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MI Abaga’s “The Viper” VS Vector’s “Judas The Rat” – Who Is Winning This Rap Battle?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

The beef between two of the greatest rappers in Nigerian Hip-Hop history has been existing for a long time, but its effect on the music industry in general has been mild until about a month ago when MI dropped a cypher for Martell alongside Loose Kanyon, Blaqbonez & AQ.

MI dropped a whole verse that Vector felt was directed as a diss at him. But as a lyrical monster and rap genius that he is, Vector felt it wouldn’t be a sensible thing to keep quiet and watch without making a counter-attack. And just some days after, Vector got in the studio with Payper & Vader on “The Purge,” to try to put some things straight with MI. At this point was when everything became explosive as the internet got shaken. People started clearing the field as they knew a battle that could end up being the biggest battle in Nigeria’s Hip-Hop history was imminent.

A lot of people gave opinions on the internet propagating the fact that Vector murdered MI on “The Purge,” thereby requesting that if MI wanted to protect his legacy and the “best rapper ever” tag, he’s got to reply. MI however listened days after, dropping a massive record; “The Viper,” in which many people agreed shattered Vector’s response as they felt he truly slain the Lafiaji rapper.

However, like a game of Ping Pong, fans wanted “the egg” to go back and forth. They revealed with MI’s “The Viper,” Vector was left a track behind in being on par with “The Chairman” in what has been turned a rap battle by rap fanatics. The rap industry had paused other activities, channeling their energy in pushing Vector to make a comeback. That energy finally becomes productive today, October 11, 2019 as Vector releases a response-track; “Judas The Rat” to address MI’sThe Viper.”

As expected, the internet has been blown up! People have started to compare which of the two rappers are winning the battle. Some believe MI is having the upper-hand while others think Vector is actually ‘killing’ him. What do you think?

MI Abaga’s “The Viper” VS Vector “The Purge” – Who is winning the battle?


“MI Abaga’s “The Viper” VS Vector’s “Judas The Rat” – Who Is Winning This Rap Battle?”, 2 out of 5 based on 20 ratings.

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  • MI Abaga’s “The Viper” VS Vector’s “Judas The Rat” – Who Is Winning This Rap Battle?
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  1. Avatar

    Vector joor. He spoke more verifiable truth than MI

    • Avatar

      Verified by you abi. MI schooled his ass. Vector is too little.

  2. Avatar

    I tried do download it but it keeps declining and then a notification will pop up stating “MI viper detected on your device, please kindly delete first”

  3. Avatar

    vector all the way

  4. Avatar

    The both Murdered each other, but now my QUESTION ? is who be the ACTOR and who BOSS. I can’t any, the are my favourite RAPPERS from day ONE…

  5. Avatar

    The both Murdered each other, but now my QUESTION ? is who be the ACTOR and who BOSS. I can’t any, the are my favourite RAPPERS from day ONE…

  6. Avatar

    The viper is deeper but vector tried in this Judas the rat more than the purge and tetracycline. I was expecting vector to go harder than this cuz he actually said the purge was just a practice.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Vector did it if we gon put it on God….i guess yall no who OBO got….vector the viper killed MI no cap

  9. Avatar

    MI give the boy piece of advice

  10. Avatar

    MI greatest ever ??

  11. Avatar

    mi is still d best while vector is learning

  12. Avatar

    MI fathered him… Very obvious
    Vector failed to prove his facts clear enough… Those choccity boys u helped, what are their names??
    At least MI mentioned helping AQ and former manager.

  13. Avatar

    Vector that viper all the way

  14. Avatar

    Vector all the way for now……VEC is winning for now

  15. Avatar

    VEC touches more points than MI

  16. Avatar

    MI am fr ever humble hold ma gand to the upper level of rap am an upcoming to

  17. Avatar

    M.i say don’t just win the Beef win Life

  18. Avatar

    M. I

  19. Avatar

    Vector won

  20. Avatar

    Both are even.

  21. Avatar

    No argumemt! MI totally Schooled Vector 100 percent.

  22. Avatar

    Mi all the way

  23. Avatar

    Alaye joor joor joor

  24. Avatar

    did well this time, but M.I is still in the lead
    i really can’t wait to listen to M.i reply in his next RAP

  25. Avatar

    Vector killed MI cause all he said were all the truth. MI is a dark soul. All the guys in Choco left him cos he’s no friend. He is just a bittered mofo.

