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Music Review: ‘Zanku To The World,’ No Thank You!

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Zlatan - "Distracted" ft. Patoranking (Prod. Rexxie)

A couple of weeks ago, I published an article on 4 albums that may just not pop and Zlatan’s name came up on that list. Judging by the reception his debut album ‘Zanku To The World’ has continued to release, the gospel truth is Zlatan has finally confirmed he is nothing more than a passing fancy and this 17 track album is a bloated test of patience, a repugnant dump on music lovers.

One may not be right to lay all the blame on Zlatan for having flooded this project with so many Zanku music, because to be honest, prior to the unleashing of this body of work, the rapper pulled in massive numbers with his single ‘Legwork’, probably the same reason he thought it wise to again smother the country with more of such mediocre record in hopes of cementing his dominance in this era of streaming, however, this ambitious swing of his, landed him in a puddle of artlessness.

With the introduction part done, let’s do a quick dive into the tracks one after the other.

Wake Up: As expected of many Nigerian artistes, they start their albums with a prayer-filled lamenting/reminiscing piece, to again remind us of their struggle before attaining some level of flickering stardom alongside the one ‘skill’ every Nigerian mother is expected to hone ‘prayer’.Zlatan’s lack of energy in delivering his lines did an awesome job turning this Spellz-produced track into a snooze-fest.

Yeye Boyfriend

Produced by Rexxie, Zlatan did a fine job waking people up with this groovy beat. Lurking in the shadows of Davido’s ‘Assurance,’ the rapper discussed men who are not buoyant enough to take care of their women, in the end, advising women to do away with such men. This ‘ayiiiii-ridden’ piece at this point has instilled the spirit of anxiety in me as I am now in search of one or two records on this project that will stand out.


Going back to his favorite hobby, slut-shaming/body shaming women, ‘Sunita/Super Power’ served as his vehicle for this theme. ‘Super Power’ which features Davido, somewhat birthed a reason for anyone to listen to this project as it saw the light-bulb in the rapper’s suddenly come on with the choice of beat, a somewhat Northern music vibe, employed for the song. I feel this sound may dominate the year 2020.

Love & Gain

4 songs into this project and exhaustion is an understatement. This track is a sad attempt at rapping, an attempt the rapper mixed with what I presume he thought is singing. The production on this is is quite engaging but all of this came to a halt from the very first note  voiced.


An unnecessary collaboration with Burnaboy. In a bid to snag yet another hit as they did with ‘Killin Dem,’ all they did was further put to fore the reason some collaborations just should never be. The song not only bland, the blandness was also further propelled to the fore with the terrible mixing and mastering employed on the record, uninspired lyrics and a catchy yet meaningless chorus by Burna.


Someone may need to relay to Zlatan that it is possible to sound a bit sensible without his overpowering need to slut-shame women. First sounding like a child fighting his second bout of convulsion with spittle drooling from each side of his mouth, he managed to take the sexiness out of the inability to pronounce the ‘r’ sound.

‘Shotan, Scopatumana, If You No Know, alongside the rest of this cringe-worthy ‘ayiiiiiiiii’ screaming filled records is a drag, a nebulous drag bag created without care. Throughout the album, Zlatan sounded like he was grasping desperately at the last straw to stay in the limelight.

Listening to this album is almost the same as listening to orphaned records that failed to make a home in the project of upcoming acts. The need for cohesiveness in a bid to cast a wider net at pleasing all variety of music lovers was felt all through the album yet lacked the power to do this as it only reeked of the artiste’ prowess in creating a web of amazing forgettable attempts to please his fans as well as the music industry.

As to a legitimate reason to sit through the entirety of this project, none can be given as this body of work was mainly made up of needless songs, redundant/meaningless choruses, and forgettable bridges alongside inconsistent rhythm, downright sad production and lack of vision for the album’s progression.

‘Zanku To The World’ is an embodiment of missteps that could have been easily avoided; by simply not having recorded any of the songs therein.


P.S: Please note that the words are solely that of the writer’s and do not in any way represent the views of Tooxclusive

Written By: Tope Delano

“Music Review: ‘Zanku To The World,’ No Thank You!”, 1 out of 5 based on 41 ratings.


Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie

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  1. Avatar

    It’s so unfair to write this…as I see is hate

  2. Avatar

    LMAO, this sh** funny asf

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    I for once knew Zlatan Album will flop, and am not surprised. The guy has only been singing the same tune since last year, on the same set of beats produced by Rexxie. Zlatan should take a chill pill.

