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Rudeboy’s “Reason With Me” VS Mr P’s “One More Night” – Which Is The Better Song?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Mr P and Rudeboy are twin brothers and also used to be partners when their group; P-Square was still existing but due to a very difficult situation that is till somewhat a mystery to music fans; they separated and went to pursue solo careers.

Since their separation, both artistes have released songs different songs which have been well accepted by music lovers. But just recently; Rudeboy release a song; “Reason With Me” which is having great commercial success and love. Also Mr P dropped a song “One More Night” featuring Niniola which is also getting massive attention.

Ever since the song dropped; there has been an argument regarding which the better one is, some say it is Rudeboy’s “Reason With Me” while others feel it is Mr P’s “One More Night” But in order to get our dearest TX readers involved and to have them give their opinion, we have decided to ask which the better song is.

Rudeboy’s “Reason With Me” VS Mr P’s “One More Night” – Which Is The Better Song?

“Rudeboy’s “Reason With Me” VS Mr P’s “One More Night” – Which Is The Better Song?”, 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Mr P one more night issa hit

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Reason with me joor

  4. Avatar

    Reason with me na

  5. Avatar

    Try come make we reason abeg

  6. Avatar

    Reason with me

  7. Avatar

    reason wit me

  8. Avatar

    One more night

  9. Avatar

    What the kinda comparison is this…. Reason With Me is far better than all your archives

  10. Avatar

    Comparing the two song is insane . Reason with me

  11. Avatar

    reason with me na the best

  12. Avatar

    U shouldn’t even do this comparison
    Reason With Me is on a totally different level

  13. Avatar

    Hi! You have a duplicate content content, I have written a content piece that will work with your link, can I have your link on my site?

  14. Avatar

    Reason with is a masterpiece biko!

  15. Avatar

    one with me

  16. Avatar

    ‘Reason with me’ on the replay. Dope jam.

  17. Avatar

    Reason with me on the replay here.

  18. Avatar

    one more night, issay goal

  19. Avatar

    Mr p one more night is the best

  20. Avatar

    Rudeee is da best reason with me

  21. Avatar

    reason with me is the best rudeboy kill it all

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    And the winner is………. RUDEBOY reason with me. I bin dey beg you to try
    Reason with me
    If I no get today
    I go get am tomorrow
    Abi you want make I die
    E no easy for me
    If I no get today
    I go get am tomorrow

  24. Avatar

    Reason with me is a better music by far

  25. Avatar

    Reason ham nw, king Rudy ?

  26. Avatar

    Eveybody knew that “Reason wit me” is better… moreover is a one man work. while ‘one more night’ is a two people’s work.( Mr.p & Nio…) Rudeboy, portrays his melodious voice again!!!!

  27. Avatar

    na reason with me dope u rudeboy

  28. Avatar

    Reason with me…. It’s dope

  29. Avatar

    Reason with me still remains the best!

  30. Avatar

    One more night anytime anyday. I’m a music producer and quote me anywhere, Rudeboi’s sound is really not new school. Mr P has evolved into the new sound and to me his sound can stand anywhere globally. Sonically, Rudeboi needs to step up and when you talk about the real entertainment. Mr P has it. Reason with me isn’t a bad song at all but ONE MORE NIGHT ANY Day

  31. Avatar

    One more night teaches us how to remove pants not good for children
    Reason with me inspire both the old and young ones.
    So reason with me peeps.

  32. Avatar

    Like there are some movies rated 18. One more night is the real sound. If you go to clubs, events you’ll understand the effect. One More Night

  33. Avatar

    1 MoRe Night. Banger !!!

  34. Avatar

    Reason with me is a goal

  35. Avatar

    Then bro u need go back and learn sounds and understand it

  36. Avatar

    Rude boy reasons with me is dope,mad message

  37. Avatar

    rude is the best

  38. Avatar

    You don’t compare the two songs in any Way
    “One more night” is a dance hall/club banger while “Reason with me” is just a story lined/inspirational song so u don’t compare them
    They’re both good in there genre

  39. Avatar

    Both songs are great , but I would go for one more night because that all I want one night shit then am out , I don’t need anybody to reason with me I would reason alone ?

  40. Avatar

    Reason with me is the best for life!

  41. Avatar

    reason with me
    she say she go run away
    if I no get today
    igo get am tomorrow
    abi u want meka die ?

  42. Avatar

    is not easy for him

  43. Avatar

    Rudeboy reason with me

  44. Avatar

    Mr P all d way
    One more night issa hit

  45. Avatar

    Stop comparing them ,these boys allowed their wall to open that is why the lizard of comparison came in.

  46. Avatar

    If Rudeboy no get money waiting the she gain reason wit him na

  47. Avatar

    Mr p all d way

  48. Avatar

    Reason with me anytime

  49. Avatar


  50. Avatar

    Reason with me by king Rudyboi of pqsuare

  51. Avatar

    Any body that dont want to reason with firedepartment should leave us alone
    Rudeboy killed it
    Reason with me is a banger
    One more night is noise
    Shey conji da hold you ni
    Why you da find one more night
    If they can reason with you
    You will surely have thousands of night together
    Beekay goody said so

  52. Avatar

    How on earth will you be comparing Barca with Westham? You sure say u well at all???