    Give them a platform not signing them and ripping them off…

  26. Avatar

    M.I all the way

  27. Avatar

    MI is the real deal…….. He should just keep silent treatment coz vector is his son

  28. Avatar

    well Vector has no facts, Brymo didn’t leave because of M.I, he left cos ccity wasn’t ready fr his type of music, Jesse left cos he want to be on his own. Ice didn’t had a beef with M they still got mutual respect for each other
    That’s why they still feature each other. m.I got more facts than Vec

  29. Avatar

    to me vector is rapping .. brother M. I is just telling storys

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    It’s win-win game between both of them and rap game in Nigeria

  32. Avatar

    Vector gave fact while MI lied

  33. Avatar

    MI abaga joo

  34. Avatar

    M.I GOAT???

  35. Avatar

    There is no competition in destiny, M.I is the king than vector his rap is deep but vector made his expressions clear, but i for M.I

  36. Avatar

    For now I can confidently say vector

  37. Avatar

    vector has it all… MI speaks trash

  38. Avatar

    mi first vec ssssh

  39. Avatar

    Vector killed Abaga

  40. Avatar

    If not mi no one again. Mi’s respond base on fact rand realities

  41. Avatar

    go back and listen to the both songs again – M.I is the KING

    – ZeeDady

  42. Avatar

    Me, I am wining the rap battle?

  43. Avatar

    MI na witch;u not even in yoruba rap top 5…;that won dey shout…

  44. Avatar

    M.Is the viper beats tetracycline and the purge 50 times….buh judas the rat has more bitter truth

  45. Avatar

    Listen very well..listen to the melody,voice,beat,the poetic it was dropped,the relaxation..mi is the best

  46. Avatar


  47. Avatar

    Vector always killing that Rat

  48. Avatar

    They are both good…time shall tell

  49. Avatar

    Vector murder M I, the simple fact

  50. Avatar

    Mi the greatest

  51. Avatar

    Currently vector is obviously leading

  52. Avatar

    M.I diss track so matured and cool

  53. Avatar

    Come oo, i don’t understand mr m.i oo, dis guy diss you and you are advising him, check out what eminem did to machine gun Kelly, am not supporting anybody but mi you can do better than what u released. Africa rapper num 1 no be for mouth o

    • Avatar

      Hwen you are big you are big. MI and vector are not mates. Vector is an unruly kid with talent but no direction. All he needs is guidance and instruction and that is exactly what MI gave to him.

  54. Avatar

    MI is definitely winning this by distance.. imagine MI’s viper contending against 3 diss tracks from vec. Tetracycline,purge and now Judas(the ?) . M’s viper beats d 3 songs combined hands down

  55. Avatar

    MI is definitely winning this by distance.. imagine MI’s viper contending against 3 diss tracks from vec. Tetracycline,purge and now Judas(the ?) . M’s viper beats d 3 songs combined hands down

  56. Avatar

    Mi. D best, killing two tracks with just one track

  57. Avatar

    vector ur ‘re my man,carry go jhooo….

  58. Avatar

    Mi is the boss

  59. Avatar


  60. Avatar

    After downloading the both tracks and listening to it …. hmmmm I can’t lie. Na Vector won. It was well verifiable

  61. Avatar

    M.I won

  62. Avatar

    Vec alye jor jor jor ?

  63. Avatar

    MI schooled Vectors ass like the prodigal son that he is. Vector should go read Psalm1 as advised cos his career depends on it #NoSnakes

  64. Avatar

    Vector rap was clearer compared to mi no doubt.

    Bt the boss still remains mi. I love his rape style the way he picks his rape, he his just too good

  65. Avatar

    this is full time draw ,,,,vector is the rapper ,mi is still leaning to rap faster,
    MI claim to be VEC father and VEC said my FATHER IS DEAD ,SO who is lying MI or VEC ,,,WHERE is the 20million the truth is VEC gat this with a good replied to mi claims … draw game let wait for extra time,,,

  66. Avatar

    MI 2,VECTOR 1

  67. Avatar

    M.i is talented like MESSI. While vector is a product of hardwork like Ronaldo. M.i still wins

  68. Avatar

    Vector got more shots and fires

  69. Avatar

    Vector try but words like ode is weak, all i want is for Hip hop to come back to Nigeria so am loving this beef, i love this two and i will pay thousands to watch live performance of this beef” i miss Hip hop south africans gat nothing on us with this, but my vote goes to MI” vector stop talking about his hight we know his short…

  70. Avatar

    Always Visit

  71. Avatar

    Ofcus the short back boy from jos is the ?ì?? of the battle field… Am glad this battle is coming up now cus we need shit like this in da hip hop industry…???

