest… And calling out Nigerian Rappers turn singers …. About 90% of em started singing.. Olamide topping the list of course. I’m not saying they are bad artists, I just miss the days of punchlines and dope rap… Hopefully they’d wake up to the call of Nigeria’s Rap General . Salute.

    • Tnx bro

  22. All Nigerian Rappers Are Now Doing Commercial Songs To Meet Up, Which They Haven’t!!!! Mi Take my vote!!!! U won this

  23. M.I the King and chairman of rap in Africa has just said the truth……. Its time our Nigerian rappers throw bars and stop this commercial thingy…. Its killing our rep in Africa.

    • I can’t even tnk my #Chairman M I enough
      like seriously He just said d reality

  24. MI Abaga.
    Heard the song radio… ‘you rappers should fix up your life’
    Mr chairman has spoken

  25. M.I is damn right the likes of olamide, phyno and even skales have switched from rapping to signing only yung6ix has bin doing great. listen to #Respect on my name by yung6ix and get inspired…. 61X

  26. When was the last time a Rap MC gave us BARS??? Let’s Let’s true they have all gone commercial though it pays the bills but then they all need to wake up.

  27. Honestly speaking M. I is absolutely right. Niggas be switching to Commercial stuff to make money. Rappers like Skales, ice prince, phyno, ola have completely changed. Only rappers that are still rapping with some commercial in their album is JESSE JAGZ – Odysseus, Vector – lafiaji $ Yung6ix – dropping singles mixed of rap +commercial.

  28. Due to MI’s absence, I find my self switching to grab Nasty C, Cassper, aka stuffs. Nigeria we are lacking rappers, what a disgrace. Tell me to make a top 10 list of rappers I wouldn’t find up to 5 rappers to fill in the first five lines or rather I’ll put people who are completely not famous.

    • Cause ur sense aff finish…

  29. Sometimes, what you are Looking for is Close to You!( all ur Comments Got me saying this)
    Y’all talking about South Africans keeping Rap music 100percent, how Much do you Support Hip Hop in Nigeria?? The hiphop music Culture of Nigeria, Lies in the Hands Of these Upcoming Rap Artists You don’t wanna invest on.
    With Much Specification I will Say.. You want to hear Good Music?
    I urge all Nigerian investors to look deep into The North (Kaduna) and North Central (Jos). You Will see How fit Rap Music Gets until it becomes gigantic.
    The problem has always been this, the bad once are placed in front of the good once how do u expect to see em?? Its not Suppose to be all about the Money buh.. Its all about the money in this case

  30. Ohhh this song lifted my spirits high God bless you mi abaga…… save the Rap kingdom….. @ellzzie042 ellzzie

  31. Mi i duff my cap for you, you truly the king!!! All hail king m.i

  32. He did what Kendrick Lamar did dissing rappers…but he has a point rap artists be going commercial…you don’t see Jay-Z, Eminem and others go commercial Nigerian rappers are dope asf but the public don’t appreciate them that’s why most of them go commercial. We’re so used to noisy songs that when someone actually spits fire on a track it sounds like crap….M.I has a point but then again what do I know ?????

  33. To crown it all even record labels will rather invest on all these noisy artistes than invest on a rapper with bars
    all money minded

  34. M.i… We wish our rappers still drop albums d way u did man..salute

  35. “Am still the one that you look to” you are right boss, no rapper, all chasing paper by singing pop after the will call thier selves rapper.

  36. Nice one from our no.1 chairman.. Kudos to you boss..

  37. C’mon this song is average @ best. Y’all just biased.

  38. MI was so on point on the this track…damn!!! People don’t like hearing the truth, but he just told them the truth tho. But like they say tho, people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones. Boss, ur boys are guilty too, I’m talking Ice Prince, Dice Ailes (practically a fuji artist now). That being said tho MI is still the greatest rapper to ever come outta this country and possibly Africa. This country is blessed to have u Sir.

  39. MI Abaga just sais it all. MI is indeed Rap Fieldmashal. I dey hail you.

  40. If I will ever have a god of rappers it will only remain mi abaga.

  41. most Nigerian rappers are wack.. they sing in d name of rap.. people like olamide ND phyno are just overrated cuz as far as hip hop is concern they naive and unproductive.. period. long live m. i

  42. long live m. i

  43. Well truth hurts.
    There is no beefing from what I see here. Nigeria should be at the top of the game. It’s been like how many years now since we see someone good.
    When was the last time you order of for a complete Nigeria rap album?

    Rap you can, and do hip-hop if you want to. Just be good at it and make a mark.

