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DAGRIN: 5 Years On… And The Soldier Still Lives!

Posted by Jim Donnett on April 22, 2015 in Editorial · 29 Comments


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So I was on my usual social media reconnaissance today when I stumbled on a couple of tweets. The highlight is that today marks Dagrin’s 5th year memorial and as is the fashion of Nigerian Twitter, everyone is feeling behooved to baring their thoughts as to the life of a legend cut short at just 22. Apparently some folks think that if he were to be alive now, he wouldn’t have been much of the force that he is celebrated to be in-death.


Before I shoot myself in the foot, let me be very clear right here and now. As at 2010, I wasn’t a fan at all of Nigerian music… so no, I didn’t know first hand who Dagrin was or what any of his records sounded like. But since my craft tailored towards the entertainment sect, it became necessary for me to apprise myself of the goings-on in the industry. And so when I started to pay attention, I heard of Dagrin. I learned about Dagrin. I listened to Dagrin. And in blessed memory, I loved Dagrin. I found that he wasn’t just a regular singer/rapper, he was an artistic soul. Like MI was.

Whether life or death, you can’t take away some things like the human nature and then the beauty or darkness of one’s heart/soul. Dagrin is no different. One can only fathom deeply the extent to which a life was lived, when in death. Therein lies the allures of living (or having lived).
The way people immortalize you.
How people eulogize you.
So is it surprising that his allegiances are much stronger than when he lived?
It’d be a wonder even, if it wasn’t so.

Dagrin did this. He made it so. He carried on with life in an exemplary manner and churned out records that spoke directly to mankind. So good that even in death, he is still an inspiration to many who have made it and more who are aspiring keenly to make it. Dagrin wasn’t just a voice, he was a mouth piece of a million other voices who were desperately crying out to be heard. Although the world has tilted too differently from whence he left it but it doesn’t eliminate the certainty that he’d have been the 360° soldier he had gradually morphed into. I’m sure artistes don’t just lace his name on their lyrics because it makes good for perfect rhymes or would be a selling factor to listeners, maybe. But I like to believe it’s because they’ve been able to tap into a telepathic connection that transcends mere waxing of records. They can finally see his heart, they feel it, they experience it, they understand his dream and they want to relish opportunities in replicating same… to be in the likeness of Dagrin!

Omini-knowest (thank you Waje!) doesn’t include one of our characteristics as humans, thus there’s no telling what would have become the life of Dagrin were he to have lived past the cold fate that took him. Regardless, it shouldn’t stop us from appreciating his gift of a life sacrifice. I could begin a count of the things that now be since the event of his been but what’s most worthy to note is the fact that he lives on… not just in our hearts, he lives a cryptic nature of this life that isn’t ours to wonder why but to do or die.

Written by Jim Donnett

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  1. Barrack O grin! . Ur words live 4reva.

  2. Da grin lives on

  3. RIP Hip Hop Icon, New skool general! #DagrinLives

  4. Barac o drin I rep, r.I.p

  5. R I P DaGrin, Chief Executive Omoita, Lyrical were, Akogun, Omo Ogun…

  6. Dagrin akogun Omo ogun always live forever in my heart. Rip Boss

  7. Akogun Omo ogun best rapper so far rip dagrin.

  8. Dagrin ever green i will love you till i die

  9. Dagrin lives on and i love him so much cuz his song is powerful

  10. like MI was ? …you are bin sarcastic right ?

    • I literrally just just thought of the same thing lol like wth does he mean by that statement

  11. Love u so much dagrin, I realy miss u. No one as ever fill dat space u left behind. From a female fan

  12. the best is still you baba…DAGRIN

  13. Death is Inevitable!

  14. Yu wil forever liv in my heart


  15. RIP Dagrin

  16. RIP da’grin…..4eva b remembered

  17. We love you Dagrin, R.I.P

  18. i still miss Dagrin, i still listen to his songs like they are newly released, but please i want to correct something here, i think his dad once did this but some people includung the writer of this page still makes the mistake. Dagrin wasnt 22 as at the time he died, He was 26, this was boldly written on the casket he was buried in…Continue to rest in peace dagrin

    • yea he was 26, Dagrin was a close friend, RIP

  19. r.i.p dagrin-u made me love rap
    music in nigeria

  20. Barack ogrin

  21. Dagrin lives on pls i tink we should cr8 a group chat in restPECT of our HERO 07035900066 u guys can add me up.

  22. RlP akogun dagrin

  23. Still ma numba 1 rapper, r.i.p barack o’grin, akaogun, omo ogun, just finishd listin his mixtap on ma fon…

  24. You are incomparable to any of the rappers both before and now, you remain my number 1 and nothing will make me deviate from that. You left us too soon Green, one love

  25. 07064474508, You can add me up too

  26. Dagrin we love you but god love more

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