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TX Review: VIDEO – Iyanya – Finito + Skuki – Peteru ft. Olamide

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Jim Donnett’s Verdict

One, I think the Shoki thang was a bit over done. It was excessive. Like every other moment by the crew was stolen to Shoki.

Two, the scenes from the parking garage (or is it an alley) are reminiscent of Lynxxx’s Leave Story video. The flash dancers made the copied concept a bit too pronounced and of course, the Shoki didn’t help much in diverting thoughts.

Three, I’m undecided on whether Iyanya or TeeKay should take responsibility for the video’s many shortfalls. Maybe TeeKay because being an unfamiliar name, he should have explored an original concept. One that not only stands on it’s own but also sticks.

Rating: 2.5


Funke’s Verdict

If I were to review the song itself then I might have lots to say… maybe, but seeing as its video *sigh*

I can’t quite connect the scene inside the club with the one in the lot. I mean, though the story line seemed vaguely familiar, it simply wasn’t creative enough. Of course the dancing was the highlight of the whole video and it might have been enough to make the whole effort worth it… that is till I remember Mr Oreo, now that was a pretty decent video.

Was it just me or did the video seem a tad too dark and please, what is left to be continued? Oh well, it’s a fairly passable one, I just wish Iyanya would STEP UP… seeing as he’s got Tekno and the others looking up to him.

Rating: 2.5


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

The visuals for Iyanya’s Finito is magnetic to the eyes. The setting which is a club is quite cool. The red and blue lights give it a beautiful picture.

The dancers and dances are enthralling but the one problem I do have with the video is the plot. The plot happens to be below par.

The storyline is typical of a Nigerian music video. A girl falling for a guy, they go out together and the bad guys are “vexing”.

After having such a high grade visual the least that should have been done was having a nice plot.

But all in all, TeeKay does a nice job.

Rating: 3



Jim Donnett’s Verdict

I noticed a heavy resistance or shall I call it reluctance to movement by the Skuki duo. Wasn’t until the scenes with Olamide that they… well, I won’t exactly call that movement still. The African-esque concept kinda rocked the video and for such a locally influenced beat, some ladies did plenty bits of impressive dancing at least. Costume choices helped in material ways to securing a viewer’s attention and Olamide tried to bring in some energy that the Skuki brothers couldn’t muster at all. The rest is all just blandness.

Rating: 2.5


Funke’s Verdict

These guys just don’t give up. One minute they’ve got my attention the next, they just fizzle away.

I thought Peteru was the Yoruba pronunciation of ‘Peter’, so how come Skuki have managed to give it a more salacious meaning? Choi! I actually enjoyed the video which was basically some fine looking girls dressed in semi-traditional attires shaking their booty. Good costuming, they danced well and even got Olamide on the track!

Not a bad video at all, Adasa Cookey be doing some nice job yo. Meanwhile, who gave Peeshaun (is it?) the hair cut advice?

Rating: 3


aL Yhusuff’s Verdict

The locale for this video is “razzly” classy. The vixens who are skimpily dressed in modernized African attires are decoys in a no mean way. The skimpiness of the girls clothing could be faulted but they are indeed alluring sha! Pardon me.

The raffia and African arts give a plus to the video.

It’s obviously an enjoyable 04:02 minute even though I couldn’t figure out any thing rather than dancing girls.

Rating: 3.5


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