  44. mi tried sha. he was speaking the truth, nigerians dont have any rapper

  45. fucking fix up your lives dumb rappers

  46. Abaga pls talk to dem cos they dan knw

  47. I wanna b like dis chairman

  48. M.I abaga is back with da truth,listening to Nigerian songs dis days seems really hard cos every body wanna sing with their croaky voice….. I miss d good old days of mad ass punchlines…. Ice Prince and olamide are d ones who annoy me most….much love Abaga

  49. M.I abaga is back with da truth,listening to Nigerian songs dis days seems really hard cos every body wanna sing with their croaky voice….. I miss d good old days of mad ass punchlines…. Ice Prince and olamide are d ones who annoy me most….much love Abaga

  50. Only if I could see sponsor who would invest in my anticipated hardcore mixtape. My number 08124419810

  51. Nonsenses olamide and other nigerians rappers guys stick to the plan rappers where tupac and others nowadays it doesnt matter just make your hit songs and get recognized by the continent leave that piece of shit from a motherfucking legend(a piece of legend who is not recongnized by any massive hit).

  52. All you bitches are broke again***madd one m i

  53. Mad jam

  54. Bossssss!!! let’em know. rappers not mkin sense again,dem just shouting Except frm NastyC though

  55. Nice hit from the chairman himself

  56. dats how shit gets done….respect on ur name…MI ABAGA

  57. Fu*k, mi shut d fu*k up where were u wen ola,phyno,dremo,vector and others were rapping? U hide ur self now u are talking, just say u are afraid dat SA rappers have chanced u…..y didnt u go on a hit with vector or dremo? U are afraid of getting ur ass kicked….wat happend to dice and ice-prince……..abi no b u say (me I no dai rap fast but for this one I gat to go fast) wen phyno feat u in link up..

    • you’re so dumb… you need to fix up your life… comparing MI with Olamide, phyno and dremo you’re really a dumbass

  58. True that,this rappers should fix their patterns. Thumbs up to whoever made a point about upcoming rappers being invested on

  59. This is the real rap….. Dat song by N6 is not a rap.. Is gist.

    • lol ya it’s actually a gist

  60. reminisce don talk am say punchlines o jawo mon street ti take over

  61. all of them saying their rappers are now singers

  62. Nigeria fans are the worstest fans on earth, same people will know that a rapper is actually dope but wont drop a comment when shit is online no support, now what do i call this? But umm to the upcoming artiste please make quality beats with surprising kicks, dats wat is called creativity cuz i realise most of this fans dont listen to you because of quack beats even though you are hot, stick to the new rap style, lord knows hardcore beats dont make sense, so you need to wonda why they always like american rapsongs, because its accompanied with dope beats, as for me i will be doing ma raps with ma dope beats just to be happy, if god wants it to go up, fine, but if i eva go broke mehn i will just stab maself

    • dope 1 mehn ..Dey say change up ur life “O.K” bt how many of dem av rap songs on der fones even d S.A rapperz dey talk abt do dey have dey songz ,all dey listen to is PARTY JAM nd lata dey will say rapperz r nt dropping bars ..MCTWEeeh IYALA Anybody …middle finger 2 d Nigerian Fans

  63. M.I u are always my number ONE RAPPER

  64. mi all hail dope track…

  65. The king 4life your the only raper that use book and ur lyrics is the best

  66. King of kings are d slute u sir. Mr MI ABAGA JUKUN BOY TARABA STATE

  67. U 4got ice prince

  68. Cool n Dope… Nice one. As always, u’ve done it again. Kudos to M.I frm Don Ben dE rAPpEr.

  69. Yea I think I should fix up ? my life

  70. Yea I think I should fix up ? my life

  71. Damn!!! this song’s dope. True that, the General, it now all about the money. No Naija rap song to listen to, just gotta switch up to dah foreign music….. All hail dah General

  72. MI should stop living in the past. If Jude no get ability to diversify music then he should just watch and clap for new generation multi-facet rappers. Na jealousy di worry M I

  73. Drake is one of the greatest rappers right now in the world scene but you know what? His greatest commercial success came from “hotline bling” which had nothing to do with lyricism and flow
    It was a simple sing rap.
    M.I should start by fixing up his life before talking to others because in my humble opinion M.I can’t possibly win a battle against the new generation rappers.

  74. Erigga the best ever?

  75. Let’s call a spade a spade; MI’s music doesn’t sell.

    It’s that simple. His songs have no real commercial appeal. He is also gasping for air.

  76. Dis is Wow?

  77. M I All the Way Yah.

  78. don’t worry MI will hear this
    #He totally fixed up our lives

  79. That’s 2ru d king
    U just burst my brain

  80. m.i dis m.i dat are dis rappers omo we don’t no again.true talk fucking crowd mentality still burst my brain rap god

  81. Boss boss boss boss boss boss boss boss boss… #for now!!!

  82. M I is the best rapper ever in Africa,, we respect Mr abaga number rapper in Africa ,,,

  83. M.I. hip hop is highly proud of you for working pretty hard these years.
    Thanks for being a source of inspiration to the world.

  84. Abaga the great

  85. Y’all should fix up your life’s
    the boost said it.

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