  5. Avatar

    I’m not surprised the album is not cool at all

  6. Avatar

    Lmao…all I see is truth and facts. The album is not even easy to listen to. I can’t lie Zlatan will know his real fans with this album because na only Dem go jam this one o. They say if you don’t like the music then apparently the music wasn’t made for you. So I feel say make we leave this album make him fans jam am

  7. Avatar

    As in i rush go download the Album base on say he go dope, I’m telling u after some minute downloading and listening to all… All tracks are nothing but Rubbish … I sharpally delete werey Album danu…. Is it a must u release Album ? … The single he dey release don fit m jeje

  8. Avatar

    Especially the one with yo da ND davido. Rubbish. Album so trashy. Lacks solidarity would wash off in a twinkle of an eye

  9. Avatar

    Its obvious the album is not dope, but this review is too harsh, Take it easy haba.
    Some of the songs are okay and are like to grow on you if you listen twice or thrice. If you are looking for songs with good lyrics, this album is not for you, we all know Zlatan thrive on vibes and dope beat.
    Songs like Omo olope, Life, if you no know, gbeku and super power will fare well. Dont be harsh on the album.

    Warning. Dont listen to all the songs at a go. Listen selective once in a while. I can bet u will pick a favorite pretty soon

  10. Avatar

    God bless you

  11. Avatar

    Just tell us you dont like Zlatan. This review is your view. Why pour out your hate like that. This guy paid his due and u wanna bring him down. Atleast grade him for putting in an effort. He is sticking to the pattern that brought him fame. And u are giving this kind of review. Its unfair. The album is average. With 4 to 5 songs that will grow over time. So relax.

  12. Avatar

    Saying the album was a flop is one thing, bashing the artist is another thing. You shouldn’t be wrting reviews, or better still, keep you hate at home before coming to work.

  13. Avatar

    It is not the issue of hate braa…..the truth has to be told….I even downloaded Peruzzi album….I delete almost all the songs…..when you see the truth say it…..the zanku sound is too much….he can do something else…..or he should just rest for a while ND plan better on better songs not only zanku…..we will get tired dat is if we r not tired already of listening to one sound

  14. Avatar

    @Temitope Delano, your review is poor, malicious and calculated to demoralise efforts of artists in Nigeria.
    Harsh and unfair comparison has been a continuous feature of this site and need to be checked before it kills the site.

  15. Avatar

    Tope is a critic and not a hater all u dumbass. That u avfan to zlatan shouldn’t mean u should be stupid in thinking. I hate when a critic is been called a hater. Zanku album is a waste of data. Even that marlian trend of naira Marley is also more stupid than expected. For naija na nonsense dey trend. And we want change and growtg

  16. Avatar

    Fact remains this is not a creative criticism and this definitely is not the way people’s creative efforts are reviewed/criticised in sane climes but your own lack of research and exposure so to say has gotten the best of you.. This is too personal and lacks every sense of whatever position you were employed for at too xclusive.. Shame on your negative vibe, grow up

  17. Avatar

    This review is full of malicious I tent and you can tell it from just the headline …… The critic who wrote this early doesn’t like zlatan but we all know that there is a growing large section of Nigerian that don’t like zlatan and Marley and think dey will fall off but the truth is zlatan and naira Marley have more stake on leaving their name boldly written in history will this critic will die nameless……. Shey you think say you get hate …. We self get hate …….. No praise for the effort a nigga put in …. God go punish your effort too

  18. Avatar

    This site is full of negative energy …. Naira and zlatan are making their money even from a flop of an album so if you like right 1m reviews it still won’t satisfy the hate in your heart for him

  19. Avatar

    Criticism of other peoples creative endeavor should be done with mercy and not with malice by a nobody ……… I doubt this critic knows how to use a mic and yet she open her mouth like say she Grammy winner ….stupid

  20. Avatar

    Even if the album no dope the youngblood is cashing out and winning awards…Zlatan archive pass Slimcase and for the records he has 1 album in this industry since we know Tekno him never drop 1 #Tope #ShutUp

  21. Avatar

    Super power the only song i vibed to

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    This is not a “review”..

    Looks more like your opinion to me and it is full of hate

    Be very careful with what you write about people’s hard work, depression is real

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