  72. Avatar

    y’all know that short black Boy right?? {SBB}

  73. Avatar

    Guys, listen to those two songs with full understanding… MI schooled VECTOR with #TheViper and VECTOR was just trying to defend himself and he is also trying to talk about those CC artists that failed like he did.
    Check it well, he is trying to say Jesse is not successful, so it is not a taboo if he likewise is not successful…
    I pray you guys understand rap…

  74. Avatar

    Vector all the way
    E don damage MI career

  75. Avatar

    MI de best

  76. Avatar

    Hahaha….. jealousy jealousy fuck ur legacy up yeah. This isn’t Diss this is compassion. This is pappy talking to you instead of giving you lashing…….you cannot compare M.I with any lazy so called rapper here in naija. Salute to M.I tha viper

  77. Avatar

    Before him there was no other and after him they will be no other M I all de way

  78. Avatar

    This has gotta b one of the weakest hip hop diss i’ve ever heard"m.i’s viper"…vector made the beef "popular"but sorry folks,they are both the best rapper in NIGERIA…i love m.i,but i’m vector’s lover….the rap scene has bin lifted again…where 2 elephants fight,the grasses suffers….i love incredible things and i stay 8miles from lafiaji….THIS is HIPHOP.

  79. Avatar


  80. Avatar


  81. Avatar

    Victor gat nothing on mi

  82. Avatar

    MI Abaga the king of the rap

  83. Avatar

    Vector nailed it

  84. Avatar

    Thank God for nija musicians,they don’t settle beef with guns, beef like this got 2pac & biggy killed.

  85. Avatar

    Think if how M.I’s viper is competing wt vector’s three tracks , that means if m.I has to drop another track, vector will be lost in the wilderness

  86. Avatar

    where did he nail it

  87. Avatar

    M.I. Abaga all the way. Lovely trendy track from Vector but nothing more. And all that talk about politics rap, seriously? Does he think its free money that’s used to run a label and support artists. M.I. spoke like a boss who has learnt a lot. Lanre needs to seriously listen.

  88. Avatar

    Those That are not educated won’t understand his lines… M.i is always the king..

  89. Avatar

    Mi is went abt it the smart way, he said it the viper track wasn’t a diss, so till he drops a full diss track b4 we can really judge, and that looks impossible, cus he said wat will he gain going to battle with vector which is true

  90. Avatar

    Both are legend and they are my favorite, but I think so far in Africa record MI is the best rapper and vector is the faster Nigeria rapper, I can judge the winner will be announce later

  91. Avatar

    Mi is the best and no one else,vector dey try sha.but let him humble and learn from experience tutor like abaga.rap is not all about abusing your opponent characteristics and what is happening surround him,but the ability to inform or teach in figurative expression. Mi brought rap music into limelight, were was lanre and was he having a clear definition of music?abeg if you no go learn go sit body go crown you for diss track.

  92. Avatar

    Vec Ur soul isn’t cos is full of impurties.
    U beta appreciate dat God has brut u to mr M to b reborn an b 4given

  93. Avatar

    Someone said Vector’s flow is predictable really? Just look at this ” how much did he say again? 20 mili ? We all saw how he wasted 1 Millie Damm!!! That’s so intelligent . If you didn’t know, Millie was a talented rapper that was signed to CC but had issues with CC that he had to pay 12 Million to leave CC . I’m a fan of both artist but anybody we open mouth talk say m.i mudder V.E.C that person no get small truth inside am I swear.

  94. Avatar

    Well, your dumb fans are dumb Sha.. m.i has done more than vector yes! But you see this Diss , Vector did way way better.

  95. Avatar

    Who shows his alot , goes to Abuja alot, and come back with more money?

  96. Avatar

    Vector didn’t just clear the air about what m.i said, he did it and took shots at m.i and they were all factual

  97. Avatar

    what are you pple even saying, how is MI the best rapper in Africa when there is sarkodie and nasty c, vector got back at him on Judas the rat jare, I love the song so much, especially the catchy beat

  98. Avatar

    The truth of the matter is the rappers are hot and all from Nigeria , but Abaga the bigger masquerade in the music industry , he is an industey , a mentor and a teacher , a father and a grand father in the business . Vector should just lean how M do it and come up with something new and different .cheers ! __ Mr. Warkani Yar Yaroson .

  99. Avatar

    MI is a created legend, vector try next.
    My love you all

  100. Avatar

    mi won

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