  53. Avatar

    One more night dope joint

  54. Avatar

    One more night is my fav

  55. Avatar

    I prefer rudeboy reason with me,so inspirational and motivational.
    Mr p one more night is two people,s work,u don’t rate music like this

  56. Avatar

    Omo D two song na banger …I love both jams just as much as I love both jams..lols.. hohaa..

  57. Avatar

    one more night to me is a noise.. Reason with me is da bomb…. it has something to teach

  58. Avatar

    reason with me is the best…

  59. Avatar

    Reason with me is so cool,one more night is for the oloshos

  60. Avatar

    Reason with me is evergreen.In the next 50yrs people will still be playing the song while one more night is just a song to jam for 3months and will be forgotten

  61. Avatar

    I love d combo of [email protected] and Nigeria afro sound. Only creative minds will love one more night. Reason with me is also a good song but d beat is d same pon pon sound we hear every day. Shout to Mr p for trying to evolve d Nigerian music scene

  62. Avatar

    Oh men I like reason with me! But I give it one more night

  63. Avatar

    Who your new school sound epp if e no appeal to the mainstream market?? Smh

  64. Avatar

    Reason with me is the best you don’t even need to compare

  65. Avatar

    why comparing one night with reason with me??.. I don’t think there’s any song Mr p have drop that’s more hit than rude boy… from reality, chizoba, and reason with me all na hit… No dey compare Mr p with rudeboy when it comes to music… but if na dance Mr p ft do that one pass rudeboy..Thumbs up for RUDEBOY JOOR

  66. Avatar

    One More Night na Copy Copy Phil Collins and Marvin Gaye songs. Almost same Lyrics.
    Reason With Is Something New. Its not just music it’s also an Inspiration.

  67. Avatar

    Mr p all the way

  68. Avatar

    Rudeboy na best, u can’t compare juventus with fulham

  69. Avatar

    one more night is a party jam, nice one

  70. Avatar

    Mr p one more night is a party jam nice one Bro

  71. Avatar

    reason with me is way too far from what Mr p realize

  72. Avatar

    One more night is d best

  73. Avatar

    One more night or nothing

  74. Avatar

    Mr P, have proved himself, the guy is good

  75. Avatar

    one more night issa banger.

  76. Avatar

    Reason with moi

  77. Avatar

    one more night is the best….. another sound.. mr.p don’t do 9ja stuffs……. he’s my Nigerian usher….

  78. Avatar

    reason with me, rudeboy hit u hand down

  79. Avatar

    Guy make u reason am nah…..!RudeBoy 4 real

  80. Avatar

    both songs are great, i rep p-square i which dey will just come back and make me proud.

  81. Avatar

    Honestly d 2 songs r tie, gud in diff diversities, reason wit me had more lyrics dt is educating while one night stand is best 2 b played in a club 2 catch d fun

  82. Avatar

    Hey guys both songs are great and P-square till I dye ,my number one but I will go for Mp P One More Night ..sounds international , guys this sound one more night an be played any where in the world , just like what a fellow said on here, after taking some good weed I don’t need any one to reason with me , I Will Rason Alome

  83. Avatar

    As far officialnossolowizy is concern psquare never die I believe in psquare

  84. Avatar

    One more night is the best #mr p

  85. Avatar

    Rudeboy can never attain psquare hight while mr p too can never achieve the prestige of psquare,because psquare is a combination of both mr p and rudeboy’s talent.though both of them have prove the stuff they’re made…mr p is good at his pop songs while rudeboy is also good at his r’n’b.

  86. Avatar

    reason with me P-Square

  87. Avatar

    Reason with me is the best and forever be the best like a sugar

  88. Avatar

    reason with me better pass one more 9it.

  89. Avatar

    Reason with me nah

  90. Avatar

    Rude Boy is far better
    Reason with me

  91. Avatar

    Reason with me is on a level Mr p can’t try….king Rudy is d bomb and he proved it

  92. Avatar

    u need to reason Dr, rudeboy is the best

  93. Avatar

    He’s superb

  94. Avatar

    Reason with me makes sense die! I keep replaying this song over and over again.
    Mr p two dance na learner.

  95. Avatar

    Reason with me has morals and the beat is great

  96. Avatar

    Reason with me was more reasonable and interlectually the best while one more night dance is better

  97. Avatar

    Mr p one more night the best

  98. Avatar

    Reason with me,, both guys are gud bt honestly rude is the best.?????

  99. Avatar

    Na was oooo who dey ask this q a breeder referee reg how can u compare real Madrid with stock city abeg level past level na fire department my brother I go reason with u till I die

  100. Avatar

    Reason with me abeg that takes me more close to my bae

  101. Avatar

    reason with me…..iz better

  102. Avatar

    I go for reason with me

  103. Avatar

    rude boy reason with me

  104. Avatar

    Apparently a lot of you haven’t heard the one more night,, if not, this won’t be a topic. It’s soooooooo much better

  105. Avatar

    Reasons with me

  106. Avatar

    Don’t ever compare Rudy with Mr P. Rudy is d King abi u no dey reason? Abeg reason with me.

  107. Avatar

    Reason with me by king rudy

  108. Avatar

    Reason with me and Rudy all the way.

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